Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Phoenix Best Summer Camps for Kids Teaches Bullying Prevention

Few circumstances are more frustrating for parents and family than when their child is the target of bullying.
More and more Phoenix parents are preparing their children for back to school over the summer with a unique kids summer camp in Arizona.  USA Martial Arts Summer Camp teaches John Nottingham's BULLY-PROOF VEST - How To Handle Bullying Like a Bodyguard.  It's a proven method for handling bullying like a bodyguard for nearly 30 years. 

·         VERBAL JUDO to redirect negative behavior with words
·         How to handle fear & remain cool and calm
·         How to resolve conflicts peacefully & ID the real problem
·         Self esteem to know you're worth protecting
·         Realistic drills to defend yourself & be resourceful

This bullying prevention program for children teaches that physical intervention (self defense) is a last resort.  Self defense is an essential skill set that every child must have because the lessons go far beyond bullying.  Children learn how to set appropriate boundaries, when to speak up, how to assert themselves while still being respectful.  Children learn compassion along with how not to look like a victim.

What kinds of bullying is taking place?
  • Verbal bullying & intimidation
  • Indirect bullying such as emotional bullying through manipulation
  • Internet bullying on social media aka cyberbullying
  • Physical bullying including hitting, punching, pinching, pushing, tripping and more
  • Individual bullying & group bullying

What can you do as a parent?  
Make sure your child has earned his BULLYPROOF VEST.  They will not only improve his or her self-esteem and confidence but will know how to stand up for others in the smart way.

What else do they learn at USA Martial Arts Best Kids Summer Camp?

  • Fire Safety
  • Abduction Prevention Stranger Safety
  • Healthy Friendships
  • Fitness Fun

The best part is that the training is made fun.  Kids laugh and play as they learn these tools and techniques that they can begin using immediately.

Get enrolled today to reserve your space.