Tuesday, November 30, 2010

President Obama Practicing Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo

Along with being Korea's national sport, Taekwondo continues it's role on the world stage.  Globally, Taekwondo is an official Olympic sport as well as a martial art practiced by over 20 million men, women and children in over 120 countries.

On his first trip to Seoul in 2009 US President Barack Obama shows his punch to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. 


 President Obama will get an honorary Taekwondo belt while he's here. According to the Chosun Ilbo:

Obama practiced taekwondo for about four years with an American master in Chicago from 2001 while he was serving in the Illinois state senate. He obtained a green belt.

Here's a letter President Obama wrote to President Lee:

President Obama is not the only US President to have practiced Taekwondo.  President Bill Clinton was also reported to have practiced Taekwondo.

Taekwondo continues to play an important role in the lives of many leaders.  From members of Congress, professional athletes and legends like Mohammed Ali to Bruce Lee, Taekwondo continues do demonstrate that it has something very special.

Politics aside, it says something that the people holding some of the highest offices in the world have practiced this venerated art.  Perhaps if they were to continue and embrace the tenets it might make the world, or at least the political environment, more a peaceful place.

Here is your invitation to try Taekwondo!


USA Martial Arts Phoenix
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Children Have Fun Getting Fit by Learning To Kick, Block, and Punch!

Children Have Fun Getting Fit by Learning To Kick, Block, and Punch!

Arizona’s premier martial arts, self defense and family fitness destination, USA Martial Arts Phoenix delivers the ultimate training experience in a state of the art facility. Immerse your senses in a unique blend of martial arts styles including Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing and our own version of Krav Maga.  

Special Offer
"The reason USA Martial Arts Phoenix is so successful in fitness is that we develop the discipline and inner strength to make healthy choices for life- not just for a short time.  The rewards pay dividends for years to come." -John Nottingham, Master Instructor

The school’s Tatum and Greenway retail space – home to programs for men, women and children ages 4 and up – bursts with color, energy and fun, creating a one-of-a-kind lifestyle and educational destination you’ll want to come back to again and again.
Exceptional Training 

in One Convenient Location!

A Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together
Tired of driving to multiple sports and activities just to make sure everyone is fit and active? From programs for children 4-7, boys and girls 8-12 and adult training, you can find it at USA Martial Arts Phoenix.  Featuring apparel and a full line of martial arts weapons, sparring gear, uniforms, t-shirts and novelties, the USA Martial Arts Supply Store has everything you’re looking for in one convenient location. With some of the foremost names in retail, including TAPOUT, Century, RevGear, BadBoy, MACHO, EVERLAST, and complemented by an extensive selection of specialty items, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Come experience the differences that define USA Martial Arts Phoenix. It’s happening here!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is located in
Phoenix, Arizona, just South of the Loop 101
on Tatum Boulevard and Greenway Road in the Albertsons Center.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Who Wants To Save 50% on Martial Arts?

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
Black Belt Excellence is Not Just a Goal, It's a Standard!
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USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
Phoenix, AZ, 85032, USA

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Arm Your Child With Self Esteem From Martial Arts

Discover how our Martial Arts Program will help you raise a safer, happier, healthier child all from learning to kick, block, and punch

September 21, 2010 by usamartialarts
A confident kid is UNSTOPPABLE!
Discover how our Martial Arts Program will help you raise a safer, happier, healthier child all from learning to kick, block, and punch

“I laughed when I heard that karate could help him in school…
Now he’s a Straight A Student”
It’s amazing, but true . . .
(learn the same lessons that I have – with this special FREE offer!)
And all of it comes from learning how to “kick, block and punch.” Still, you’re wondering if this will work for your child. I understand.
Dear Parent,
I don’t blame you. You’re probably wondering, how could one activity have such an impact on my child?
Well, it’s incredible, but true. The martial arts is not only a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime, but can also improve the quality of ones life! By teaching wholesome values and, success skills.
My name is John Nottingham, I’m the owner of one of the most successful martial arts schools in the Phoenix area.
For more than 20 years I’ve been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in martial-arts. No other sport can match them. I have consulted with over 10,000 Parents and many of them share the same concerns and priorities for their children.
Parents talk about the importance of positive influences, organized activity, developing discipline and confidence, goal-setting, and physical exercise. I’m happy to report that many parents also found that training at USA Martial Arts can accomplish all these objectives.
Your child’s Biggest Challenge comes from:
Their Fears and Self-Doubts. And it’s this limited way of thinking that is all around them that holds them back more than anything.
“I’m not as good as John.”
“I never get what the teacher is saying.”
“Other kids are getting all the breaks.”
“How come I can’t be as popular as Jane.”
“I’m not good at this, it’s just not for me.”
“How come that kid keeps picking on me?”

The list goes on and on. The question is: How can your child defend themselves against these attacks everyday?
When your child uses the power of martial-arts to conquer their fears, they have the power to transfer that to all other areas of life.
Martial-Arts lessons are the best way for your child to develop a continued feeling of confidence and achievement. When it is time for them to move up in rank we require they have your permission and the permission of their school teacher. That is just one of the ways we encourage good academic performance.
Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy, and spirit. You’ll be amazed as they become unstoppable in their quest for:
Greater Academic Accomplishments
Superb Attitude
Unshakable Self Respect
Personal Achievement & Black Belt Excellence
All of this while having fun!

“Master Nottingham: Be sure to keep developing great leaders and minds for today’s world. You have no idea how influential you have been in not just my life, but many others. I honestly don’t know what type of person I would have become without martial arts forming a backbone for character.”
-Derek Roberts, Georgia Tech University Student
Your Child will develop the “I Can” “I Will” attitude that will, more than anything, set them a part and make them a leader!
It Does Not happen over night! Anything worth while requires dedication, persistence, and commitment. These character qualities can be learned by doing. I know you’re one of those very select parents who realizes that investing in your child now will pay you big dividends later.
Through our program your child will learn the fundamentals of LEADERSHIP:
Courage, Follow Through, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Team Work, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and the list goes on and on.
It doesn’t matter whether your child is out of shape or a star athlete. Martial-arts training will increase their flexibility, stamina and overall health. I have seen so many kids who were at first, over weight or felt physically inadequate transform their appearance and their confidence in themselves by becoming physically fit.
I have seen many star athletes gain the winning edge with the techniques they learn in martial-arts. Over the years I’ve also watched asthmatic children develop the ability to breathe easier (I was one of them. You can read my story in TKD Times Magazine here).
But don’t take my word for it………
“We, the Fox Family, want to thank EACH of you for making this one of the best experiences we have had – individually & together. At every class – from fellow lower belts to the many helpful upper belts that assist in class – we are met with such enthusiasm and encouragement!”
-April, Chris and Ashley Fox
“From my training throughout the last six years, I have gained so much that it is hard to explain with words.I’ve become stronger mentally and physically, continue to strive beyond my expectations, devise goal plans and structured schedules to achieve such goals, established myself as a person, as well as realized the friendships I have made through my martial arts family.”
-Lianne Russo, Arizona State University student
“I just finished reading the book Living the Martial Way. After reading the chapter on the Ideal Master, I realized that is exactly what we found in Sabumnim (Master Nottingham) and the wonderful instructors at USA Martial Arts. Chance couldn’t have brought us to a better school.”
- Mrs. Dawn Martin (The entire Martin family are members of the Leadership Program)
Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self- esteem and discipline, while teaching them life skills that will last them a lifetime and much more. (Let me explain why you MUST come see our program for yourself, it will be the best thing that you’ll ever do for your child.)
Imagine how you’ll feel when your child becomes unstoppable at achieving all of the positive things life has to offer and unstoppable at avoiding all of the negative things life has to throw our way.
In our martial arts program, your child will improve their confidence, increase their focus, and develop more self-control. We can say this with confidence because we have personally witnessed the positive effects our programs have provided for children just like your own.
Here a short explanation of how our programs teach these valuable life skills:
Confidence – By learning how to protect themselves, your children will develop confidence in their ability to handle life’s challenges. In turn, their improved confidence will give them the courage to say “no” to negative influences.
Focus – We will help your child increase their focus by giving them clear goals and showing them how to reach those goals through hard work and being consistent. (Of course, they won’t realize they’re learning focus because our classes are so much fun! But keep that to yourself – it’ll be our little secret…)
Self-control – Kids learn self-control in the martial arts by learning how important it is to have respect, both for themselves and for others. Martial arts training teaches that in order to get respect, you first have to give it. Once your child learns this important lesson, their self-control will naturally increase.
As you can see, our martial arts programs teach so much more than “just kicks and punches.” We help children develop life-skills that will take them far beyond the four walls of our martial art school – benefits that will last them a lifetime.
Positive Role Models Who Will Encourage Your Child to Succeed
Kids need strong role models who set a positive example for them to follow. Yet, everyone knows that kids can’t look up to professional athletes anymore – so where can they turn for positive examples to follow?
Our answer to this question is our professional staff of caring instructors. We honestly believe our martial art instructors are some of the best role models your child could have.
Experience has shown us that kids respond to our martial art teachers in way that no other coach or instructor can match. Because we realize how much our students look up to us, we work hard to set a positive example for them by living the martial arts principles of honesty, integrity, courage, kindness, and self-control.
As you know, children are hard-wired to seek attention and approval. So, when kids see positive behaviors demonstrated by our instructors, they are strongly driven to display those same behaviors in their own actions.
USA Martial Arts North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley Arizona
Karate is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child, Guaranteed!

To repeat, Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting themselves. Their innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force.
A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of their own self doubts, A force that opens your child to the exalting power of values.
In other words, when your child uses the discipline of martial arts to conquer their fears, they have the power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life. I know of no other sport that does this better than karate. (I should know. Remember, I’ve been teaching it for 26 years.)
As you can see there are many great reasons to get involved in our program but the many benefits your child will develop, don’t start happening until you ACT!
Since many parents are not familiar with the benefits that USA Martial Arts PV provides, we would like to make a very special offer:
I’m going to allow you to check out USA Martial Arts Phoenix totally at NO Risk to you and at 100% my expense…

“Martial Arts has become a way of life now for Harrison as he has been a student for 2-1/2 years. He exudes confidence and has a tremendous willingness to learn. He was not athletic when he began, but has definitely built up both strength and coordination. I believe strongly that it is from training. The tenets of Taekwondo keep him on track.”
- Stacey Ambrose, Scottsdale
You Can Quickly and Easily Increase Your Child’s Self-Esteem and
Physical Fitness For FREE!
Let me Explain…

You can try USA Martial Arts for 2 Full Weeks For FREE! To kick things off I’ll let your family come in for a 1 on 1 private lesson where we will meet face to face. At this special lesson You will be working with our “Admissions Director”. He will help your family get acquainted to our school and more importantly make sure your child feels 100% comfortable. At this lesson he’ll teach your child…
The 4 laws of razor sharp focus
- The 7 Magic Words That Get and Give Respect, Instantly
- The True Meaning of Self-Discipline, so they can actually use it in their lives.
- The Secret Word That Stops The Bully in His Tracks
- And Much, Much, More

And, remember parent, this is only the first lesson!

“In about 15 minutes, I’ll have you child more focused and feeling more confident. Just click here to take advantage of ourINTERNET SPECIAL
If you hurry and register and mention this blog You’ll Also Get…
The Most Incredible FREE Gifts Ever Just To Try Karate Worth $177.00!
4 WEEKS of Lessons ($159 Value)
To make sure karate is right for your family with NO Strings Attached. We’ll do this because we’re so confident that our program will get results!
FREE Student/Parent Conference ($49.00 Value) 
We’ll spend time One on One discussing your child’s needs and your child’s progress. We’ll educate you on the developmental process for your child.
FREE Official Martial Arts Uniform ($49.00 Value)
We’ll make your child feel like part of the team. The uniform is theirs to keep, No Strings Attached!
Call Now (602) 896-8721 To Reserve Your Spot! I can Only Give You All Of The Free Gifts Until Monday, September 27, 2010.
John Nottingham, 6th Degree Black Belt
Chief Master Instructor
Owner: USA Martial Arts Phoenix
P.S. I know that this all may sound to good to be true, right? That’s why All you really need to do is say…”Maybe.”
I’ve made it super easy for your family to explore USA Martial Arts Phoenix Scottsdale with No Obligation; you really have nothing to lose! But there are a few things you need to know..
If after your first visit you know that everything we talked about in this letter is true and you beg us to join we still won’t let you. See even though I’m allowing a few people to try us out for FREE, USA Martial Arts still has a very strict qualification criteria that you must meet. (I’ll allow our “Admissions Director” to go over that with you.)
The bottom line is this…we operate like a private school and don’t just “Surrender to anyone with a check book or Visa card.” You really need to be the kind of family that is concerned for the future of your child!
P.P.S. If this sounds like you, call us at 602.896.8721 to arrange your special visit!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Five Reasons to Consider Martial Arts for Your Kids!

Here are Five Reasons More and More Phoenix Parents Are Enrolling Their Kids In Martial Arts:

For Over 20 Years We've Been Helping Boys and Girls Develop...

  1. Amazing Fun Physical Fitness as a Lifestyle!
  2. Build Inner Strength and Self Confidence!
  3. Effective Social Skills for a Better Life, Friends and Happiness!
  4. Learn Self Defense and Conflict Avoidance!
  5. Reinforce Values and Good Character

Sign Up Now!
Kids Get Fit & Learn Safety!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is Awesome for Kids!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Telephone: 602-896-8721 (USA1)
Email: info@usa-martialarts.com
HQ: http://USA-MartialArts.com
Online: http://Phoenix-MartialArts.com
Special Offer: http://KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com
Kickboxing: http://iLoveKickboxingPhoenix.com

Who is USA Martial Arts Phoenix?
USA Martial Arts Offers Professional Martial Arts Classes For Both Children and Adults In Taekwondo, Karate
Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, and Self Defense Throughout The North Phoenix, Scottsdale Paradise Valley community.

Powerful Self Defense and Fitness Programs for Kids

Our Award-Winning Programs For Children Help Your Children Get Physically Fit, Achieve Self-Confidence, Improve Social Skills and Learn How To Be Safe! Our Programs For Adults Provide Physical Fitness and Self-Defense With Classes In Traditional Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Krav Maga.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Serves These North Phoenix Areas: North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Paradise Valley.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Phoenix Martial Arts School Builds Children's Minds and Bodies

Phoenix Martial Arts School Builds Children's Minds and Bodies

Children love learning at USA Martial Arts in Phoenix, AZ. Our martial arts programs are high-energy, fun and interactive.
The primary objective of the Phoenix Martial Arts school is to build children's confidence, wich we do by acknowledging, recognizing and rewarding not just our student's accomplishments and successes, but their efforts as well.
Learning martial arts is a physical endeavor, involving all major muscle groups to develop a student's overall fitness. But our focus goes far beyond just learning physical techniques and martial arts skills. At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, we use martial arts as a tool to develop solid character and life-enhancing skills in each man, woman and child.
Our martial arts Phoenix emphasis is on the personal-achievement components of martial arts, such as increasing self esteem, improving concentration and focus, developing self control, self discipline, and maximizing physical wellness.
Traits That Martial Arts Develops in a Child

  • Self esteem
  • Self control
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Concentration
  • Self discipline
  • Physical fitness
  • Self confidence
  • Positive attitude
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Patience
  • Goal setting
  • Manners
  • Strong work ethic

Life Lessons Through Martial Arts Phoenix
Classes at our Phoenix Martial Arts School begin and end with group discussions and role-playing exercises. We emphasize character lessons and discuss alternate resolutions to conflict, anger management, bully prevention, verbal and emotional self-defense and other issues that children face today. These issues are discussed in a positive, affirming and non-threatening way.
Children pay close attention as we teach topics that include:
  • Avoiding conflicts peacefully
  • Dealing with bullies constructively
  • Mental & Emotional self-defense
  • Proper respect for adults and elders
  • Stranger awareness safety skills
  • Respect for self and others
  • Saying "no" to drugs and unhealthy peer pressure
  • Building inner strength to stand on virtue and character
  • Patriotic and family values
These valuable life, character and citizenship lessons help our martial arts Phoenix students understand the connection between what they learn in our school and the real-world applications that make martial arts practical and insightful skills for school-age, and beyond.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Increase Your Child's Focus and Concentration at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Want Your Child To Be a Better Listener and a Faster Learner at Home, School and Sports?

Increased Focus and Concentration - The Secret is Out!
Life and Character Lessons from Martial Arts Masters

At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, our lessons are far more than just kicking and punching.  Our goal is to help our students maximize their potential in mind, body and spirit.  Our style transcends the physical techniques of self defense and build students from the inside out so that they have inner strength, self-esteem, focus and the ability to set goals and follow through.
"It's amazing since we've been at USA Martial Arts, my son listens the first time he's asked to do something!" -R.M., parent, Phoenix
Four Black Belt Strategies for Focus
Here are 4 strategies for building focus and concentration that lead to better grades in school, improved listening skills and faster learning.  Not only have we seen these skills help thousands of children bring up grades and perform better scholastically, these techniques are effective in the workplace as well.

The USA Martial Arts Four Points of Black Belt Focus
1. Focus the eyes
2. Focus the ears
3. Focus the mind
4. Focus the body

Black Belt Focus and Concentration Explained

  • When we focus the eyes, we help maintain our concentration and eliminate distractions.  
  • When we focus the ears we learn to listen to what the person is saying rather than being distracted while they speak thinking of our response.
  • When we focus the mind we imagine what the person is describing to create mental pictures so our brain can be most powerful.  Another strong listening skill is to repeat back what we understand in summary form to ensure clarity and understanding.
  • When we focus the body we improve our posture, breathing and eliminate other distracting movement to learn faster and retain more information.  Good body language also communicates confidence and respect to others.
If you would like more information on how your child can learn lessons like these in a fun way, contact us at USA Martial Arts Phoenix today.  You'll be glad you did!

USA Martial Arts Black Belt Success System
Character and Life Skills Curriculum
Serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and North Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Special Trial Confidence Course for Kids http://KidsLoveMartialArts.com
Kickboxing for Fitness, Fun and Self Defense http://iLoveKickboxing.com
HQ http://USA-MartialArts.com

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three Ways to Boost Kids Confidence With The Magic of Martial Arts

Parents often ask us how our instructors at USA Martial Arts Phoenix work such magic with building children's self esteem.  After twenty five years of teaching over 10,000 kids of all ages, success leaves clues.  Here are a few tips (some of which you might already be doing) that go a long way in building a kids confidence and improving your child's self esteem. For more free tips Click Here.

1. Emphasize Positive Praise.  Craft criticism carefully and turn it into a positive statement of encouragement.  Give a child a reputation to live up to and they will have hope for progress and a bright vision for their future.

2. Seek Ways to Have Your Child Feel Validated.  Be responsive, rather than ignoring.  It may be a challenge but it reassures a child he or she is important.  Another great way is to enroll them in a sport or activity like martial arts where they can get positive reinforcement, encouragement and positive social approval (through hard work and dedication).  You can also take martial arts with them.  USA Martial Arts even has special family classes designed for quality time.  It will change your child's life.  Nothing builds confidence like knowing you can protect yourself.  

3. Establish Firm Boundaries for Self Discipline Through Structure.  Consistent structure provides children with a level of security that lets them know they have value and are important.  It can be as simple as having responsibilities like age appropriate family chores.  Make sure they are rewarded in some tangible way (it can be a simple word of praise, hug, high five or bragging to others about the specific thing they did well.  

People of value and importance have responsibilities and obligations to live up to (of course it should be  right for your child's age so they can succeed.)  Try consistent boundaries with clearly stated consequences and rewards and your children will often amaze you.  

They may not be perfect but the key is to catch them doing things right so they have incentive to do more.  When you focus on the good, your child will usually follow suit.

For More Proven Ways To Help Build Your Child's Self Esteem and Confidence, Consider USA Martial Arts.  Check Out The Web Special!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Confidence Boosting Childrens Classes 

and Self Esteem Building Summer Camps for Kids

Martial Arts Confidence Classes in Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale Arizona

Martial Arts Confidence Classes: Karate Kids, Taekwondo Tigers, Ninjas, Pirates, Wizards&Warriors, Kung Fu Panda, Secret Agents, Fun, Fitness!

By http://kidslovemartialartsphoenix.com 
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kids Love Martial Arts
Register Now at info@usa-martialarts.com

Confidence Building Martial Arts Phoenix AZ
Ninjas, Taekwondo Tigers, Karate Kids, Kung Fu Panda, Secret Agents, Fun and Fitness!
Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix Arizona, USA Karate Instruction for All Ages
Amazing confidence building Martial Arts classes taught by expert Black Belt Instructors and Champions. This might be the exciting activity and experience you've been looking for!
Kids Love The Fun. Parents love the confidence!
Our AMAZING Martial Arts Special Confidence Course is exciting, packed full of learning experiences and most of all super FUN!
At USA Martial Art Phoenix we offer special programming not found in other programs, sports and activities.  In addition to practical self defense moves and fun fitness building classes, we offer adventure themes like Wizards&Warriors with padded swords to Pirates of the Caribbean, fun crafts, bully and stranger safety skills.  That's why there is always such high praise for our Classes and Camps so contact us today and reserve your childs spot. This special will be gone before you know it so don't put it off. Call now for registration information and an early bird discount!
Class and Camp Type: Day and/or Evening
Year Established: 1992 in Arizona
Gender: Men, Women, Boys and Girls
Age of Campers and Students: 4 to 17 years old (we have adult and family classes too)
Cost/Week: less than $99.00/wk. Day rates available. INTERNET SPECIAL
School Owner(s): Master John Nottingham
Camp/Class Director(s): Steve Caprara, Robert Summers, Don Gray, Amanda Pfeifer
Nearest Large City: Phoenix (On the edge of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley)
Camp/Class Focus: Fun Self Esteem, Safety, Self-Defense Skills
Sports Camps: Martial Arts
Special Accommodations:  Group and Private Training, Home School Groups, School Presentations
Weight Loss, Special Programs for ADD, ADHD and Autistic Children
Register now and save
http://usa-martialarts.com  http://Phoenix-MartialArts.com

Internet Special Click Here http://KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9 Phoenix Arizona 85032 Tel. 602-896-8721

For more confidence building lessons
http://Phoenix-MartialArts.com INFORMATION
http://KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com KIDS INTERNET SPECIAL
http://iLoveKickboxingPhoenix.com KICKBOXING FITNESS

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, AZ 85032