Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Martial Artists Run Marathon as Fundraiser for Children and Veteran's Charity

Contact: John Nottingham 602-896-8721

Martial Artists Run Marathon as Fundraiser for Children and Veteran's Charity 

Local Phoenix martial artists are helping in the fight against Child abuse and support Veterans welcome home at Wisconsin Marathon May 7.

Martial artist masters USA Martial Arts Phoenix AZ and Antioch Illinois will run at the Wisconsin Marathon on May 7th to benefit various charitable efforts including child safety, abduction prevention, as well as a Veterans program. All of the proceeds from the event will go to support the non-profit The Black Belt Society.

All involved are encouraged to raise money for the Black Belt Society through sponsorship, and those donations will be directly given to help the Black Belt Society and it's volunteer member Black Belt Instructors to have the resources they need to reach a larger audience with their life saving educational programs.

Masters Brian Van Patten of Salem Wisconsin and John Nottingham of Scottsdale Arizona will both be running the marathon together.  They started martial arts together over 25 years ago and have both since earned the title "Master" and taught at their own USA Martial Arts schools.

“We believe in leading by example so the Master Instructors will come together in the spirit of community, sharing and charity,” said Nottingham, “character traits essential to USA Martial Arts.”

They will be running 26.2 miles in Kenosha Wisconsin on May 7, 2011.

“We as martial artists have an opportunity to help those who are in need and give back to our communities,” said Nottingham, who instructs at the USA Martial Arts Phoenix Arizona. “What a great opportunity to practice the true meaning of the martial arts and have fun doing it.”

For more information about fundraiser and other seminars, contact 602-896-8721

Why Am I Running a Marathon? Here are 7 Reasons I'm Running a 26.2 mile race even though I hate running.

When I started telling people I was going to run a marathon the response was less than positive.  Most said things like, "I don't think thats too healthy" or "I don't think thats such a good idea".  I agree.  So why am I running a marathon?  Here are 7 reasons.

1 | It's a new goal and big challenge.  Each year I try to do something way outside my comfort zone to encourage my personal growth.  I hate running and a marathon scares me so I thought that would be a good thing to attack.  I think it's important to lead by example and try hard things to challenge myself.  I hate fighting and violence so I studied martial arts, I have a fear of heights so I became Airborne.  I hate running and am now running a marathon.  If I can do this... I can do other hard things.

2 | I turned 40 this year and wanted to challenge the age excuse.  My original plan was to run the PF Chang's Rock N Roll marathon here in Arizona but I injured my Achilles just before the race and had to reschedule to the Wisconsin Cheesiest Marathon.  Delays are not denials, patience paid off and after a 5 week healing delay I'm back on the streets.  As a Martial Arts Instructor, Trainer and school owner, I frequently hear adults use age or old injuries as an excuse as to why they are weak, unable or unwilling to be fit or try martial arts.  If Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee can do 1000 push ups a day in his 70's, and Veteran amputees can run a marathons  then I can certainly run a marathon to help encourage others.

3 | One more nail in the coffin of asthma holding me back.  Before Martial Arts, asthma controlled a lot of my life.  This  marathon is a celebration of not allowing asthma to hold me back from goals, dreams or rising to a challenge.  I want to be able to encourage kids with asthma to not let it hold them back.

4 | Stickin' it to "the man". I was told I should never kick or run again after I damaged my knees jumping out of perfectly good aircraft in the Army then later doing stunts. I skipped the surgery and did my own rehab with weight lifting and Yoga.  This flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  I'm running the marathon because others think I can't.

5 | I'll also be submitting my marathon medal with my future Black Belt Degree promotions for higher rank.  I wanted to put something into my promotion packet that shows that I'm actively taking on hard challenges and leading students by example.  "Always a student - sometimes a teacher." Plus it's a charity run so it should be good evidence of trying to make a positive impact on my community.

6 | KO stress.  It's been several years now of difficulty in my business having separated from my original USA Martial Arts partners, adapting to a tough economy in Arizona and other stressful challenges.  Rather than hope things get easier, my goal with the marathon training is to make myself tougher and more mentally, and emotionally strong to take on those challenges and stress.   I read that less than 1% of people on earth have run a marathon. I want to be in the 1%.

7 | The marathon training for me has been a vision quest of sorts.  It forced me to be outside in nature running in the sun with plenty of quality time.  I've used it to pray, meditate and as a living gratitude journal.  Each time I run I state all the things for which I'm grateful.  I'm a big believer that our focus and the questions we ask ourselves directly influences the quality of our attitude and therefore lives.  I've logged thousands of miles of gratitude now.  Plus I've had quality time with friends and students who have run with me from time to time.

I'll be running (more like stomp kicking the earth into submission) the Wisconsin Marathon on May 7th with Master Brian Van Patten.  He's my martial arts friend ("brother"), whom I met in my first martial arts school and took my first 3 Black Belt tests with.  We will be running for charity to benefit The Black Belt Society, a non-profit we started to benefit non-profit efforts close to our hearts (children's charities, safety education and Martial Arts for Veterans).

If you would like to support me in this effort to raise funds and awareness for some cool charities, send a donation of any amount, $5, $35, $150, $5k to:

The Black Belt Society Charity Marathon
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721

For any donation over $35 bucks we'll send you a very cool custom art T-shirt we designed (the same I'll be wearing on race day) as our way of saying thanks.  Just write Shirt Please in the memo line of your check and we'll send it to the address on your check.

Thank you. You're support goes a long way in encouraging me and supporting worthwhile charities that build a more peaceful world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Raising Funds for Charity by Running a Marathon

April 19, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you may already know, I am involved in fundraising for my non-profit The Black Belt Society. That mission includes the prevention and treatment of child abuse including our role in educating children on conflict avoidance, violence prevention, anti-abduction and other techniques.

This year I will be running the Wisconsin Marathon (26.2 miles) May 7th to raise funds. My plans are to raise $5,000 for this goal. I'm also doing a series of seminars and donating 100% to the cause. This will fund the basic expenses to have our instructors reach thousands of children as well as care-givers with life saving skills.

For those of you who are not familiar with our organization, The Black Belt Society is a really special organization made up of Black Belts who are dedicated to making a positive impact on our communities. We've raised tens of thousands of dollars for the prevention and treatment of child abuse, helped stop violence in schools, saved children the pain of bullying and much more. In the past we've donated to ChildHelp, Make-a-Wish, St. Jude's and many others. We decided to cut out the middle man so more funds go directly to the causes closest to our hearts and don't get eaten up in admin costs. 100% of what you donate goes directly to making a difference.

I am asking you to help us out this year by giving a tax-deductible donation to The Black Belt Society. We work very hard to provide safety training and education each year and I hope we can count on you for a generous donation of $100 or more. However, please note that any donation amount is always welcomed.

I thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to whatever support you can provide.

If you require additional information about the Black Belt Society, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may also visit The Black Belt Society online on Facebook or contact us directly by phone at:602-896-8721.

The Wisconsin Marathon is May 7, 2011, so if is at all possible, please send your donation by May 5th. Thank you for your consideration. The Black Belt Society couldn't do it without the generosity of donors like yourself.

John Nottingham
The Black Belt Society
USA Martial Arts
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Monday, April 18, 2011

Get a Free Kickboxing Class and other Free Stuff on Tax Day

Free Stress busting Kickboxing and Yoga Class at USA Martial Arts Phoenix at USA Martial Arts Phoenix is giving away a free stress busting Kickboxing class this entire week.  Fight the fat and stress with Kickboxing and finish with a fantastic cool down of relaxing Yoga.  No charge or obligation of any kind.
Burn up to 800-1000 calories per Kickboxing workout!
USA Martial Arts Phoenix is located at the Southwest corner of Tatum & Greenway roads on the corner of Scottsdale & Paradise Valley in Phoenix.  
Kickboxing & Yoga in Phoenix
Kick, punch, elbow and knee some stress away with this award-winning program. integrates Muay Thai Kickboxing, Yoga, Boxing, Karate, and Taekwondo into a super fun fat blasting workout that gets you toned in record time. 
Personal Training & Private Coaching
Door prizes will also be awarded and special incentives will be given away including personal training sessions with ENERGIZED FITNESS & NUTRITION. at USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9-10
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone: 602-896-8721    email  *new students only
Other Free Stuff on Tax Day April 15th:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phoenix Children Learn Life Skills Through Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu

Phoenix Children Learn Life Skills Through Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu

By usamartialarts

Taekwondo Tigers Children Karate Kids in Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale


"Why are so many people enrolling their children in USA Martial Arts Children's Taekwondo Program"  by  

Master Instructor John Nottingham's one of a kind childrens martial arts self defense program in Phoenix Paradise Valley Scottsdale changes kids lives. They build unshakable confidence, kindness, discipline and courtesy and lasting self esteem. USA Martial Arts Phoenix children play skill games to develop concentration and direct energy in a positive manner. Plus they are having fun getting and staying fit!

More and more Phoenix parents are enrolling their kids as a means of cross training to give their children an edge in sports like baseball, soccer and others.  The body mastery, flexibility, focus and control make them stand out as compared to other children on their teams.

Check out what USA Martial Arts Phoenix can offer your child.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix carefully tailored program offers your child many amazing benefits and will prepare children for a success in school, work and life.  While your child is learning effective self defense and and superior coordination, they will also be growing in social and intellectual skills development.  Your son or daughter will improve balance, flexibility, and are guaranteed to significantly improve confidence and self-esteem while having fun!  Grades improve or become easier because children improve attention spans and have the self discipline to follow through on goals and instructions.  


Ask about our cool birthday parties and summer day & evening camps!
Enroll now and we'll take your Karate Kid and a friend to see the new Kung Fu Panda!

Phoenix Kids Learn Practical Life Skills Through Martial Arts
How Phoenix and Scottsdale Karate Kids Are Getting The Edge In School and Life Through Martial Arts

A specialized martial arts school in Phoenix Arizona is changing the way martial arts is taught and Phoenix parents are taking notice.
“Our program is designed specifically to challenge our students to grow mentally, physically and emotionally.  Our staff is comprised of experienced instructors and champions with a track record for success in life.  They are each solid role models who lead by example and display the uncommon virtue our school has become known for.  Children develop a greater sense of self through our traditional curriculum but stay motivated with our modern approach to teaching in a fun way.”

Kids’s Martial Arts at USA Martial Arts Phoenix
The Children's Taekwondo and Karate Kids programs at USA Martial Arts is perfect for your child! We have specially designed programs for children ages 4 and up. Children’s classes are divided up by age and experience level in order to create an optimal training environment for your child.

Positive Learning Environment for Children
Our children’s classes are taught by caring professional martial arts instructors who are dedicated to making a positive difference in your child’s life through martial arts training. Each action packed class is filled with exciting drills, and activities that will teach your child valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline, goal setting, and perseverance while learning martial arts.

Character First
We like to think of ourselves as a Personal Development Center that uses martial arts training to help our students achieve their full potential in life. Our goal is to use martial arts training to help our students develop essential life skills such as discipline, self-control, respect, integrity, perseverance, and goal setting skills in order to equip them for success in life.

Self Defense
The practical self-defense training that your child will receive is invaluable! Every child (and adult for that matter) should have the CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE to defend themselves from verbal and physical assault. Self defense is a SKILL that anyone can learn with training and practice. While it is unlikely that a person will ever have to physically defend themselves, I would much rather be prepared than leave it up to chance. We spends thousands each year on various forms of insurance, shouldn’t we invest in our children’s safety?

Martial Arts
In addition practical self-defense training your child will also learn a unique blend of modern and traditional martial arts including artistic martial arts (forms and traditional skills) and sport martial arts (sparring and kickboxing skills). As your child progresses in their training their level of fitness will increase. In particular, most students see an increase in flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness. Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child and encourage them to reach to new heights as they progress towards earning their Black Belt.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Road Suite 9
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When You're Tired of Weight Loss Tricks and Fitness Gimmicks, Try This

When You've Given Up On The Fat Loss Gimmicks

When You're Tired of The Lies and Exercise Promises

When You've Tried all the Weight Loss Exercise TV Programs, Kickboxing DVDs

Then You Just Might Be Ready for ENERGIZED FITNESS & NUTRITION 

ef3 .  .  .energized fighting fit fitness
Energized Fitness & Nutrition is a team of highly effective trainers and specialists dedicated to giving you the tools you need to succeed where other programs fail.  It's not a matter of just "getting in shape", it is a matter of creating and customizing a healthy lifestyle that brings you greater performance, health and joy.  That's Energized Nutritions specialty.

We have several programs to choose from to get you ENERGIZED and in the best condition of your life!

Personal Training Scottsdale AZ 

If you want personal attention and a customized training program then our Coaches can guide you step by step to getting the results you want.  From a leaner, toned body to making massive strength gains, our Coaches will help you reach your goals.

Bootcamp Fitness & Weight Loss Strength Training

Bootcamp Firness will get you Fighting Fit!  You'll have a blast with our motivating coaches and great classmates.  We have new skills, drills and fun challenges each time you come in so it never gets boring.   You'll have a blast losing weight, getting toned and building amazing strength.  

Kickboxing Paradise Valley AZ

I Love Kickboxing Phoenix is a physical challenge that involves both kicking and punching and is taught as a fitness workout at many fitness centers in across the country.  It's now right here in Phoenix and close enough if you live in Scottsdale, Cave Creek or Paradise Valley.  Most join I Love Kickboxing Phoenix for the amazing weight loss, muscle toning, positive atmosphere, motivation and fun.  Many people are also involved in kickboxing as a sport and a form of self-defense.


USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Road Suite 9-10
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
SW Corner Tatum & Greenway by Albertsons
Telephone: 602-896-8721

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Ultimate Kids Summer Camp - Phoenix Kids & Family Events - Children's Camp with Kick!

Ultimate kids summer-camp for Phoenix Arizona Kids!
Phoenix Kids & Family Events - Kids, Families Things To Do 

Looking for a camp this summer in Phoenix? 
USA Martial Arts Phoenix is offering it's award-winning childrens adventure summer camp including:

Fun crafts
Activities & Games
Safety Skills
Rewards and Positive Experiences

All of this in a safe, air conditioned environment with great camp instructors and positive role models.   

Arizona Parents love our camp for the self esteem and safety skills.  Kids love our camp for the fun!
Kids Camp in Phoenix Builds Confidence
Karate Kids Confidence Camp Phoenix is a combination of an athletic camp that keeps Arizona kids active, an educational summer camp that teaches them safety skills, and a fun adventure camp filled with positive experiences and memories. 

Children's Camps Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek Arizona
Combining the best of:
+ Sports Camps
+ Adventure Camps
+ Educational Camps
+ Fitness Camps

We Accept Competitor Coupons and Will Match Any GROUPON Deals!

For More Information provided by our camp operators contact:
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kids Camp
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Camp Telephone: 602-896-8721
Camp info email:
Camp website:

Ultimate kids summer-camps list. Looking for a camp this summer? ... Phoenix Kids & Family Events - Kids, Families Things To Do ...

Phoenix AZ Kickboxing Fights Fat Fast

Phoenix men and women are thrilled with the results they are getting from a new Kickboxing program offered at USA Martial Arts Phoenix.

  • Fight Fat
  • Lose Weight
  • Get Toned
  • Build Strength
If you want a great workout with the most AMAZING NEED to check this out. But you need to act NOW!!!!  Trust me you won't be dissapointed. -Julie Van Patten

Kick, punch, knee, elbow and sweat to the sweat sounds of great music with a group of positive people.  Unlike the gym, you can do partner drills, pad drills, boxing mitt drills and heavy bag work that helps you reduce stress and pound away the pounds!

But don't take our word for it.  Check out what our clients say...

Plus you can also get:

Personal Training
One on One Coaching
A FREE Fitness Assessment
Small group discounts
Morning, Evening Classes or by Appointment

USA Martial Arts Kickboxing & Fitness Phoenix
Telephone 602-896-8721
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, AZ 85032

#1 Character Development Center in Phoenix - Phoenix Martial Arts School Finds Niche

Happy, Healthy, Confident Kids with Character and Values

Parents are usually skeptical when we tell them that our program will change their childs life forever.  I don't blame them.  Most people aren't familiar with our unique Martial Arts character development program because it isn't something most people in the USA grew up with.  Furthermore, there are lots of mediocre Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu and other martial arts schools who do not emphasize these things.  However, in Asia, traditional martial arts training has long been established as a potent and vital success tool for helping children:

  • Live happier, more secure and confident lives
  • Improve grades and academic efficiency
  • Instill healthy habits of exercise, nutrition and fitness
  • Anchor solid character traits and leadership skills
  • Instill values of good citizenship and reinforce values taught in the home
  • Improve social skills, focus, self control and develop self discipline

Many people still think that Martial Arts is just kicks and punches.  While that may be true for some Martial Arts schools, our unique program emphasizes character development and believes in building a student from the inside out.  At the beginning of every USA Martial Arts Phoenix class students recite the TENETS:

As a dedicated student of the martial arts, I will live my life by the principles of Black Belt

  • Modesty
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

Parents are more concerned about their child's education today than any other time...making USA Martial Arts Phoenix school the #1 Character Development center in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley Arizona area is the key to success.  USA Martial Arts Phoenix program will do this for your son or daughter too. 

Give it a try and find out how fun learning martial arts in a supportive atmosphere can be.

  • Summer Camps
  • Birthday Parties
  • School Safety and Self Defense Talks

USA Martial Arts Phoenix WEBSPECIAL for CHILDREN
We also teach adults!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning & Evening Kickboxing Classes at USA Martial Arts I Love Kickboxing Phoenix!

Day & Evening Kickboxing at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing

You spoke and we listened.  We're adding more classes and convenient times for you to get your I LOVE KICKBOXING PHOENIX workout and training.  USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing is the fastest growing kickboxing program in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Paradise Valley.  Having won BEST OF PHOENIX and being featured in GROUPON, our numbers are growing everyday.  We're adding staff and class times to make sure you get the personalized attention and quality training we built our reputation on.

If you're looking for a way to lose weight, build strength, cross train or get the edge then you may have found the place.  We offer group training kickboxing, bootcamp and personal training fitness training customized to your needs and schedule.  Check out some of the results we got for others. ILOVEKICKBOXINGPHOENIX.COM

Personal training with our strength coaches will help you build from the inside out.  Our functional fitness training will help you lose weight, get toned and build strength and firm muscle like nothing else.  You can customize your training program with Kickboxing, Strength Training, Flexibility, Yoga, Balance and Stability work and more.  It's up to you!  Bring a friend and qualify for special rates.

Personal Training Phoenix * Personal Trainer Scottsdale * Personal Weight Loss Coach

USA Martial Arts Kickboxing & Fitness
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phoenix Women and Men Get ENERGIZED with ENERGIZE FITNESS KICKBOXING & Personal Training

EF3 . . .
ENERGIZED FIGHTING FIT FITNESS will help you develop a Karate Body with Kickboxing, personal coaching, nutrition counseling and a strong dose of encouragement. 

EF3 is the revolutionary fusion of personal training and state-of-the-art training combining lifestyle fitness of Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo and Kung Fu that makes getting in shape SIMPLE, CLEAR and POTENT. E3 is NOW OPEN in Phoenix serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Cave Creek! Be among the first to experience the one-of-a-kind FIGHTING FIT training workout.

ENERGIZED FITNESS is a state-of-the-art new fitness training center designed for men and women who want to get in better shape, without the gym scene, injuries or MMA egos.
With ENERGIZED FITNESS, there's no longer the need to spend hours at the gym watching people pose in the mirror and compare themselves to you. There's no wasting time figuring out what to do with complicated machines or waiting in line for a treadmill. There's no struggle to stay motivated due to our awesome instructors and ever changing curriculum. In short, nothing to hold you back from finally getting the mind and body results you've always wanted.
Our revolutionary ENERGIZED NUTRITION MATRIX is like having a world-class personal trainer coaching you every time you exercise. Our authentic Black Belt instructors makes sure you're always doing precisely the right exercise, the right way, at the right pace, for the best possible results. All in just 20-minutes or less! PLUS for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own personal trainer.
You won't want to exercise any other way.
ENERGIZED NUTRITION FIGHTING FIT! Fast, simple and incredibly effective. And it's only available at USA Martial Arts Kickboxing & Fitness Phoenix.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix

4731 E. Greenway Road Suite 9 & 10
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721