Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain - Get Your Kickboxing Body for the New Year!

Right now people are thinking about fall pumpkins, Halloween candy, enjoying cooler weather and gaining weight.  Research indicates that the average person gains 10 pounds between October and January.  The majority of them will be setting a New Years Resolution to lose weight, get in shape and reduce fat.

We'll help you do that NOW!  Why wait?  Get a rockin' Kickboxing Body with Phoenix Arizona Hottest Fat Burning Workouts...

iLoveKickboxing.com Phoenix will get you in the best shape of your life.

  • Get toned
  • Get fit 
  • Gain strength
  • Amazing Abs
  • Learn a fun skill so you won't be bored

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Bullying Prevention Speaker Teaches Unconventional Method to Manage Bullying

Free Bully Busters Radio Interview Click Photo

One of the most frustrating things a parent can hear from their child is that they are being bullied.  It is painful and distressing but I'm here to offer you an effective solution that protects your child and gives them lessons that last a lifetime.

Who Am I?
My name is John Nottingham and for 27 years I have taught men, women and children how to protect themselves.  My students have ranged from Bodyguards, Police SWAT, FBI, Military Special Forces to tens of thousands of individuals of all ages.  I know the pain of bullying because I was bullied.  But that all changed when I learned the secret.

The Failed Anti-Bullying Movement
The last thing you want to do is teach your child to buy in to the recent victim culture and failed so called anti-bully programs.  They are doomed to fail our children as much as the same fated Stranger Danger and DARE programs have.  Children fall through the cracks as well-intentioned and ill-advised politicians and bureaucrats form committees and make laws with the promise of protection.  Result? Reports of bullying are on the rise.  A recent study from a PhD in Canada clearly shows the ineffectiveness of school-wide anti-bullying programs. (You can read the SMITH study on my Facebook site Bullying Prevention Initiative International or The Phoenix BullyProof Project).

" We'll teach your children how to become victors rather than victims. "

The Dirty Secret.... Teachers and Politicians Aren't Protection Experts
Age old wisdom and parental common sense from nature proves that we must prepare children to face the world we live in, not the Utopian world politicians and emotional placebo pushers promise.  They continue to pass more laws, put up more NO BULLY ZONE signs while children fall through the cracks.  It's unacceptable arrogance as they push their agenda that often encroaches on Constitutional rights to free speech because they lack the knowledge of how to deal effectively with this behavior.
Our politicians decry the epidemic of bullying, yet they use bullying tactics in their campaign ads and political maneuvering as if it is justified.  I call that hypocritical and empty political rhetoric used for an agenda.  It's about the kids!

We offer hope from bullying!
The reason my programs are so successful is that they rely on psychology (emotional and social intelligence), teach a peace process and address the reality of a bully in your face on a day to day basis.  It covers the full spectrum of online bullying, verbal insults, manipulation, intimidation, exclusion and even physical bullying like hitting, hair pulling, tripping and shoving.  It is so effective because it is a proven process refined over decades.

"You don't need to scare or bubble wrap children.  We just need to properly prepare them."

Face Facts about Bullying
We've all faced bullying to one degree or another. It is a behavior that is part of our social world and living in a community of dysfunction,  differing experiences, coping mechanisms and pathology.  Without effective tools, children are often left to their own devises to cope and attempt to resolve it.  More often, they just accept the pain and damage of bullying because they feel helpless and don't want to get in trouble or lose popularity with peers for being a snitch or rat.  It can lead to some serious long term problems.  Some of you probably know adults who still live in this state of anxiety because they never were taught the skills to handle bullying, violence or aggressive behavior.

If you want more information on how to effectively STOP BULLYING, my programs or organization join us online at:

John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest
How To Handle Bullying Like a Bodyguard
Speaking, Assemblies, Teacher Training, Verbal Judo Tactical Communication, Physical Intervention

The Bullying Prevention Initiative International
Free resources from best practices, protective specialists, research, discussion and more.

The Phoenix BullyProof Project
Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative Sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest and USA Martial Arts

Kickboxing Gym in Phoenix Offers Lose Weight Workout

Want to lose weight and keep it off?  Phoenix Kickboxing Instructor Shows You Exactly How...

My name is John Nottingham and I've been training people, just like you, how to get in the best shape of their lives with kickboxing lessons for over 27 years.  The only proven way to lose weight and keep it off is to build a lifestyle that supports that objective.  A new Kickboxing Class in Phoenix Arizona is teaching people how to lose fat, get toned and build a healthy mind, body and spirit.

It's called K3 Kickboxing Phoenix and it has members kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing their way to fitness.  Men, women, teens from all walks of life are falling in love with this fat fighting bootcamp style workout.  It integrates various resistance exercises that improve mobility, aerobic capacity, cardio vascular health, and muscle tone while teaching you the real skill of kickboxing.

  • Tone your muscles
  • Shape your body
  • Recharge your spirit
  • Reduce stress
  • Renew your mind

Encouraging instructors motivate you to reach your goals.  High energy music like you hear at the club has you moving and grooving the pounds away.  You'll make new friends who share your goals and support your progress.  You'll enjoy the real kickboxing skills challenges so you won't get bored.  Plus you will get in the shape of your life!

Join K3 Kickboxing Classes Phoenix at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix today and transform your mind and body.

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90 Day Challenge Starting Steps

For those on the 90 day challenge - your results will be determined by your deliberate planning to succeed. Avoid the pitfall of failing to plan.  As I learned early on from my Special Forces mentors, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  Start strong and believe you are worth it.

You can.  Just do things one step at a time.

STEP 1. Sign Up & Commit
Start and get signed up and follow the steps.  It is important to tune out bad advice and other "voices".  Free advice is often some of the most expensive advice you'll ever get.  Our system works and has a proven track record of being a healthy, long-term way to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Work it.

STEP 2. Journal
Employ a daily journal that includes your meals, gratitude and observations about how you feel, clarity of thinking, recovery, rest and patterns.  Make sure you're getting breakfast and 4-6 meals a day with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  We recommend super shakes!

STEP 3. Move & Breathe
Integrate walking after each meal and simple yoga throughout the day.  It not only reduces stress (which helps you lose lbs), but improves quality of life, recovery and mental focus.  One of our goals is to get your hormones in balance and that takes time and some adjustments.  Stay the course and learn your body.

STEP 4. Truth
Shine light on dark areas and be open and honest about your lifestyle, choices and experiences.  The truth will set you free.  Eliminate the notion of weight and adopt the idea of health, lean muscle and performance.  Avoid the marketing tricks by reading ingredients and avoiding chemicals and gimmicks.  Stick to simple stuff grown from the earth and nurtured with love.  No more discussions about weight - now you discuss performance and health.  Accept that you will fluctuate in shape and size and that it is normal and good as you learn and improve.

STEP 5. New Thinking
Redefine your thinking about food, treats, media advice and habits about health.  This may begin for you with eliminating garbage into your mind and subconscious.  Garbage in- garbage out.  Avoid the magazines, media and messages that promote unhealthy imagery, vanity and sickly ideas.  Challenge them when you encounter them and make a case for health and loving yourself.  Hating yourself leads to destructive extremism. Fit nor thin do not equate with healthy.  Go for being your best in the body you were given.  Maximize your potential and you'll find greater happiness, joy, inner strength, and fitness along the  way!

STEP 6.  Listen to your body
Rest when you need it.  Eat when you are hungry.  Learn what the signals mean.  Also learn to challenge false signals such as bad news = eat to feel better.  Transform these signals with healthy options that have longer lasting and positive results.  For example... get bad news = go workout!

STEP 7.  Purpose
Put purpose into your movement.  When you walk, take time to unplug and let your mind rest.  Build social circles and improve relationships and listening by bringing along friends.  Use the time to be an encouragement to others.  Leave the idea of the hamster on a wheel behind.  Learn a skill like dancing, kickboxing, kayaking, horseback riding, rock climbing, tennis or something that stimulates your mind as well as body.  The treadmill is tantamount to punishment in my book.  While a useful tool, it is difficult to link to positive growth and keep for a lifetime as a healthy stimulating habit.  Research shows it is better to get out and connect with nature and/or interact with others.

STEP 8.  Change
The human body is an adaptation machine.  It gets used to patterns.  As your body adapts to any routine or protocol it has diminishing returns on fat burning.  The body needs variety and challenge to stimulate growth. You will need to integrate change into your training and lifestyle sports/activities in order to see optimal results.  Don't get discouraged - get creative.  It is an opportunity to learn a new skill, meet new friends, and try something stimulatingly different.

More to come.

Fight Fat,

john nottingham
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix
iLoveKickboxing.com Phoenix

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Give YOUR child the Karate Edge in Life!

Attention Phoenix Parents...
Give YOUR child the Karate Edge in Life! 

Give us one class to show you how our Phoenix Karate Kids Taekwondo Self Defense program builds greater focus, prevents bullying, inspires better self esteem and discipline, PLUS keeps them fit and active.

Children that enroll in our Phoenix USA Martial Arts School gain a higher level of mental and physical discipline, laser-like focus, enhanced confidence, improved strength and fitness, plus kids learn practical self-defense techniques. Our Phoenix Children's Martial Arts program specializes in developing leadership traits and noble character.

Arm Your Child With
  • Peace Education for Bullying Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Leadership Tools and Traits
  • Character Education & Good Manners
  • Reinforce the Values You Teach at Home

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix
Award-winning Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Instruction for Men, Women and Children of all ages.

WEBSPECIAL Children's Martial Arts & Self Defense

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School Bullying Prevention With Peaceful Martial Arts Approach

 Parents Seek Martial Arts To Spare Children From Bullying

Parents are bringing their children to a bodyguard and law enforcement trainer in Phoenix to prepare them to prevent bullying. Phoenix parents are signing their children up for John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest - 5 Steps to Handle Bullying Like a Bodyguard at USA Martial Arts. Nottingham, a 6th Degree Master Black Belt offers his specialized classes in local schools, community groups, corporations and at his school in Phoenix.

Peace Prior to Punches
  Nottingham's method is based on the methods of Verbal Judo, a peaceful process of using tactical communication to avoid escalation and redirect behavior with words.  The method has been taught to thousands of Police officers and tested in the field.  Nottingham calls it "Tongue Fu" and teaches common sense before self defense.  This method of Martial Arts for the mouth builds confidence so that they don't appear to be a good target for bullying in the first place.  

Teach P.E.A.C.E.
  • Perceive
  • Evaluate
  • Act
  • Commit
  • Evaluate

Identifying Bullying Set Ups and Problem Situations Early
Students learn how to identify aggressive behavior, to know when, where and how to effectively respond without escalating.  "One of the more challenging aspects of my training is teaching that telling, as a first step, is a way to escalate most situations.  Children need to be taught when its best to tell - it is almost never the first step, unless you want to agitate the situation and have an ongoing problem.   It flies in the face of the conventional and misguided advice of "just tell" or "walk away".  Nottingham says that both of those options are what encourages, invites and prolongs most bullying and aggressive social dominance behavior.

"Parents choose this method because it is aligned with their values and protects their child in a practical way.  It succeeds where school wide anti-bullying programs often fail."
Assertion Competence and Boundary Setting for Bullying Prevention
Nottingham shows students how to recognize testing, lures and target selection - how not to be a victim.  His program emphasizes kindness, empathy, communication and demonstrating confidence and inner-strength to earn others respect or at minimum, to respect your personal boundaries.  When that doesn't work, it teaches children when and how to take defensive action in the least violent manner to protect them mentally, physically and emotionally.

Bullying Prevention Projects
Nottingham's passion is evident as he has been teaching his peaceful methods of persuasion for over 27 years.  He started an organization helping others by sharing successful practices and research called The Bullying Prevention Initiative International.  He also heads a chapter in Arizona called The Phoenix BullyProof Project.  He offers the training in an interactive lecture format that includes practical role playing that can be used instantly.   

Read more at:
Bullying Prevention Initiative International FACEBOOK
Arizona Bullying Prevention Project The Phoenix BullyProof Project FACEBOOK
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why People Don't Learn Self Defense

A little heart to heart as if you were are a close friend...

I can hear the voices next week already...

"Wow, I should have done VIPER. "  [VIPER is my trademark Violence Intervention Survival School.  It is a personal security course taught over a weekend that represents the culmination of my life's work from teaching Special Forces Combatives to my lifetime study of martial arts and teaching Security.]  I hear it every time after we finish a VIPER course and graduates are raving about how it transformed their lives.

I posted this on Facebook today regarding VIPER and self defense. 
Regret is a rotten thing. I learned early on to say "YES" to opportunities in my life. Tomorrow is not promised. Carpe diem. If you want something bad enough, you'll make it happen. Make this happen.
Fear... Fear... Fear...
Fear is the primary reason people don't participate in VIPER or any self defense courses for that matter. At some level they are in denial, or their ego is in charge. They fear losing control, looking silly, or facing the facts about their own abilities when it comes to personal safety. 

Oh no, that isn't how it gets rationalized in their mind. People say things like... "I can't afford it right now." Yet, the bumper on their car costs more than this life-saving course. Heck, most people spend more on insuring things that aren't nearly as likely going to happen than need self defense/security training.

Some say... "Maybe next time." Procrastination, most often, is just a self deceptive way of quitting.  It makes a loser and quitter feel like they still have integrity because they didn't say they would participate.  That's just bull manure for an intelligent, responsible citizen and we all know it.

They say..."I'm too busy." Yet they have time for frivolous and even harmful habits. It's only a weekend.  We're not asking for 3-6 years to earn a Black Belt and $4-10 grand.

Deep down inside they would rather carry the daily stress of anxiety that comes with denial than accept an opportunity to train with a world-class teacher in an advanced personal security strategy system.  This isn't your local YMCA self defense course! Step up - we each have a fundamental responsibility as a human to protect ourselves and those we love.  
Sheeple - Arrogance and Ignorance in Personal Security Self Defense
No. It's not about being busy.  We make time for that which is important to us.  No. It's not about the money.  Just look at the number of broke people with $500 cell phones.  The truth is that most people remain inviting targets for crime because they choose to ignore their own inner-wisdom, failing to listen to their survival instincts nor act on the God-given amazing opportunities right in front of them. It's easier to look for the magic pill and buy a gun, pepper spray, elaborate alarm systems and hold tight to the illusion that a gimmick or special tool will protect you.  Others just live with the insidious side effects of worry. 

Alarmist Media and Politicized Self Defense and Safety Information
With our survival signals and beliefs about safety and security so scrambled by sensational, alarmist media and ill advised tricks someone forwarded from an email, it is no wonder why so many are buying guns in record numbers.  That isn't to disparage our Second Amendment rights or the good training that can often accompany those actions.  Over reliance on any one thing at the expense of developing your ultimate survival asset, your mind, is fool's gold.  My point is that it is all emotional placebo unless we accept reality... 
  • The reality that we are all capable of great violence
  • That dangerousness is situational
  • That fear is our most powerful survival signal if we know how to protect it and use it
  • That all life is risk, however we are not powerless and victims of circumstance 
  • That we are far more powerful and innately equipped than we have allowed ourselves to believe
Security Theater and the Illusion of Safety and Self Defense
The truth is that it is a trained mind that is ready and willing to act that protects- not an emotional placebo product you can buy off a shelf. While the tools are helpful, they are secondary to the primary operating system - the amazing and powerful human mind. YOU are brilliantly gifted with survival instincts. Join us at VIPER and learn to unleash your inner protector. It is the first strategic personal security system of its kind on the planet and it works. It has already saved the lives, and the peace of mind of numerous graduates. Who knows, it may not be your own life that you save.

I implore you to take this course.  If not here, at least get good training somewhere.  You're worth it and I love you.

-john nottingham

Saturday, August 11, 2012

IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga & Jeet Kune Do Classes

IMPACT - Real World Self Defense and Combat Conditioning
Practical Tactical Close Quarters Combatives | Hand to Hand Hand to Weapon Combat | CQC

Learn The Methods Taught To SWAT, Special Forces, Bodyguards and Military 
IMPACT is a unique fusion of Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Military Hand to Hand Combat.  Developed by Master Instructor John Nottingham, developer of a highly efficient Military Combatives system for Special Forces (VIPER/RAGE H2H).  It's foundation is World War II Combatives, OSS and SAS tactics, sometimes referred to as Close Combat Training.  It also integrates protective strategies from the field of executive security (professional bodyguards).

Phoenix Krav Maga Classes - IMPACT 
Krav Maga is a Hebrew word for “contact combat”.  Developed as an effective defense for military personnel and Special Forces in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), it is an eclectic hand-to-hand combat system that makes use of striking techniques, grappling, mostly known for its highly efficient and devastating counter-attacks. It was derived from street-fighting aggressive self defense skills developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, who made use of his training as a boxer, gymnast and wrestler, as a means of defending the Jewish quarter against fascist groups in Bratislava in the mid- to late-1930s. In the late-1940s, following his immigration to Israel, he began to provide hand-to-hand combat training to what was to become the IDF, who went on to develop the system that became known as Krav Maga. It has since been refined for civilian, police and military applications.

Krav Maga Philosophy and Concepts
Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasizing threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, and aggression. Krav Maga is used by IDF Special Forces units and several closely related variations have been developed and adopted by law enforcement and intelligence organizations, Mossad and Shin Bet. There are several organizations teaching variations of Krav Maga internationally, the name in Hebrew means “hand-to-hand combat.” Krav meaning “battle” and Maga meaning “touch" or "contact.”

Generally, there are no rules in Krav Maga, as it is a defense fighting technique which is not regulated, but utilized to keep the user safe and incapacitate the opponent by any means necessary. Men and women generally undergo the same drills. It has no sporting federation, and there are no official uniforms or attire, although some organizations do recognize progress through training with rank badges, different levels, and belts.
General Krav Maga principles include:

Economy: Counter attacking as soon as possible, simultaneous attack and defense or attacking preemptively.

Soft Targets: Targeting attacks to the body’s most vulnerable points such as the eyes, jaw, throat, groin, knee etc.

Neutralization: Neutralizing the opponent as quickly as possible by responding with an unbroken stream of counter attacks and if necessary a takedown/joint break.

360 Awareness: Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, objects that could be used to defend or help attack and so on.

Combat Conditioning
Basic training is a mixed aerobic and anaerobic workout. Protective pads and other personal protection equipment may be used during initial training. Scenarios are used to train personnel for situations typically encountered in street patrol or combat situations. Training scenarios teach students to ignore distractions. Other training methods to increase realism might include blindfolding or exercising trainees to near exhaustion before dealing with a simulated attack, as well as training outdoors on a variety of surfaces and restrictive situations.

Get Fit, Fight Fat, and Stay Strong
Training can also cover situational awareness to develop an understanding of one’s surroundings and potentially threatening circumstances before an attack occurs. It may also cover ways to deal with potentially violent situations, and physical and verbal methods to avoid violence whenever possible.

PFS Jeet Kune Do Concepts Based on Bruce Lee's Street Fighting Method
Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) is an organization dedicated to teaching realistic self defense and promoting the expansion of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts. Paul Vunak is the developer of the R.A.T. system and a combat trainer of Navy Seal teams, F.B.I. and D.E.A. agents. Paul is a top student of Dan Inosanto who was in turn a top student of Bruce Lee; Dan is considered to be one of the co-founders of JKD and has continued to develop the art since Bruce Lee's death.

Taught to the U.S. Navy Seals, CIA, FBI, DOD & DEA
Initiated by Dan Inosanto student Navy SEAL Team member Frank Cucci, Rapid Assault Tactics was developed by street fighting specialist Paul Vunak for the U.S. Navy Seals as a primary combative program based in Jeet Kune Do concepts. 

Used by Over 50 Police Departments
The R.A.T. system places an emphasis on self-preservation using a realistic fighting matrix that is designed to quickly neutralize an opponent, even if they are bigger and stronger. Rapid Assault Tactics specializes in capitalizing the phase or range in which an attack is occurring and conditions individuals on how to neutralize to the threat with the most effective techniques. Today, the R.A.T. system is taught to Special Forces, Military, F.B.I, D.E.A, C.I.A, and over 50 police Departments in the U.S and other countries.

The complete Progressive Fighting Systems curriculum includes force continuum, weapons, stand up, mass attack, and ground fighting tactics. Training is personally taught by John Nottingham who is a certified PFS Full Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak, Bodyguard Trainer and Airborne Army Veteran who served in a Special Forces reserve support unit.

Monday, August 6, 2012

IMPACT Krav Maga Jeet Kune Do Combatives & Fitness

Principles of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do 

I have not invented a "new style," composite, modified or otherwise that is set within distinct form as apart from "this" method or "that" method. On the contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or molds. Remember that Jeet Kune Do is merely a name used, a mirror in which to see "ourselves". . . Jeet Kune Do is not an organized institution that one can be a member of. Either you understand or you don't, and that is that. There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way. Jeet Kune-Do is simply the direct expression of one's feelings with the minimum of movements and energy. The closer to the true way of Kung Fu, the less wastage of expression there is. Finally, a Jeet Kune Do man who says Jeet Kune Do is exclusively Jeet Kune Do is simply not with it. He is still hung up on his self-closing resistance, in this case anchored down to reactionary pattern, and naturally is still bound by another modified pattern and can move within its limits. He has not digested the simple fact that truth exists outside all molds; pattern and awareness is never exclusive. Again let me remind you Jeet Kune Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back.
— Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do | JeetKuenDo | JKD | Jun Fan Principles
1.   Be a complete martial artist & free yourself of limitation
2.   Combat Realism
3.   Discover your own truth
4.    Essence & Usefullness: "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, cultivate what is truly your own."
5.    JKD four ranges of combat.  This is one reason Bruce Lee is considered by some to be the father of modern MMA (Mixed Martial Arts such as seen in the UFC).
  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Trapping
  • Grappling
6.   JKD five ways of attack
7.   JKD teaches that the best defense is a strong offense, hence the principle of an "intercepting fist"

8.   The straight lead as foundation
9.  Non-telegraphic punch
10.  Fluidity: "Be like water"
11.  Stop hits and kicks
12.  Simultaneous parry and punch
13.  Low kicks 
14.  Centerline
15.  Economy of motion

  • Efficiency: An attack which reaches its target in the least amount of time, with maximum force.
  • Directness: Doing what comes naturally in a disciplined way.
  • Simplicity: Thinking in an uncomplicated manner; without ornamentation. source: wikipedia Jeet Kune Do
Check Your Ego At The Door.  At USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga, we believe there are no superior martial arts, just superior martial artists." -John Nottingham
IMPACT Krav Maga also make use of scenario based training so that you learn the very same secrets of modern professional warriors like SWAT.

The ultimate goal is survival in this system.
 Principles for Krav Maga are:
  • Counter attacking as soon as possible (or attacking preemptively).
  • Targeting attacks to the body's most vulnerable points such as the eyes, jaw, throat, solar plexus, ribs, groin, knee, armpits etc.
  • Neutralizing the opponent as quickly as possible by responding with an unbroken, varied stream of counter attacks (i.e. attacking high/low) and if necessary a take down/joint break.
  • Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, objects that could be used to defend or help attack and so on. source:Wikipedia Krav maga 

 Read more or take advantage of our Webspecial here

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Phoenix Krav Maga IMPACT Comes to Arizona

IMPACT - Not Your Typical KravMaga
IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga comes to Arizona and teaches practical self defense skills for the modern world.  IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga is John Nottingham's version of reality based self defense and fitness conditioning training.  Nottingham developed a combatives program and trained members of US Army Special Forces while serving in an Airborne Special Operations Reserve unit.  In addition to USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing, he also owns Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and a Bodyguard Training Academy and infuses his experience into the self defense classes.

IMPACT Krav Maga Phoenix 
Intense Mental Physical Applied Conditioning Training
Self Defense IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga is a new form of hand to hand combat designed to bring individuals to a high level of personal safety in a relatively short period of time.  It is a concept based system based on practical drills that fit a variety of real-world situations.

No Belts - No Gi's - No Nonsense Self Defense
Drawing on several systems of military hand to hand combat, this unique version of fitness conditioning and self defense strategy training incorporates kicks, punches, elbows, knees, grappling, and non-traditional self defense tactics.
The IMPACT Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do Combatives Self Defense System is ever evolving.

IMPACT H2H/CQC Special Forces Origins
IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga was developed by Special Forces, SWAT, and Bodyguard trainer John Nottingham.  Unlike typical Krav Maga, IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga is tailored to meet the needs and bodies of everyday citizens.  It builds men and women from the ground up, rather than assuming they are already athletic, in shape or resilient.  Classical Krav Maga has a very high drop out rate and complaints of injuries because it was designed specifically for anti-terrorism training of young military soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces.  IMPACT Krav Maga Phoenix is adapted to accommodate civilians and protect against those injuries.

Integrating the proven self defense and fighting principles and drills of:

  • Krav Maga
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • US Military Combatives H2H/CQC/CQB
  • VIPER Street Combat Personal Protection DT
  • Bootcamp Fitness Conditioning (Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and more)

Sifu Paul Vunak and Tom Cruse Training US NAVY SEAL TEAM 
How is This Method of IMPACT Krav Maga and Hand To Hand Combat Different?
Walking The Talk
IMPACT Krav Maga Phoenix draws upon PFS Jeet Kune Do concepts, the very same skills the legendary Paul Vunak taught to the US NAVY SEALS and SPECIAL OPERATIONS community. Nottingham is one of select few instructors in the world holding certifications from 5 time UFC and MMA Champion Frank Shamrock, JKD Legend Paul Vunak, Tony Blauer (SPEAR founder), Gavin de Becker (The Gift of Fear) and a host of others.

   Paul Vunak is a protege of legendary Dan Inosanto (of Bruce Lee fame), Paul was contracted to teach SEAL team six as well as almost every branch of the special forces and more than 18 government agencies including the FBI, CIA, DEA, and DOD.

The US Navy Seals and over 18 government agencies choose the PFS JKD method of fighting when their lives are on the line.  Nottingham is certified as a FULL INSTRUCTOR in PFS Jeet Kune Do.
For more information on what IMPACT Phoenix Krav Maga can do for you visit

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Valley self defense experts teach your children how to stay safe with FREE Back To School Safety seminar

Do Your Children Have Everything They Need for Back To School?

  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Self Defense Skills
  • Abduction Prevention (Stranger Safety & Abuse Prevention)
  • Bullying Prevention and Avoidance Training

North Valley/Phoenix/kids-self-defense:-safety-experts-show-us-life-saving-moves

PHOENIX, AZ - Valley self defense experts are teaching your children how to stay safe with a free back to school self defense and safety seminar.

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Phoenix is offering the seminar for kids which will focus on:
  • Methods to deal with bullies
  • Self Defense
  • Abduction Prevention & Escape Tactics

The next FREE seminar is Saturday, August 11th at 11:30 a.m.
Find more information online or call 602.896.8721 (USA1).

Phoenix self defense experts teach your children how to stay safe with FREE Self Defense and Anti-Bullying training camps

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Phoenix is offering the seminar for children which will focus on:
  • Confidence in a self defense crisis
  • Smart methods to handle bullies
  • Practical Self Defense including holds, grabs, shoves, punches and escapes
  • Danger signals and warning signs
  • What to do and when to do it
This summer you can give your children more than just better video games and tv watching skills.  The curriculum is designed to be fun, entertaining, and empowering without scaring kids.

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing, in partnership with the nationally respected experts in child safety, Nottingham Sword & Shield Security is launching a worldwide initiative to help minimize the risk of child abduction through education.  USA Martial Arts instructors partner with parents to help keep kids safe and educate them in ways that will help them cope with the problems they face on a day to day basis.  
• Stranger Danger
• Methods to deal with bullies
• Simple break away self-defense
• Child abduction safety tips

Our next FREE seminar is Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 11:30 AM.  Space is limited so call early to reserve a seat.
The personal safety learned in our Kid-Wise program combined with the life skills learned in our Kids Karate and Children Taekwondo Programs will give your child an advantage in school, and everyday life.  It is our goal to make the children in our community safer.
Our Safety Programs have been featured on Channel 3's  Arizona Parenting,  Good Morning Arizona,  Sonoran Living, Morning News on Fox 10, ABC 15 & Arizona's Family Channel 3.

Find more information online or call 602-896-8721 (USA1).
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing
Sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards
4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
email BullyProofVestAZ@gmail.com
Telephone 602.896.8721

About John Nottingham, PI, EPS, 6th Degree Master Black Belt
Phoenix Martial Arts Master Instructor John Nottingham is not only a 6th Degree Black Belt but a bodyguard and law enforcement trainer who owns a security company.  His expertise in self defense and security techniques are sought after by Government agencies, military and individuals seeking peace of mind. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bodyguards Teach Women's Self Defense Seminars & Serve Chocolate

Women’s Self Defense Seminars 

Bodyguards to teach women 13 and older how to protect themselves.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 15, 2012 – HIT LIKE A GIRL, a women's self-defense and personal security program, announced today that Agent Rhonda Roth will teach a self defense class for women on Saturday, July 28th. The two personal security seminars will take place at Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards & USA Martial Arts Kickboxing Training Center at 4731 E. Greenway Rd. Suite 9-10 Phoenix, Arizona 85032 from 10-12:30pm.
“This course is designed to give women unconventional but highly effective step-by-step protective strategies, said Rhonda Roth, founder self defense specialist, Hit Like a Girl.  “You won't here the typical advice of "be aware of your surroundings" or other nebulous women's self-defense ideas.  Practical self defense skills begin with a practical set of beliefs, a plan and accurate information about protection.  This includes knowledge of how predators operate, assertion competence for boundaries, detection, avoidance and escape skills.  You won't be seeing the typical "fight like a man" advice or other impractical advice.   Seminar participants will be taught how to identify, prevent and thwart would-be dangerous situations.”
“Students attending the seminar will be learning from a trained Bodyguard and Self Defense expert,” added John Nottingham, co-sponsor and founder of Nottingham Sword & Shield Security. “Agent Rhonda Roth has been trained by some of the best, including graduating Gavin De Beckers Academy for Protectors and Bodyguard Training International. Her years of teaching experience, coupled with her advanced training in the martial arts and hand to hand combat, will bring some great insight to the students. This is a great opportunity for mothers and daughters to learn together and is open to women 13 and up.”
“During the Handbags, Heels and Chocolate seminar we will discuss and examine potential scenarios where a woman may be attacked,” added Agent Roth. "We use an empowerment teaching model as opposed to a fear based model.  The seminar will have an academic interactive approach. Students will learn practical strategies used by Agencies, such as the Secret Service, that are effective and easy to execute.  The second seminar, "It's Hot!" emphasizes unconventional tactics for using pepper spray and weapons of opportunity.  It also dispells many of the common myths surrounding self defense and personal security including the infamous groin kick.  The women's self-defense and personal security seminars will take place in a safe and supportive environment, and students will learn how to use brains over brawn, avoid being a victim and become intelligently empowered and armed with practical knowlege.”
The cost to attend the Handbags, Heels and Chocolate seminar is normally $195 but those who register online early can do so for just $35. The "It's HOT!" pepper spray seminar is normally $395 but with early online registration is only $95 or $125 for both events.  For more information or to register email info@usa-martialarts.com or visit Facebook Hit Like a Girl.

Register Online Here.  Reserve your space.
About Hit Like a Girl
Hit Like a Girl is an education firm founded by Bodyguards and dedicated to changing the way personal security and women's self defense is taught.  Hit Like a Girl offers training, seminars, home or office parties, lectures and professional speaking to small groups, corporations, churches and various organizations.    Hit Like a Girl is proud partners with Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards, USA Martial Arts Phoenix, USA Martial Arts Antioch, and Personal Master Martial Arts Utah.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

MMA Modern and Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix For All Ages


USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing PhoenixMMA Modern and Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Curriculum For All Ages

Taekwondo, Jiu-jitsu, Hapkido, Karate, Kung Fu Classical Philosophy and Certification
Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu concepts for Practical Self Defense

We at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing  teach cutting edge classes for children, teens and adults in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Cave Creek Area. We teach Traditional Martial Arts, and our MMA blend of Jujitsu, BJJ, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do concepts for practical self defense. Our classes include traditional martial arts that draw on Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, Karate and Kung Fu. USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing offers award-winning children's martial arts classes.  Children's martial arts classes include practical lessons and tools that help bring true life skill building to our students from children to teens. We have seen success in self-esteem, self-reliance, discipline, better grades in school, conduct and many other areas.

Do you know why children and adults LOVE USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing School?

Self-Confidence As you train in martial arts, you will notice a lot if improvements, such as your physique, balance, awareness, flexibility, and many other physical and mental characteristics. Martial Arts will teach you how to combine these capabilities and use them to succeed in competitions, attaining higher belts, building friendships and protecting yourself if necessary. The more you can do, the more confident you will be.

Self-Defense One of the most common reasons to study martial arts is to learn how to defend one’s self. A number of schools may dedicate class time and/or offer a scheduled class that strictly goes over self-defense tactics. Also, depending on the MA style or school, self-defense can be a large part of the curriculum, which can be beneficial to those interested in "applicable arts" (arts you can use in every-day life) as opposed to "traditional arts". 

Self-Discipline Webster defines self-discipline as the “correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement”. Whether it be trying to make a high-school team or meeting company deadlines, once you learn the focus necessary to succeed in Martial Arts you can apply it to the rest of your life. Success is mental, and Martial Arts will teach you the self-discipline necessary to succeed at anything you put your mind to. 

Coordination Martial arts does require a lot of hand, foot, eye, and mental coordination, but all of this is developed over time. If you consider yourself as an uncoordinated person, training in the martial arts will help you grow those skills. You’ll be amazed what your body is capable of doing! Even if you are a natural athlete, standing on one foot, while kicking with the other, and blocking with your hands is quite difficult and involves coordination. 

Fitness Martial Arts does not have to focus only on fighting or self-defense as some styles are based more on fitness. Tae Bo and Tai Chi are two examples of this. However, those with an interest in the fighting & self-defense aspects of Martial arts will find their fitness levels quickly increasing as training not only develops various muscle groups, but flexibility and balance as well. One's level of fitness can be just as important in winning a match as one's skills and abilities. 

Family Enjoyment This is an excellent way to spend time together with your family! Some martial art schools allow families to train together and others separate classes by age groups. Regardless of how classes are segregated, families find themselves enjoying the time spent together. It is not unheard of having a family all test together for various ranks and black belts. 

 Meet New People Our martial art school has 2 age groups: Kids – which can range from about 4 and up. This allows you to train with people that are relatively of equal skills and age. Often times people that start martial arts together and develop a bonding friendship end up obtaining their black belts at the same time because they pushed one another during their challenging times.

Children's Taekwondo | Karate Kids | Kickboxing | Practical Street Smart Self Defense | Fitness Fun


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bullying and the Crumpled Paper Exercise...Bullying Victim Propaganda - Unintended Messages We're Sending To Children About Bullying and Self Esteem

Crumpled Paper Bullying Insults Exercise and Victim Culture 

Have Your Children Seen This Anti-Bully Exercise?
Alarmist Anti-Bully Propaganda Perpetuated Myths & Messages
A teacher was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform.  She had the children take a piece of paper [In some accounts: 'and write a name on it then list harsh words, insults, teasing and mean words.']  Then she told them to crumple it up, stomp on it, and really mess it up but to be careful not to rip it.  Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was.  She then told them to tell it they're sorry.  now even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind.  And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it.  That is what happens when a child bully's another child, they may say they're sorry but the scars are there forever.  The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home.  
The Wrong Message About Bullying - Crumpled Letter
I continue to see this anti-bullying story in various versions circulate. While I can appreciate the sentiment and intention, the message is one that I believe contributes to the victim mentality of children. While the motives may be to create empathy in a would-be bully, the overarching message is one that we do not heal from wounds or hurts. 

Where Is The Forgiveness?  Where is The Hope? - Damaged Paper Bullying Insults
This exercise does not teach the amazing restorative power of love, forgiveness or freedom from victim thinking.  In helping thousands of men, women and children learn how to successfully overcome bullying, aggressive behavior and self defense situations in the last 27 years, I've seen amazing restoration and often, friendships grow out of former bullying situations.  While there is always the 1-3% of mentally or emotionally disturbed individuals, the majority of bullying takes place between people with a conscience.  Many of them have been or are being bullied themselves.  Many do not characterize or recognize our behavior as bullying.

An Alternative Point of View on Bullying Lessons
I use an alternative demonstration that offers hope and help.   I will take out $100 dollar bill.  I will crumple it, have students trample on it, punch it, wipe their nose on it, sit on it and even shout insults at it.  I will then take the bill and simply unfold it and hold it up in the air and say, "What could you buy with this?"  Pause.  "Who wants it?".  The hands shoot up into the air and eyes sparkle with eager anticipation of getting $100 bucks!

The message we send is one of hope.  That your value is not how you have been treated.  In life we may be damaged, injured, hurt, insulted, soiled, and beat up, but that doesn't determine or undermine our inherent value.  You are not the difficulties and abuses you have been through because your value is already established as a human being.  You are infinitely more valuable than that $100 dollars.

Teach a Different Lesson on Bullying: Peace Education, Forgiveness and Hope
My message to children...
Kids, if you get a teacher who gives you the bully paper exercise,  take it home, iron it, paint beautiful words with bright colors and pictures over it.  Use words like LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, FRIENDSHIP, PEACE, EMPATHY, and HOPE.  Sign it, "LOVE, Your Name".  Put it into a nice frame.  Then return it to the class with your example of how time, love, kindness, a bit of therapy can not only heal wounds but be a foundation for compassion, wisdom and an example to others.  In fact, it can be more beautiful than it ever was before.  

Ask them if they will display your art in the classroom.  Never forget that other people do not define you and that your value or self worth is not in the opinions of other people.  You are unique and no one in the world is exactly like you or has your unique gifts, talents or personality.  I believe you are on this Earth for a purpose and can use your gifts to make the world a better place.

My Opinion on the Bullying Crumpled Paper Illustration
Again, I don't doubt the intention here, the Bullying Crumpled Paper Exercise just sends a mixed or unintended message. Everything is context. 

The Story of Lucy and Bullying
Ten year old Lucy told me, "Everyone hates me."  When asked why, she told me about two girls who were being cruel to her using social exclusion and conspiring to get her in trouble with teachers.  Upon examination, it was clear that these other girls enjoyed a higher level of social intelligence and were popular.  The misinterpretation from Lucy was that those girls represented "everyone".  It can seem this way to a bullied child without coping skills or perspective, however,  it is not true.  She had given up on teachers helping her saying, "All they do is say 'tell a teacher'. Then when I do it just gets worse cuz the girls get to me when they [teachers] aren't around."  Lucy had the bully paper example at her school and was losing hope.  

Lucy's school employed the Olweus school wide anti-bully program and even had an assembly a year ago.  Kids like Lucy fall through the cracks unless we know how to look out for them, to see the signs and take appropriate action to assist, counsel, and equip them.  She wanted to learn martial arts to exact her revenge.  When individuals see themselves as victims they often justify aggressive and inappropriate behavior.  This is just one reason that the bully paper message is inappropriate.  

I'm proud to say that after some intervention and training that the bullying has not only stopped, but Lucy is now friends with the girls.  Her experiences yielded wisdom and compassion for other kids experiencing bullying.  Lucy now speaks up for other kids targeted for bullying.

Teaching Victim-hood, Dependence or Resiliency with Interdependence
We are not helpless victims left to our own devices. Children have inherent value beyond what others deem or see in them. Children cannot be taught that their self esteem is linked to others opinions of them and then expect them to be emotionally prepared for the world we live in. We must accept reality and nature as it exists, not as we hope or wish it to be. This is the beginning of addressing denial and reclaiming our power and stake in nature. I believe that this is a more important message to convey. 
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt.
Emotional Placebos Perpetuate Denial
While it may make us feel better about ourselves because it demonstrates how much we "care", as a bullying specialist on the front lines, I would ask everyone to please reconsider this type of alarmist propaganda. I'm in no way attempting to excuse bullying behavior but we must be careful not to demonize children nor eliminate hope.  Yes, we must encourage empathy, respect, kindness, self control and courtesy to others, however, we must be careful of the messages were sending and the context in which they might be received.
“The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.” – Albert Camus
Helpless & Hopeless From Wrong Bullying Messages
When children feel helpless and we send messages that they are permanently damaged from harsh treatment or words, it destroys hope. Hopeless children, prone to depression, have turned to self abuse and even suicide. Contemplate the larger lessons for lifelong emotional health.  

My experience has taught me that you cannot teach "ANTI-BULLY" without being anti-child.  I believe the path is teaching peace education, compassion, empathy and respect for good manners.   The rest is counseling, legal system and self defense.

Hope is a Powerful Ally - Especially Against Bullying
For an alternative point of view, solutions, questions or networking, you can read my other blog articles at Bullying Prevention Initiative International or Arizona BullyProof Project. Our goal is to provide hope, options and a way out. Hope is alive when people care and options exist. If you don't care to read my opinions or research, I would recommend school Psychologist Izzy Kahlman or Dr. Joel Haber's BullyProof.  You can also join or LIKE us on Facebook.  

Without prejudice, 

John Nottingham

Monday, July 9, 2012

Phoenix Women's Self Defense Trainers Team Up With Chocolate

Handbags, Heels and Chocolate Have Women and Girls Learning Self Defense in Phoenix

A new self defense program is being offered to Phoenix residents and comes with chocolate.  Now you can learn personal protection while enjoying time eating chocolate with a group of friends.

 "It's a novel approach for personal security developed by women for women in a supportive atmosphere.", says founder and self defense expert Rhonda Roth.

Roth is not only a self-defense expert but a trained Bodyguard and advanced Black Belt as well.  Holding several Bodyguard certifications from some prestigious organizations the likes of Gavin de Becker and Associates and Bodyguard Training International, her list of achievements in the field are quite unique.

According to her, Hit Like a Girl was developed as an alternative to those bizarre and uncomfortable self defense courses commonly made available to the public.  Hit Like a Girl is a well-conceived program developed by professional protectors that creates an enjoyable experience and delivers life saving tools.

"The key to Hit Like a Girl is providing women a peace of mind that they can enjoy for life."
The entry level program is called The Handbags, Heels and Chocolate Experience and can be conducted in a home, company, church or other organization.  The presentation is fun, upbeat and provides unique information to outsmart a potential attacker.  Other courses teach how to use pepper spray and other weapons of opportunity for effective self defense.

Roth, who is based out of Texas, will travel to Phoenix Arizona for a July 28th special self defense training event.  For more information contact USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix at info@usa-martialarts.com.  Register right away as the course is expected to fill up fast.  You can also get more information on Facebook at Hit Like a Girl.

Phoenix Arizona Women's Self Defense Personal Security Seminar
Hit Like a Girl July 28, 2012
Handbags, Heels and Chocolate - Bodyguard tactics for preventing sexual assault & other common attacks
It's HOT! Pepper Spray and Weapons of Opportunity 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

No More Boring Gym Workout - The Secret To Fight The Fat - Kickboxing Makes it Fun

Kickboxing For Adults  WEBSPECIAL  http://ilovekickboxing.com
Mixed Martial Arts Freestyle for Self Defense for Kids and Family  WEBSPECIAL http://KidsLoveMartialArts.com

Transformation takes place from the inside out.  That's the secret to USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing lasting mind and body make-overs.  For thousands of years the martial arts have been refined to build an individual from the ground up.  Martial Arts & Kickboxing have stood the test of time because these methods work.

The Secret To Fight The Fat - Kickboxing Makes it Fun
The secret to fighting the fat is to let go of the superficial, short term thinking and gimmickry so often found in modern marketing.  Those ads play on our hopes and fears, appealing to our vanity and ego.  The secret to Martial Arts and Kickboxing's success is that you begin by slaying your ego and doing self exploration.  Your first battle is within yourself and our trainers are here to help you step by step build those skills to succeed.

"You must renew your mind before you renew your body."

No More Boring Gym Workout
At I Love Kickboxing Phoenix, you're not just moving for the sake of movement.  No, you're no hamster on the wheel like all those other tired souls at the local gym.  You're learning a skill that keeps your mind sharp, body adapting and spirit fired up and interested.  Kickboxing is rewarding and really fun.

The Secret To Confidence For Kids and Adults
The fact is, whether a child or an adult, the transformation process is the same... it has to go from the inside out.  Without the proper values, role models, inspiration, mindset and habits that come from discipline, you just can't get the lasting change.  That's why martial arts is so effective when taught properly.

Motivation Comes From Within  - Fitness Bootcamp for the Mind
Hating yourself can lead to a negative spiral with nasty consequences.  You may have already seen or experienced this.  
You get motivated for good choices by having self esteem and loving yourself enough to make hard decisions.

So if you're looking for a way to change your life, or that of your child's, try USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix.

Transform Today with our Awesome WEBSPECIALS

Kickboxing For Adults  WEBSPECIAL  http://ilovekickboxing.com
Mixed Martial Arts Freestyle for Self Defense for Kids and Family  WEBSPECIAL http://KidsLoveMartialArts.com