Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kick The Summertime Blues With Karate Kids Camp

This summer your kids can be learning how to jump, kick, spin and play in a healthy way that builds their character, focus and friendships.

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix offers an award-winning martial arts program lead by an authentic Master Instructor with over 27 years of teaching experience.  This isn't your run of the mill corner Karate Dojo. Your kids will be learning from a teacher who leads by example and encourages excellence at all levels.  But don't worry, its not all serious.  The program is designed to be really fun and rewarding.
USA Martial Arts Arizona Diamondbacks Game Demo

Karate Kids Phoenix Summer Camp Fun!
Combining the best elements of: 

  • Taekwondo and its amazing arsenal of spinning and jumping kicks and attitudinal development
  • Karate and its power moves, character development training and cultural education
  • Kung Fu and its flexibility training, philosophies and wisdom
  • Jiu-jitsu and its world class grappling and practical skills
  • Gymnastics and its awesome conditioning and fun moves
  • Practical Self Defense for bullying prevention, abduction escape & handling yourself in dangerous situations

Karate Kids Camp is a fun way for kids to enjoy summer and parents to know their kids are getting an edge in school and life.  The program offers fun games and drills that develop:
  • Confidence
  • Control
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Self Defense
By the end of summer your kids could have already earned a belt in Martial Arts.  So instead of sending your kids back to school with a sunburn, video game and tv watching skills, put them in Karate Kids Camp!  

Check out our awesome summer WEBSPECIAL !

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Phoenix self defense experts teach your children how to stay safe with FREE Self Defense and Anti-Bullying training camps

Phoenix self defense experts teach your children how to stay safe with FREE Self Defense and Anti-Bullying training camps

PHOENIX, AZ - Phoenix self-defense experts are teaching your children how to stay safe with a free self defense, bullying prevention and safety training this summer.  Various camps will be held throughout the summer to help children develop confidence in dangerous situations they might face.

Anti-bullying (Bullying Prevention)
Bully Self Defense
Anti-abduction (Stranger Safety Self Defense)

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Phoenix is offering the seminar for children which will focus on:
  • Confidence in a self defense crisis
  • Smart methods to handle bullies
  • Practical Self Defense including holds, grabs, shoves, punches and escapes
This summer you can give your children more than just better video games and tv watching skills.  The curriculum is designed to be fun, entertaining, and empowering without scaring kids.

Find more information online or call 602-896-8721 (USA1).
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing
Sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards
4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
email BullyProofVestAZ@gmail.com
Telephone 602.896.8721

About John Nottingham, PI, EPS, 6th Degree Master Black Belt
Phoenix Martial Arts Master Instructor John Nottingham is not only a 6th Degree Black Belt but a bodyguard and law enforcement trainer who owns a security company.  His expertise in self defense and security techniques are sought after by Government agencies, military and individuals seeking peace of mind.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holistic Self Defense for Kids Helps Them Defeat Bullies and Defend Negative Forces in Life

Holistic Self Defense For Children
You've probably heard positive things about Taekwondo for children and the amazing benefits in confidence, coordination and self control it helps kids develop. You may already know people who put their kids in martial arts to gain self-esteem or handle a bully.

Beyond The Kick, Punch and Throw
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix stands for something beyond the kick, punch and throw.  It is a positive place with encouraging instructors who lead by example and have accomplished some amazing things.  The care these role models show students is a key to instilling confidence, character and excellence at every level.
Defend Against Negative Forces
At USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix, we teach how to defend against the negative forces in your child’s life. While your child may not be attacked everyday physically, how often will they be forced to face problems such as peer pressure, lack of focus, or lack of confidence?

This Training Goes Beyond What Other Sports Can Give
Give your children the opportunity to develop an inner-strength that will defend against outside bad influences that can hold them back, destroy confidence and become fearful, vulnerable or insecure.

All Martial Arts Schools Are NOT Created Equal
Rest assured, your son or daughter will know how to spot and avoid dangerous situations, conflict avoidance skills, and how to avoid using physical force.  Without ever throwing a kick, punch or even a block they will have tools to handle conflicts, bullying and aggression by using street smarts and martial arts wisdom.
They'll learn peace before punches.  Of course, if the need arises, your child will be prepared to handle themselves in a last resort self defense situation.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hyo Do - Obedience, a Gesture of Honor and Respect

Hwarang Knight
Hyo Do : Obedience, Honor and Loyalty To King, Parents, Country
filial piety (Chinesexiào) is a virtue of respect for one's parents and ancestors. 

Is The Wisdom and Value of Obedience Lost Today?
The word 'obey' can conjure up images of authoritarian governments, dictators and excessive control.  Many of us today are reluctant to use the word obey and instead use 'listen'.  The premise of the lesson is still the same; to honor our parents and elders with our actions.
Of course there are always abuses and distortions of these ideals but that shouldn't negate the value of a culture and community steeped in respect.  In Korean Martial Arts culture we learn that obedience to our parents is a gift of love, respect and contributes to a more peaceful family.  It is also extended to teachers (including SaBumNim) and those elders who deserve honor.
Korean culture is heavily influenced by Confucianism and values that comprise a polite and ordered society.  The emphasis is on development of character and values that build a peaceful and strong community.  
Many of these ideals are shared in Biblical wisdom from the Judeo-Christian world view.  The lessons are lasting because they contain wisdom that works for daily living.  Most of these same values are reflected in The Scripture's Ten Commandments. "Honor your father and your mother: that your days may be long upon the land..." Exodus 20:12 and again in Deuteronomy 5:16. Most raised in Western cultures are familiar with this concept.  At it's foundation is honor.  
The 5 Rules for Life
Filial piety, or hyodo (효도) was traditionally thought as one of the highest forms of character in Korean society. According to Confucianism, filial piety suggests five rules for life:
    1. Show the utmost respect to your parents
    2. Always take good care of your body, which is their inheritance to you
    3. Advise and guide parents wisely in case they make a mistake
    4. Contribute well to the society so as to make your parents’ name proud 
    5. Keep up your devotion through ceremonies and rituals when your parents pass away.
      Such important values go a long way in creating a higher quality of life for elders as well as children and siblings.  These time-tested lessons provide for a foundation of respect that help prevent many social issues such as bullying, rude behavior and selfishness. 
      This is why we still emphasize these family values in our daily classes at USA Martial Arts.  We believe that honor, respect and character are at the foundation of a strong society.  Our goal is to reinforce the values parents teach at home so we can better prepare tomorrows leaders.
      USA Martial Arts Life Lessons from Martial Arts Masters
      o  The highest rank is the parent belt 
      o  Be a first time listener
                o  Have character - don't be a character
                o  Lead by example - actions speak louder than words
                o  Honoring parents with attitude of gratitude thanking them after each class
                o  Doing chores with a spirit of joy to be a contributing part of the family 
                o  Doing well in school and taking care of your body and mind

      Filial Piety or Hyodo in Korean society
      To love and obey your parents was stressed repeatedly from one dynasty to the other from the Silla Kingdom’s (57 B.C. – A.D. 935) “Five Secular Injunctions” (Sesokogye) all the way down to the Joseon Dynasty’s (A.D. 1392-1910) “Three Bonds and Five Relations” (Samgang Oryun), roughly equivalent to the Bible’s Ten Commandments. The great scholar-king Sejong (1397-1450) for example, ordered books on filial piety to be widely distributed throughout the country, making it the basis of social norms to maintain order. Examples of the best filial sons and daughters were praised in every town, becoming legends. During those times even the king dared not go against the elderly in fear of losing public respect and trust. [1]

      How does this apply to your life, parents and family?
      How are these practiced and internalized in the Dojang?
      What could you do to improve in this area in your life with your parents, elders and teachers?

Arizona Summer Camps - Phoenix Kids & Family Events - Kids Adventure Camp - Children's Sports Camp


Arizona Summer Camps - Phoenix Kids & Family Events - Kids Adventure Camp - 

Children's Sports Camp Phoenix Arizona

Looking for a GREAT Camp for Your Kids This Summer?
Phoenix Martial Arts Sports Adventure Camp for Kids in Scottsdale, Phoenix PV AZ area offers fun and fitness

Twilight star Taylor Lautner Got His Start in Programs Just Like This
Give your kids the edge this summer and get them off the couch!

Arizona Summer Camps – Phoenix Kids & Family Events – Kids Camps…

Phoenix Tempe Scottsdale Arizona things to do …
Trying to Find Summer Camps for Kids? The Ultimate kids summer-camps - Karate Camp!

Instead of having your kids sitting on the coach watching TV or playing video games all summer, they could be getting an edge in sports, school and friendships while having the time of their lives!

Combining the best of:
+ Sports Camps
+ Adventure Camps
+ Educational Camps
+ Fitness Camps

Your kids will get all these awesome camp benefits combined into one!  USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix Camp for Karate Kids is designed for beginners with no experience all the way up to the most advanced student.  

Your Kids Will Improve in these areas:
  • Self Confidence to handle challenges
  • XMA Extreme Martial Arts (Designed by Mike Chat, Taylor Lautner's Coach)
  • MMA Mixed Martial Arts conditioning drills, heavy bag, target and mitt work
  • Kid oriented Muay Thai Kickboxing and boxing drills
  • Bullying Prevention Skills
  • Self Defense Skills
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Cultural appreciation 
  • Science of martial arts movement
  • Fun games set to high energy music
  • Educational Camp
  • The mindset and attitude of a champion

In addition to all these benefits, your kids will make positive friendships and build lasting memories. They will thank you for signing them up for this camp - we guarantee it!
Join The Fun!
This is your chance to have your child experience the most award-winning martial arts school in Arizona. The camp features trained instructors, a safe, air-conditioned environment, fully matted floor and lots of personal attention.

We’ll match competitors coupons and groupon deals!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix Camp Confidence!
Telephone: 602-896-8721
Website: http://USA-MartialArts.com  http://Phoenix-MartialArts.com 
WEBSPECIAL http://KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com
Call or email to enroll today! Limited space available.

BEST of the BEST Kids Camp! Arizona Summer Camps – Phoenix Summer Camp Programs Kids summer camps and programs in Arizona. Sports camps, educational camps and martial arts, self defense and children safety camps.

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Summer Camp in Phoenix Builds Kids Confidence With Kicks

Kids, Take Your Game To The Next Level!
Confidence Building Karate Kids Camp MMA | BullyProof Camp| Sports Camps Phoenix AZ

Kids love the fun and variety.  Parents love the life lessons and positive role models.

Great Cross-Training For Sports.  Just one look at the UFC and you'll see some of the greatest conditioned athletes in the world.  We've adapted the training for kids and made it fun!

  • Champions mindset
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Goal Setting
  • Explosive Power
  • Positive Attitude
  • Non-quitting Spirit

Rather than have the kids sit on the couch, get lazy and gain weight, they can be having the time of their lives learning cool moves from martial arts in a novel way.

  • MMA Mixed Martial Arts including heavy bag work, shields, targets and crash mats for cool stunts. 
  • Taekwondo and XMA Extreme Martial Arts Freestyle Karate for fun tricks that incorporate gymnastics and trick moves.
  • BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappling, wrestling and submissions for building strength, learning submissions
  • Fun games like Sumo, 8 Seconds, Crab Zombie, Bulldozer, Nerf Wars, Battle Ball, Wizards and Warriors and NINJA will have your kids begging to come back for more. 
  • Bully Prevention (We don't refer to it as Anti-Bully because we are pro kids!)

From learning Bullying Defense to building positive friendships and lasting memories, KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com is offering a one-of-a-kind extreme karate kids camp.  Take advantage of the exclusive WEBSPECIAL and get 6 weeks and a FREE official uniform for just $69.

Reinforce positive values and direct children's energy in a positive way at Karate Kids Camp!

Where: USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix Arizona Tatum & Greenway
When: Camps run all summer long
Cost: $69 if you register online here

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HELP with Bullying - Anti-Bullying Tips

Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative Phoenix BullyProof Project

General Types of Bullying
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Manipulation
H.E.L.P. Method for Bullying Prevention
Have a good plan for preventing bullying.  Avoid those situations that lead to bullying.  Stay away from insults, teasing and picking on others.  Avoid reacting to taunts, teasing and harassment.  Bullying back makes things worse.
Elevate your awareness.  Know what bullying is and what bullying behavior looks like.  Bullying can be done by anyone, boys, girls, tall, short, older and even younger.  Remember that bullying is a behavior that needs to be avoided.  Decide not to be a bully.
Learn to ask for help.  It's OK to feel afraid but don't be scared to ask for the help you need.  Ask in private not in public.  You don't want to embarrass or anger others.  It is better to go to a teacher, parent or coach and report bullying behavior to help the person.
Protect your mind and body.  Imagine mean words as a gift you can choose to accept or just throw away.  That is your power.  As a last resort, you should shield yourself and escape to safety.  Cover your head with your arms, use a table or other object as a barrier to buy time for you can escape.
For more bullying prevention tips and training click here

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Children Taekwondo Phoenix Best Kids Martial Arts & Self Defense

Children Taekwondo Phoenix Best Kids Martial Arts & Self Defense

Children Taekwondo Phoenix!
Phoenix’s Best Children's Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu Self Defense Kickoxing Classes in Maricopa, Arizona. Teaching children to have improved self confidence, building kids inner-strength, listening skills, concentration, focus, academic performance, healthy friendship, motor movement, flexibility, health and self-esteem.

Taekwondo Children for Karate Kids Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Phoenix Arizona Kickboxing Jiu-jitsu
By KidsLoveMartialArts.com USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Welcome to Taekwondo For Karate Kids Arizona
USA Martial Arts Taekwondo for Karate Kids Jujitsu– AZ Kung Fu Karate Taekwondo Class Training
Providing a safe, exciting and family-oriented martial arts and self defense experience for men, women and children ages 4 and up.

Respecting Tradition But Never Bound By It
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing has refined an American Martial Arts curriculum that draws on the strengths of several proven systems.  Each style has it's own strength and USA Martial Arts method makes it fun to learn.  You start learning a Taekwondo base because it helps develop outstanding attitude and character.  Then you learn Karate and Kung Fu for philosophical foundation and cultural appreciation.  The jiu-jitsu classes teach effective self defense on the ground for grappling.  The Military Combatives, Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga concepts build legendary self defense confidence. Kickboxing takes fitness to a new level. The freestyle atmosphere allows for creativity and keeps classes exciting and motivating  so children don't get bored.  You learn to respect tradition but not be bound by it.

Do Your Children Pretend to be The Karate Kid, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, NinjaGo, Secret Agents, or Kung Fu Panda?

Our objective at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kids Martial Arts is to arm your children with the Self-esteem, Character, and Confidence they need to succeed in school as well as in everyday life.

Jiu-jitsu + Taekwondo + Karate + Kung Fu + Self Defense = Mixed Martial Arts for Self Defense & Character Development FUN!

• USA Martial Arts Jiujitsu Karate Kung Fu and Taekwondo classes, Bullying Prevention Self Defense and Confidence Camps are Educational, Fun and Rewarding.
• Our martial arts school is a safe, clean, positive and encouraging environment. (Parents often tell us that is why they choose our school over others.)
INSTRUCTORS – Click here to learn more about our outstanding staff.
CHILDREN PROGRAMS – Our martial arts classes for children are a great way for kids ages 4 and up to stay healthy, fit and learn the skills and lessons they need to succeed in school, home and life. With convenient class times and scheduling choices, we are sure to have the perfect martial arts class for you.
• Cross training for other sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball and more. (But nobody sits on the bench in our program!) Plus kids stay in shape all year round because Martial Arts is a way of life and doesn’t have a season.  

* Our instructors have background checks, first-aid, AED and fitness instructor certification.

• TAEKWONDO KIDS HOME SCHOOL MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM – Designed specifically for home school programs, we reinforce the values and character traits you teach at home while providing a fun, positive outlet for energy. 
Click here to Learn More About Karate kids Taekwondo Children or Kung Fu Kids
• CAMPS – Kung Fu For Karate Kids offers rewarding Full-Day Camps, Summer Camps and Vacation Camps that really kick!
Click here to Learn More about Sports Kids Camps

Kung Fu • Wushu • Jiu-jitsu  Tae Kwon Do • Karate • Martial Arts • Self Defense • Fitness • Fun!

Since 1986 USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing staff have been teaching a traditional mixed martial arts program of Tae Kwon Do (Tang Soo Do) and Kung Fu classes to men, women and children of all ages.
• Jujitsu/Jiu-jitsu is a traditional Japanese martial art that encompasses the use of leverage, pressure points, throwing, locking and body manipulation.  You may be familiar with Judo (as seen in the Olympics) or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (made famous by events like the UFC), or Hapkido (a Korean expression sharing Jujitsu origins) each are branches of classical jujitsu.  

• Kung Fu (Gong fu, Kungfu, gung fu, Shaolin gong fu) is term used in the West to refer to martial arts from China. It was made popular by TV shows such as Kung Fu (where philosophical lessons were made known) and movies featuring stars like Bruce Lee. We also offer a PFS Jeet Kune Do program (Bruce Lee’s system considered forerunner to MMA, the mixed martial arts of the UFC).

• Wushu is the Chinese name for a modern exhibition and full-contact sport based on traditional Chinese martial arts, created in China for all styles of Chinese martial arts. WUSHU is a Chinese term that literally means “martial arts” or “military arts”. Wushu is practiced by millions of people and enjoys status as the national sport in China. (We even do training tours in China to places like The Shaolin Temple and Beijing Wushu headquarters- gym of Jet Li.)
• Tae Kwon Do (Taekwondo, Tae-Kwon-Do), often referred to as Korean Karate, is a martial art that was created in the late 1950’s. Tae Kwon Do specializes in powerful kicks, improving individual character and an indomitable martial arts spirit. (Ask about our students who have trained and competed in Korea!) Taekwondo is also an official Olympic sport.
• USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix curriculum is a multi-discipline mixed martial arts for self defense and personal development education. Specializing in teaching men, women and children of all ages it is a safe, supportive atmosphere to learn. Students learn more in less time because the strengths of several disciplines are taught and adapted to individual needs and interests. (We bring in the best of the best Masters, Champions and teachers.)

We Are a Personal Development School Specializing in Developing Character and Inner Strength
At USA Martial Arts Kung Fu For Karate Kids your children will receive a charcter building martial arts education that will emphasize the qualities of Discipline, Confidence, Leadership, Fitness and Respect.

• Our children’s mixed martial arts classes are challenging and fun, motivating every boy or girl to do their personal best.
• More than kicking, blocking and punching. Each day a portion of our curriculum is dedicated to teaching your children valuable lessons such as character, health, safety and self defense they need to succeed.
• Our school oath emphasizes Honor, Humility, Integrity, Courtesy, Perseverance, Respect and always doing your best.

"Karate is the best thing you can do for your child." -Chuck Norris
Here are the USA Martial Arts Phoenix our tenets recited as the principles of Black Belt at the beginning of each class.
“As a dedicated student of the martial arts, I will live my life by the principles of Black Belt.
o Modesty
o Courtesy
o Integrity
o Perseverance
o Self Control
o Indomitable Spirit

How Does USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix offer so much?  Simple, an amazingly well educated staff and experienced and unique Master Instructor owner with a rare passion for martial arts.

How Do I Start My Child?
Call 602-896-8721 or
click here
to schedule your childs Free Uniform offer (Limited time offer!)

The six week trial program is a great, inexpensive way to ensure that you and your child love
Kids Kung Fu -The Karate Kid Bully Buster Program.
Call 602-896-8721 or
click here for kids kung fu info
to take advantage of this offer!

Send a request to info@usa-martialarts.com for your FREE Guide
How to Choose the Right Martial Arts School for Your Child
Choosing the right martial arts school for your kids can be a confusing experience. There are a lot of good Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Karate schools out there and even more bad ones. Choosing the right school for your child is important. Choosing the wrong school can leave a bad impression or even be unsafe.

Send email to info@usa-martialarts.com or go here to get your Guide to Choosing the Right Martial Arts School for You.

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John Nottingham of USA Martial Arts & Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Trainers has over 25 years of experience in the martial arts and security fields.  He is the founder of the USA Martial Arts chain in the metro Phoenix area for 20 years and believes that the highest purpose of a martial arts education is to prepare students for citizenship. He and his team teach their Phoenix martial arts students to manifest the martial arts philosophy into their daily lives. That is how USA Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do has become the highest-rated karate school in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley areas. USA Martial Arts is also one of Google's Favorite Places. At USA Martial Arts the training doesn't stop on the mat; it transcends the mat! If you are looking for Karate Training, Phoenix Taekwondo classes, Arizona Self Defense in Phoenix, Paradise Valley or Scottsdale, visit USA Martial Arts at 4731 E. Greenway Rd., Suite #9 Phoenix, AZ, 85032 located at the SW Corner of Tatum & Greenway Phone: 602-896-USA1 (8721) http://USA-MartialArts.com Email: info@usa-martialarts.com

Friday, May 4, 2012

Phoenix Karate Kids Stand Against Bullying

For immediate release
Contact John Nottingham 602-896-8721

Today a group of Phoenix karate kids joined over 1.3 million students in over 2,100 schools Stand for Change against bullying.  As part of the Phoenix BullyProof project they teamed up with Defeat the Label to promote the demonstration of unity and peace.

The karate kids are from USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix at Tatum and Greenway.  They were given fliers about the event in addition to training on how to handle bullying and the importance of treating others with respect, compassion and kindness.

USA Martial Arts Master Instructor John Nottingham said, "I started the Phoenix BullyProof Project to share peace education and conflict avoidance skills for bullying prevention.  Stand4Change was a great opportunity to partner with a national organization to promote awareness and give USA Martial Arts students a chance to put our leadership, citizenship and bullying prevention lessons into action. In addition to our workshops, camps and other bullying prevention training, it is one more way of reaching our community."

Defeat the Label/Stand4Change.org is promoting a series of events and promotions aimed at bullying awareness including a website, pledge, celebrity support as well as a song.  Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ellen, Cody Simpson and the Jonas Brothers have already taken a stand and you can too.  Individuals can take the pledge here.

The force behind Stand4Change.org is Ken Kragen, known for his Hands Across America "We are the World" charity song project in the 80s.  The event kicked off a movement to raise awareness about bullying and to encourage discussions on respect and peace education.


Phoenix Taekwondo Classes for Children - Kids Love Martial Arts Phoenix AZ

Great instruction is the foundation to any successful martial arts school. USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix is your Phoenix area specialist - whether you’re in need of more confidence, weight loss, or the best place to learn self defense. From handling a bully or earning Black Belt, our comprehensive range of services is ideal for children, students, families, and more.
Unique, caring instruction from our Master teachers is the perfect inspiration for people looking for a positive change in life.  The Black Belt Success and Leadership Life Skills system is the key to increased self esteem, improved respect, focus and self discipline. Whatever your child needs, the USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Team is ready help you become the masterpiece that you were born to be and brings the results you desire.
At USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix, every student is a VIP. Our attention to quality and personalized instruction accompanies each and every class. From ongoing communication to extra help, our process ensures nothing less than excellence. Contact us to experience something priceless - positive change for life.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fat Vs. Kickboxing = TKO

Phoenix Kickboxing Classes
Discover the Secrets of Fighting Fat, Getting Toned and Building Lean Muscle While Learning a Powerful Skill!

I Love Kickboxing is helping men and women kick, punch, elbow and knee their way to lean, toned, and stronger bodies.  OK, OK, so you've tried TaeBo, Cardio Kickboxing and the Fitness Kickboxing class at the gym and weren't all that impressed.  But don't let that first impression convince you that all Kickboxing workouts are the same.  They aren't!  If you are serious about fighting fat maybe it's time for you  to try ILOVEKICKBOXING.com Why is this brand of kickboxing so unique?

"One of the secrets to Kickboxing's success in burning fat and keeping people in shape is that it instills a sense of self-discipline, confidence and a non-quitting, fighting spirit.  It's taught by real kickboxing coaches - not personal trainers posing in TAPOUT t-shirts pretending to be MMA fighters." -John Nottingham I Love Kickboxing Phoenix Coach
 Phoenix, Arizona Kickboxing Class burns fat and tones so much muscle that you'll fit into your skinny jeans again!

How Does the iLoveKickboxing.com workout compare?

Burn fat and tone your muscles fast with Phoenix Best Kickboxing classes! Get our 3-class web special for only $19.99 and receive a free pair of boxing gloves!

You will...
  • Lose Unwanted Weight
  • Get Toned and Strong
  • Build Strength and Endurance
  • Lose Fat and Keep it off
  • Think of it as a Kickboxing Bootcamp Workout for the body and mind!
Click here to get the webspecial!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are Kids Less Fit and Healthy Today?

Shihan Kovar is the head instructor of Kovars Satori Academy of Martial Arts Inc. He has been teaching karate since he was 15 years old and currently holds Black Belts in 10 styles of Martial Arts.  He is also the child safety expert featured on the highlyacclaimed KidzNPower program.
The following piece is from my mentor and teacher Shihan Dave Kovar.  He one of the top teacher trainers in the world in martial arts, instruction and life skills.  Enjoy.  -John Nottingham

In my 35 years of teaching martial arts I've had the privilege of working with literally thousands of children. I continue to be impressed with the positive impact martial arts can have on them.

In recent years however, I have become aware of a trend that concerns me. Today's children seem to be way less fit than the children of a decade ago. They also seem to be more prone to injury than in years past.
I ask a doctor friend of mine about this recently and his comment was that there seems to be an increasing number of fluke injuries among children. His observation is that the sedentary lifestyle of today's child is causing major issues with the way their bodies are developing. I asked him what he felt we could do about. His answer was that kids just need to be more physically active. They need more unstructured play time.

No I'm not a doctor, but I have had years of experience working with young children and I couldn’t agree more with my friend. For children to develop properly, they need to run, jump, crawl, climb, and somersault on a regular basis.

As parents, there is nothing more important than working time into your child’s busy schedule for unstructured, physical play. So the next chance you have, turn off the tv, unplug the phone and get your kids outside for some good old fashioned fun.

Mr. Kovar has been teaching Martial Arts professionally since 1978. Dave is a multi-style Black Belt who has been committed to ever-improving his Martial Arts skills. He updates this blog to provide tips and insights to martial arts instructors around the country. To learn more, click here.

Anti-Bullying Programs Continue to Fail - Enter BullyProof Vest

BullyProof - VictimProof Your Children

 Instead of being a victim, you can be a victor!  That's the message of John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest anti-bullying alternative.  This practical bullying prevention program is designed by professional protectors and has helped thousands of men, women and children protect themselves for over 27 years.  

Did you know that some of the most popular anti-bullying programs teach methods that can escalate bullying and make the teasing, harassment, torment and oppression worse?  

Since the tragic incidents at Columbine High School in Colorado, an anti-bullying movement has sprung up attempting to stop all bullying.  While well-intentioned, these methods have been failing now for years and reports of bullying is getting worse.  Why?  

They are creating softer targets and more victims with a flawed ideology.  Read recent research about the failing school-wide anti-bullying programs here.

Enter John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest
The best self defense is using your most powerful weapon - your mind. BullyProof Vest teaches children, parents and educators a conflict avoidance method that works in the real world.  

John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest uses intelligent protective strategies of bodyguards and VIP security specialists.  It incorporates practical tools like how to detect problems early and how to talk your way out of bad situations.  

John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest teaches avoiding conflict with Verbal Judo and using communication skills before it can escalate into a fight. The program incorporates research and techniques from Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle, Izzy Kahlman, Dave Kovar, and Ph.D. Joel Haber "The Bully Coach".

This series teaches children how to talk their way out of trouble instead of using fists or inappropriate behavior. 

Students learn through watching video, role play, interactive instruction and humor that keeps them engaged and encouraged.  The message of peaceful positive persuasion, de-escalation, empathy and respect come through clearly to all ages.