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Phoenix Martial Arts School Teaches Heroic Virtues and Builds Confidence in Children to Handle Bullying

 Phoenix Martial Arts Lessons Instill Hero Lessons To Build Inner Strength To Speak Up Against Bullying

Beating Bullying With Courage
"A novel approach to bullying." is what some Phoenix parents and teachers are saying about John Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest program.  Master Nottingham is a 6th Degree Black Belt and member of the martial arts Hall of Fame for good reason.  He not only trained Special Forces while serving in the military, he now owns a martial arts school, security bodyguard company and self defense training company.

Teaching Friendship Beats Bullying
Students of USA Martial Arts and Nottingham's  Bully Proof Vest  program learn how to have the courage to not be a bystander or give an audience to bullying behavior.  They role play how to resolve bullying situations with words, actions and clever strategies like misdirection.  One of the most emphasized elements of the  Bully Proof Vest  program is children learn to make friends and develop the social intelligence to navigate sticky situations before they become violent or abusive.  That way the harassment and bullying never escalates to a physical level.  

Martial Arts Master With a Mission
"My passion is for teaching.  For children, that is instilling patriotic values, good manners, leadership skills and helping them reach their potential.  I use my protective training skills to make sure they are equipped to handle life's challenges with honor, courage and dignity.    I feel called to this mission as part of my life's purpose and I think people see that in how I teach.", said Nottingham.

I believe that self defense and bullying prevention is a leadership role that starts from the inside out - it's about what we project to others.

Teaching a Hero Culture To Combat Bullying
According to Nottingham, "You notice, most bullying programs out there right now are incentivising a victim culture.  This bullying prevention takes the opposite approach in that it advocates a hero culture, individual empowerment and teaches children resilience that applies to much more than bullying.  We take the approach that we can not always change the wind, but we can adjust our sails."

We take the approach that we can not always change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.  Free speech and individual opinions must be protected - especially the unpopular ones.  However, that does not mean we need to tolerate abuse.  That is where teaching children to speak up for one another and become a hallway hero or protector pal comes in.  We show them how they can become someones bodyguard in a safe and smart way to help others.

Peace of Mind for Children Targeted By Bullying and Their Parents
Students at Nottingham's school, USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing learn to stand up for others, to not be afraid to speak up, the difference between telling and tattling and how to help others in need.  "I don't believe it is practical to rely on effective reporting mechanisms alone.  I have children coming into my programs and school who the system has failed.  They deserve dignity, the right to feel secure and peace of mind.  That is what we strive to give them as well as their parents.  We have solutions that have proven to work over the last 26 years."  

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Students of USA Martial Arts learn to recognize warning signs for danger, places and times where bullying and conflict is more likely to occur and steps to redirect that pathway to violence or abuse.  He points out that over 85% of bullying goes unreported and most bullying takes place out of sight of teachers.  Nottingham says that these skills will serve them for the rest of their lives and contribute to a more peaceful community and compassionate world. 

He's offering a free report on bullying by writing to info@usa-martial  

Children's Martial Arts Bullying Prevention WEBSPECIAL


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Phoenix, Arizona Kickboxing Class burns fat and tones so much muscle that you'll fit into your skinny jeans again!

Phoenix, Arizona Kickboxing Class burns fat and tones so much muscle that you'll fit into your skinny jeans again!

Discover the Secrets To Our 
Fat Shredding, Muscle Toning Kickboxing Workout 
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  • Kickboxing Bootcamp Workout!

Fight The Fat With Phoenix Kickboxing Classes Bootcamp Weight Loss Workout

For those looking for something fresh and new to fight the fat, beat the buldge, tone, shape and strengthen then you might do what throngs of other Phoenix women and men are doing, America's hottest new workout called

Burn Fat & Tone Muscle with Phoenix Best Kick Boxing Class For Women and Men 
Awarded Best of Phoenix by Phoenix New Times, John Nottingham's program helps men and women kick, punch, elbow and knee their way into the best shape of their lives. Not only that, it comes with a guarantee to make sure it's right for you. Phoenix Scam? Too Good To Be True?
Right now they are offering free boxing gloves with a low cost webspecial. That way you don't have the risk and can try it out.  Check it out online and read the testimonials and weight loss results.  They also encourage you to check out their online reviews to see what others are saying about - Phoenix.

Our Kickboxing classes are unique.  It's not like the most gyms in Phoenix, Scottsdale area because we work hard to train you in the skill of Kickboxing and focus on your goals -more like a personal trainer.  In fact, we get a lot of fitness instructors and coaches here who want to improve their professional skills.
We also continually work on keeping things fresh, fun and results driven.  We appreciate our members and get to know them in a way few gyms can.  While we aren't perfect and sometimes have full classes, especially after Groupon hits, but we are always expanding our service to accommodate the rapid growth.  We also try to throw in valuable extras to surprise our members from time to time, make it up to them and let them know how much we appreciate them.   At Christmas we did a free 100 rounds to get down the pounds kickboxing workout. 
Yes, it's been crazy and we're learning how to better handle the growth.  It's pretty much a new place every couple of months with all the upgrades. We're committed to getting better and better.  We love it and think you will too. - John Nottingham, head Kickboxing trainer and owner of USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix. classes are held exclusively at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix at Tatum and Greenway roads.  It's convenient for residents of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and the North Phoenix area, however they have members driving all the way in from East Mesa, Buckeye, and others.

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Kickboxing classes and sessions from experienced trainers will help you safely learn the fundamentals in less time.
More and more men and women are looking to MMA and Kickboxing training to get themselves out of the gym and health club routine.  Seeking more in depth instruction than the gym's cardio kickboxing classes, people are seeking out kickboxing classes from experienced kickboxing coaches and trainers.

Muay Thai Kickboxing - Krav Maga - Karate 
From Krav Maga to Muay Thai Kickboxing, the variations and emphasis continue to expand.  However, the fundamentals of kickboxing and martial arts always remain the same.  What people are discovering however, is that their individual experiences are more dictated by their instructor than the brand name they may have been lead to seek.
A good kickboxing trainer will help you avoid these common kickboxing mistakes:
1. Trying to advance too quickly and attempt things beyond your skill
2. Trying to skip warm ups and cool downs
3. Skipping the slow motion drills to develop proper mechanics
4. Over-training and not getting enough time to rest and heal for proper recovery
5. Feeding ego and a poor attitude or mindset.  
6. Developing bad habits such as poor control or impatience
7. One size fits all generic training. "Go hard or go home." tribal nonsense that does not respect your individual body, life experience or needs. 
8. Thinking you can out train a poor diet.
9. That you are competing with others when you should be running your own race in the beginning
10. Setting unrealistic expectations 
Cross Fit, Krav Maga, MMA, BJJ, UFC, Fight-Fight-Fight, Extreme This, Insane That
While more and more people flock to "extreme" workouts that appeal to the quick fix crowd, the injuries increase accordingly.  Some are attending programs designed for military application and end up with stress injuries, insomnia (adrenaline), nagging pain and long-term injury.  Others try MMA schools and grappling without adequate recovery or development and get shoulder, neck, knee or back injuries.  These are quite common under inexperienced instructors and clients who do not follow proper protocol.
Footwork, Timing, Mechanics, Kicking, Punching, Elbows, Knees
Good trainers will help students understand the importance of a physical foundation with attitudinal requirements.  The right attitude comes from the right training and maturity over time.  You can observe it in good kickboxing training gyms because the experienced students and staff will be leading by example.  You will also notice long term clients who have been training in good health for 5, 10 or even 15 years.  This is a good indication that you have found a good kickboxing school.   
Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Mitt Drills, Cardio, Workouts, Rest, Nutrition
Good trainers emphasize attitude, basics, safety and the proper spirit and timing for training.  They will get to know your goals, discuss your history and help you get on track for progress.  If you are in a group class, you might consider supplementing with some private or small group training, nutritional counseling and goal setting.  Furthermore, don't expect trainers like this to be cheap.  They will know their value if they have experience and get results.  But don't worry, you'll get back the value in results and usually less time.


Why Should You Consider Taking Kickboxing Classes

Why Should You Consider Taking Kickboxing Classes

Here are 3 reasons to consider taking Kickboxing Classes:
1. Fat burning.  Research shows that you can burn between 600-1000 calories per kickboxing workout.
2. You learn a valuable skill.  Trade in the treadmill or at least expand your gym workout to include something that stimulates the mind.  Kickboxing will teach you a fun skill that builds confidence.
3. Have fun!  Kickboxing is a great way to have fun, make friends and be around a motivated group of inspired people.
Try Kickboxing Today!

Martial Arts School for Children in Phoenix Arizona Beats Bullying and Much More

Martial Arts School for Children in Phoenix Arizona Beats Bullying and Much More
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix has an award-winning children's martial arts and kickboxing program.  Are you looking for a place to have your child build strength, confidence, and learn virtues such as:

  • Modesty: To be teachable and humble in spirit that comes from inner-strength.
  • Courteous: To demonstrate good manners to open doors of friendship and opportunity.
  • Integrity: To know the value of integrity and become a person of his word.
  • Perseverance: To believe in setting goals and following through until completion.
  • Self-control: To learn to manage emotions and take personal responsibility for his actions.
  • Indomitable Spirit: To have the inner strength and character to stand up for what is right.

If these are virtues you would like your child to have then USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix might be the best Phoenix children's martial arts school for you.

Award-winning Children's Martial Arts Instruction
The classes are taught by an internationally certified Master Instructor with nearly 30 years of experience.  Unlike most schools using teenagers with little life experience instructing your child, you can learn directly from a Hall of Fame Master.   USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix has generated numerous champions in tournament competition and in life.

Children's Martial Arts Classes Made Fun
The emphasis at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix is on the individual student - not the style of martial arts as in most Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu or style bound schools.  Instead, the caring staff tailors the techniques and lessons to the individual student, increasing the speed of learning and making the self defense far more practical.

What happens when you integrate:

  • The Time Tested Virtues and Winning Attitude of Taekwondo
  • The Classical Wisdom of Karate
  • The Philosophical Foundations and Health Properties of Kung Fu
  • The Practical Self Defense of Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do
  • The Supremacy of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for Ground Defense
  • The Strategies of a Bodyguard for Self Defense That Include Bullying Prevention, Abduction Escape School Training, Verbal Judo, Proven Practical Street Self Defense
  • The Experience and Example of an Eagle Scout, Army Airborne Veteran and Award-winning Master Instructor with nearly 30 years of developing hundreds of Black Belts and thousands of happy students

You Get a Unique Opportunity Called USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix 
Do a bit of research and visit some schools.  USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix is confident in what they do and want you to find the best school for your child.  It may not be right for you, but they are offering a no-obligation, risk free opportunity to try it out.  Contact the self defense, bullying prevention and children's martial arts instruction specialists and they will do their best to answer your questions.

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix Arizona 4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9, Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix with Master Chris Lopez

Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jujutsu, Karate, Hwarang Do, Ninpo Ninjutsu, USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Meet Lopez Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Last night we had my long time friend and Martial Arts Master Chris Lopez return to USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing for more Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training.  Master Lopez is a lifetime martial artist, multiple Black Belt and Instructorship holder (Jujutsu, Karate, Hwarang Do, Ninpo Ninjutsu+) with extensive experience on the mat, "living the martial way".

In the Presence of a Master Martial Artist
When we started working techniques it is amazing how in just a matter of seconds I felt transported back to my youth as a beginner in martial arts.  It always seems to be that way when you are experiencing the techniques of a master technician.  I was a kid again.  I was wide-eyed and captivated by the amazing power one can gain with superior technique, leverage and strategy.
Training with Master Chris Lopez reminds me of learning from some of those old Special Forces Instructors from my Army years. He is a quiet professional who lets his actions speak louder than words and leads by example with an inner-strength. That maturity, and centered wisdom from experience really stands out.

Feeling Like a White Belt Again
I've been in the martial arts and taught now for over 26 years, studied in Korea, China and with some of the greatest Masters and champions in the world, yet I'm still utterly humbled by how much I still do not know.  He could submit me at will like I was his own personal piece of clay to manipulate as he wished.  My excitement about how much I still can learn energizes and inspires me.

Master Lopez is a true ambassador of the martial way, especially of an intelligent and practical approach to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the right attitude, warmth and professionalism.

The Zen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Teacher
I really enjoyed watching him enter a zen like state and teach my students.  He commanded their attention with a soft, reassured voice and modest demeanor.  You can sense an inner-strength in true Masters that need not be loud, boisterous or pushing energy through volume or hyper dramatics.  His experience as a skilled teacher and referee shown through with his eye for safety, keeping students away from the common errors or attitudes that lead to injury.  Everyone was enjoying themselves and gaining technical skill.

The Story of Winning Honor Rather Than a Medal 
Master Lopez shared a story about one of his students who is currently competing on the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) tournament circuit.  He described how, when at a high level match, his student applied an arm-bar on his opponent. The opponent screamed in pain, and in turn Master Lopez student immediately released his opponents arm.  The opponent then claimed that he did not tap-out or submit. Due to this trick, the opponent who screamed won the match.  However, Master Lopez student knew that he had done the right thing and had confirmed his technical skills were superior.  

Run Your Own Race as a Martial Artist, Especially in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Interpreting a bit for our younger students, I then explained Master Lopez BJJ student may have lost a plastic trophy, but he won a greater trophy of honor instead.  Compassion and protecting your fellow man is more important than winning on a technicality.  That is the difference between an honorable champion and a mere trophy winner.

The Joy of Discipline and Building Inner-Strength
The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction was step by step, methodical and easy to follow.  The spirit of cooperation and excitement of learning filled the school as they experimented with the BJJ fundamentals.  I took a moment to look around and notice the engaged minds, spirits and obvious smiles of the students.  This was the school I had dreamed of as a kid all those many years ago.  People were learning, growing and building confidence while internalizing lessons in honor and noble character.

Full Circle in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mixed Martial Arts BJJ/MMA
Master Lopez was partially responsible for introducing me to Gracie Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu back in the early 1990's with the opportunity to train with the Machado's.  That lead to my joining the Rickson Gracie Association, training at the Gracie Academy in Torrence California and getting certified in Shamrock MMA (SSF-Shamrock Submission Fighting with 5 time UFC Champ Frank Shamrock).  While I would never trade those experiences, I've learned the most from Master Lopez.
I've referred more people to Master Lopez Indomitable Spirit Martial Arts school in Chandler AZ than any other.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Continues as Part of USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix
I'm proud to call him my BJJ Instructor, coach and friend.  Being around Master Lopez has sparked a even more enthusiasm to train and continue to grow my skills as a martial artist as well as a teacher.  As I told my students last night at the BJJ seminar, I consider him a role model of a martial artist.  I can offer no higher recommendation to other school owners for having him come do a seminar.  His vast experience in other systems, eye for safety and value make him unique as a teaching guest.  We look forward to having him return.

We're looking forward to our upcoming grappling and BJJ in-school tournament. Children's Martial Arts WEBSPECIAL Free Boxing Gloves WEBSPECIAL

Friday, February 10, 2012

Phoenix Bodyguard and Martial Arts Master Teaches Free Childrens Anti-abduction Self Defense Workshop

Reports of Abductions in The News Has Parents Looking for Children's Self Defense and Abduction Prevention Training
Free Kidnapping Prevention Event

On the heels of recent medial reports of child abductions, kidnappings, bullying, cyber-bullying related teen suicide, and abuse, some parents are taking steps to prepare their children for the dangers they face in school and life.   

How to be alone in a store or home, how to cross a street, the 911 emergency and fire safety systems, how to swim, parents are now adding sexual abuse prevention, self-defense from depression, obesity, diabetes, bullying and ABDUCTION PREVENTION.

They are doing this through an internationally respected specialist in personal security and self defense, John Nottingham of USA Martial Arts Phoenix.  

We use an empowerment model for teaching that makes learning fun.  Children role play and practice using the tools and parents learn how to reinforce them in a way that doesn't scare them." - John Nottingham

Teaching Children Without Scaring Them  

This Saturday USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix in cooperation with Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards are offering a free child safety workshop at their Tatum & Greenway Phoenix USA Martial Arts school in Arizona. 

Learn From a Security & Self Defense Specialist
The course will be taught by John Nottingham and PI, Bodyguard, and Martial Arts Master who teaches military and law enforcement through his martial arts schools and security bodyguard agency. 

Preventing Abduction and Kidnapping
They will be covering the basics of how to recognize dangerous behaviors, how abductors operate, steps to safety and escape school options. In addition, each attendee will receive a free report and guide on preventing abductions for children’s self-defense and a parents guide to teaching your child about personal safety. 

Children's Self Defense Escape School
The abduction prevention escape school basics event is 12pm Saturday February 11, 2012 at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix / Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards HQ at Tatum & Greenway Roads in Phoenix AZ. It is free to the public and fully sponsored.  If you are out of state or cannot attend, simply send a request for your free guide to You must register by email It is open to all ages.

Read Abduction Prevention Lessons article on Little Girl Fights off Abductor at Georgia Walmart.

About John Nottingham
JOHN NOTTINGHAM, PI, EPS – Since 1989 John Nottingham has trained law enforcement, military, men, women and children various forms of self-protection. John discovered for every tragic abduction, there are people who escaped. Bodyguard and Martial Arts Master John Nottingham set began a quest to learn what specific thoughts and actions helped each adult and child escape from their kidnappers. GOOD MORNING ARIZONA invited John on their show to share his unique approach to personal safety, security, self defense and conflict avoidance. An Eagle Scout, Army Airborne Veteran, and Martial Arts Masters, from bullying prevention to abduction options and learning to be your own bodyguard, John is an internationally respected specialist.
Listen to John Nottingham Discuss the USA Martial Arts Anti-Bully Program on the
Outreach Today Radio Show

Sponsored by:
Kids Love Martial Arts Phoenix Click for WEBSPECIAL
I Love Kickboxing Phoenix Click for WEBSPECIAL

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Unique Phoenix Children's Martial Arts School Builds Inner-Strength and Gives Them an Edge in Life!

Unique Phoenix Children's Martial Arts School Builds Inner-Strength and Gives Them an Edge in Life!
Are you looking for a fun way to help your child reach their best potential in life and school?  USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix has been helping thousands of Phoenix parents do just that for over 26 years.

Children's Martial Arts in Phoenix Delivers Results!

Your son or daughter will have the time of their lives in an encouraging, safe environment where self-discipline, manners and mind-body fitness are fundamental.  Your child will enjoy learning about character, life skills and time tested values and virtues while kicking and punching their way to fitness. USA Martial Arts Phoenix instructors instill the importance of respect, self discipline, goal setting and perseverance, but most importantly they’ll have a ton of FUN!

Getting into shape using the martial arts of Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and more:
  • A Strong Confident Attitude
  • An Indomitable Spirit and Inner Strength to Do What's Right
  • Boosted Self Esteem to Handle Peer Pressure and Prevent Bullying
  • Improved Listen Skills and Attention Span for Focus & Good Grades
  • Enhanced Balance, Flexibility and Coordination for Sports Cross Training 
  • Improved Body Posture and Motor Skills 
  • Respect for Themselves and Others - Especially Parents and Teachers
  • Improved Leadership and Athletic Development That Gives Your Kid The Edge
Self Defense From Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do

We strongly believe a child must develop a sense of integrity and honor, plus develop the skills and ability to defend themselves. At USA Martial Art Phoenix, we focus on whole person well being, health, and non-violent resolutions to conflict, and we believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. As a result our students will develop greater confidence and self-discipline as they learn how to act and respond to the world around them.

Taekwondo and Karate For Traditional Virtues

USA Martial Arts Phoenix classes are taught by martial arts professionals who are experts in motivating children. Instructors are extensively training and experienced as role models who lead by example.  Each student receives individual attention in an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie.
  • LITTLE TIGERS (Ages 4-7 yrs)
  • KARATE KIDS (Ages 8-15 yrs)

For 26 years, our innovative teaching methods have influenced thousands of kids to become achievers in life.
If you appreciate good habits and a strong sense of accountability and responsibility, then give your child the tools to strive for excellence, at school, at home, and at the martial arts school.


Free Bullying Prevention Radio Interview

Sunday, February 5, 2012

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Introduces One Merit Badges

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Proudly Introduces One Merit Badges
(c) Beliso. One Merit Badges. All Rights Reserved.

"BadgesWe don't need no stinking badges" - Blazing Saddles

Created by one of the leading Martial Arts Instructors in the US, Professor Brannon Beliso developed One Merit Badges saying, it is  " skills education at its best. It's an "Organic" character development system designed to exist naturally within your curriculum. What that means is that your students, staff and families are learning about and living life-skills all the time while in your school."  

The One Merit Badges life skills program inspires and motivates children, making it a powerful teaching tool.  It reinforces virtues, values and important lessons like manners, compassion, courage and character. 

One Merit Badges, now featured at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, currently offers 36 life skills badges with support materials and a total of about 51 badges in the online store. They release support materials for a badge periodically to keep staff and students motivated.  

This is a powerful, rewarding and fun teaching tool for preparing children for their futures.
Professor Brannon Beliso, creator of One Merit Badges, featured writer for Martial Arts Success Magazine and a successful school owner, is one of the martial arts industries most respected teachers.  His commitment to life skills education and child development has won him numerous awards and accolades. 

USA Martial Arts Phoenix creates an environment of higher learning that has Phoenix parents viewing this martial arts school as an investment for their children.  USA Martial Arts Phoenix is committed to continuing to be a leader in life-skills and character education in the Phoenix AZ community.


New Bullying Prevention Organization Developed by Bodyguards and Martial Arts Masters Trains Children To Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

A new organization developed by bodyguards, martial arts Masters, teachers and child safety experts is training children to resolve conflicts without fighting.

On the heels of recent media reports of bullying, cyber bullying related teen suicide, and abuse, some parents are taking steps to prepare their children for the dangers they face in school and life.

How to cross a street, the 911 emergency/fire safety system, how to swim, parents are now adding sexual abuse prevention, self-defense from depression, obesity, diabetes and BULLYING.

They are doing this through USA Martial Arts in Phoenix Arizona.

  • Bullying is the most common form of violence in American society according to the National Association of School Psychologists.
  • Bullying affects 15 to 30 percent of students as either bullying child or the targets of bullying
  • Studies have shown that adults who were bullied as children have a much higher level of depression and lower self-esteem than those who were not.

Listen to Our Chief Instructor
John Nottingham Discuss the USA Martial Arts Anti-Bully Program on the
Outreach Today Radio Show

Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative The Bullying Prevention Project

Making an impact by being a leader in life-skills education in the Phoenix community.

Phoenix Martial Arts Instructor aims at being a leader in life-skills education in the Phoenix community. 

Leadership & Life Skills From Martial Arts Masters at USA Martial Arts Phoenix - Much More Than The Average Karate Kid Dojo!
Master Instructor John Nottingham of USA Martial Arts Phoenix is proud to announce the integration of the award-winning One Merit Badges is life skills and character education for children at its best. It's an innovative "Learn to Earn” character development system that enhances any learning environment that caters to children.
One Merit Badges teaches Phoenix students valuable life skills in an age-specific manner that is exciting and fun. It's also designed to educate your staff and parents as well to create a sense of community. This community support parents values to help raise their children to become contributing citizens and leaders of their peer groups.

The reason we chose One Merit Badges over others is that it is not simply task driven.  When I spoke to the founder Professor Beliso, he shared something that resonated with me.  It is based on a philosophy that through learning over time a habit is formed. Living, eating, breathing and using these skills on the mat, at home, at school it becomes a habit, a consistent choice of behavior that leads to a positive lifestyle. We want it to stick.
Rather than a temporary bribe just to get an immediate reward, this program recognizes choosing virtuous and noble behavior over time-when its real.  I want our students to have healthy, positive strong habits for life so they are the leaders of their peer groups and the true strength of America.   
As an Eagle Scout, veteran and teacher of thousands of men, women and children for the past 26 years, it spoke to my heart.  This is why USA Martial Arts continually strives to stand out in our community as a place for people to positively transform in  mind, body and spirit.  
We recognize that we're equipping and influencing the next generation of leaders, mothers, fathers, soldiers and citizens.  We're on the front lines of bullying prevention, teaching values, building strong minds and bodies and families. We take that role seriously.  This is one more tool in our efforts to accomplish our mission.
One Merit Badges is more than just colorful patches to motivate children. The character education program feature specific training materials for each badge with an interactive lesson where children and parents can enjoy learning together.  
USA Martial Arts Phoenix uses signs, videos, motivational posters and interesting stories to keep kids interested, learning and having fun.  Most importantly, it helps reinforce good values, virtues in an enjoyable manner while inspiring children to be their best! 
USA Martial Arts Phoenix teaches curriculum for a new patch with support materials each month to promote value beyond that of the average karate dojo or taekwondo school and keep children motivated.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix also includes it's award-winning evidence-based and research based programs that reduce bullying and school violence.
 Contact us today to make One Merit Badges your #1 choice for life skills education.