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Best Self Defense Training in Phoenix, Scottsdale, PV Area

A Hidden Self Defense and Self Improvement Gem In Phoenix

Find Out Why People Are Saying John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts is...

"The Best Krav  Maga Self Defense and Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Arizona!" 

Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas have a hidden gem in USA Martial Arts.  Not only is it a classical martial arts academy, it is owned and operated by John Nottingham, a security specialist who trains military, SWAT and professionals.

"I love teaching Kickboxing, Krav Maga and classical martial arts for self defense and personal development.  Martial Arts classes changed my life and I've devoted my career to doing the same for others.  Men, women and children of all ages learn leadership, life skills, improve strength and build new minds and bodies in our academy."

  • Courage
  • Inner-strength
  • Focus
  • Power 
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
Check out what students say...

Unlike most corner Karate Dojos or Taekwondo classes, Nottingham's Phoenix USA Martial Arts school is set up to build life skills, rehab bodies, and build essential skills for effective self defense.  It includes training and strategies he uses to make professional soldiers, bodyguards and police officers more skilled at their profession and better able to cope with the stresses of real life encounters.

"I think teaching children has made me a much better teacher.  We have to be more patient, creative and better problem solvers.  Plus, you can't be boring and expect to keep kids attention.  You have to have a special compassion and love for people to be truly effective."

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"The secret to our adult training programs is in the tactical fitness training.  These movements help rehab the body, protect the joints and make our students more resilient and resistant to injury.  It's a modern form of self defense - self defense, not only against attacks, but of the stresses of modern life."

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For more information on programs for men, women and children of all ages, check out the online Webspecials at and find out why they've won so many awards over the past 30 years.  Oh, and read some of the amazing online reviews and comments by people who have tried it!

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