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“Train the mind as well as the body?”

Train the mind as well as the body?


“Train the mind as well as the body?”

(reprinted from American Health Magazine)

“Many parents are enrolling kids in martial-arts classes hoping they will learn discipline and self-defense and get a healthy workout. But a new study suggests Western methods for teaching martial arts may make kids more aggressive than savvy. Reason: Many courses ignore the ancient philosophy and just teach body moves.

At Texas A&M University, Dr. Michael Trulson divided 34 teens prone to delinquency (as determined by psychological tests) into three groups.

For six months, group A spent one hour, three times a week learning the ancient Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do. Along with self-defense, it emphasizes setting goals in life, respect for others, honesty, humility, responsibility and honor. Group B spent the time learning a short-cut modern version of Tae Kwon Do (no philosophy), while Group C got no training at all.

Results: No change in Group C, but the kids in the two martial-arts groups responded in radically different ways. Those in Group A, who got the version emphasizing body and mind, got all the benefits: less anxiety, higher self-esteem, improved social skills, stronger values and, best of all, below-average levels of aggression. But kids in Group B (body only) got worse and their aggression shot way up.

Advice to parents: If you enroll kids in a martial-arts class, stick to tradition. Training the body without the mind may be a path to trouble.”

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USA Martial Arts Phoenix
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Martial Arts is Good For You! Martial Arts School Listing in North Phoenix, Scottsdale, PV area.

Martial Arts Is Good For You!
Arizona Martial Arts Schools Information and Recognized Schools
North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Cave Creek Community

When considering putting your kids into another activity you may want to consider martial arts.  Why are more and more parents choosing to put their children in martial arts?

Martial Arts Benefits For Children:

  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Self Control
  • Fitness
  • Self-defense

"Karate is the best thing you can do for your child!" -Chuck Norris

The important thing in choosing the right martial arts school for your child is finding the one that best fits:
1. Your goals for your child
2. Your child's interests and personality
3. Connection with instructors
4. The safety record and professionalism of the school
5. The leadership of the organization

In our experience, these are far more important than the style of martial arts.  From Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Kenpo or Jiu-jitsu, the real value is the total experience and education your child will receive.

Here are some more recognized schools in the area.  Each have their strong points and it is recommended that you visit them to meet the instructors who will be working with your child.  Most of the professional schools will encourage questions, viewing a class and trying it out before making any obligation.

One may be more convenient for you, within your price range or have the school culture you are seeking.  In the end, the important thing is that you do your due diligence and find the best school for your child.  You have several great options in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley area for reputable martial arts schools.

Congratulations to Goshin Karate for winning the Parents Choice award!  We're proud to have good neighbors and strong schools to refer members of our community.  (We've referred people to each of the martial arts schools listed below.)

The following North Valley Martial Arts schools are dedicated using martial arts as a tool for personal development.  They are listed in no particular order with links as a convenience to readers.

DePalma's Team USA Martial Arts - Scottsdale (480) 892-3949
Shea & Frank Lloyd Wright

Goshin Karate & Judo Academy - (480) 951-2236

Bell & 62nd St 867-9204

32nd St & Thunderbird

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center - (480) 951-2716
91st St & Bell

USA Martial Arts Black Belt Universities (602) 896-8721
Tatum & Greenway

"The rising tide lifts all ships"

Motivational Video for Your Encouragement and Inspiration

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
This inspiring quote by Marianne Williamson is from her book, A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, Harper Collins, 1992. From Chapter 7, Section 3 (Pg. 190-191).

As we approach our next Black Belt test I thought it would be good to share a specially selected video.  From Muhammed Ali to Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, my hope is that these voices and images will help you remember your potential.

With all the stresses life has to throw at us, the negative voices, thoughts and self destructive patterns, it is important to feed the mind and spirit uplifting and positive thoughts.  Our brain is a computer and we often make our decisions based on emotion.  Thats why it is so important to actively put good education, information and inspiration into our mind and surround ourselves with good people.
"You are the sum total of the five people you associate with most." 

My goal is to encourage and challenge each of you to rise to the occasion, to face the challenges ahead with courage and confidence.  You will join the ranks of a proud tradition - to become a Black Belt or advance as a Black Belt toward Mastery.

"Winners are simple willing to do what losers won't."

It's it a worthwhile and noble quest.  You can do it. Believe in yourself!

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Discover how our Martial Arts Program will help you raise a safer, happier, healthier child all from learning to kick, block, and punch

A confident kid is UNSTOPPABLE!
Discover how our Martial Arts Program will help you raise a safer, happier, healthier child all from learning to kick, block, and punch

"I laughed when I heard that karate could help him in school…
Now he's a Straight A Student"

It's amazing, but true . . .  

(learn the same lessons that I have - with this special FREE offer!)
And all of it comes from learning how to "kick, block and punch." Still, you're wondering if this will work for your child. I understand.

Dear Parent,

I don't blame you. You're probably wondering, how could one activity have such an impact on my child?
Well, it's incredible, but true. The martial arts is not only a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime, but can also improve the quality of ones life! By teaching wholesome values and, success skills.

My name is John Nottingham, I'm the owner of one of the most successful martial arts schools in the Phoenix area.
For more than 20 years I've been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in martial-arts. No other sport can match them. I have consulted with over 10,000 Parents and many of them share the same concerns and priorities for their children.

Parents talk about the importance of positive influences, organized activity, developing discipline and confidence, goal-setting, and physical exercise.  I'm happy to report that many parents also found that training at USA Martial Arts can accomplish all these objectives.

Your child's Biggest Challenge comes from:

Their Fears and Self-Doubts.  And it's this limited way of thinking that is all around them that holds them back more than anything.

"I'm not as good as John."
"I never get what the teacher is saying."
"Other kids are getting all the breaks."
"How come I can't be as popular as Jane."
"I'm not good at this, it's just not for me."
"How come that kid keeps picking on me?"

The list goes on and on.  The question is: How can your child defend themselves against these attacks everyday?

When your child uses the power of martial-arts to conquer their fears, they have the power to transfer that to all other areas of life.

Martial-Arts lessons are the best way for your child to develop a continued feeling of confidence and achievement. When it is time for them to move up in rank we require they have your permission and the permission of their school teacher.  That is just one of the ways we encourage good academic performance.
Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy, and spirit.  You'll be amazed as they become unstoppable in their quest for:

 Greater Academic Accomplishments
 Superb Attitude   
 Unshakable Self Respect
 Personal Achievement   & Black Belt Excellence
All of this while having fun!
"Master Nottingham: Be sure to keep developing great leaders and minds for today's world. You have no idea how influential you have been in not just my life, but many others. I honestly don't know what type of person I would have become without martial arts forming a backbone for character."

- Derek Roberts, Georgia Tech University Student

Your Child will develop the "I Can" "I Will" attitude that will, more than anything, set them a part and make them a leader!
It Does Not happen over night! Anything worth while requires dedication, persistence, and commitment.  These character qualities can be learned by doing.  I know you're one of those very select parents who realizes that investing in your child now will pay you big dividends later.
Through our program your child will learn the 
fundamentals of LEADERSHIP:

Courage, Follow Through, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Team Work, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and the list goes on and on.

It doesn't matter whether your child is out of shape or a star athlete. Martial-arts training will increase their flexibility, stamina and overall health.  I have seen so many kids who were at first, over weight or felt physically inadequate transform their appearance and their confidence in themselves by becoming physically fit.

I have seen many star athletes gain the winning edge with the techniques they learn in martial-arts. Over the years I've also watched asthmatic children develop the ability to breathe easier. (I'm one of them. You can read my story in TKD Times Magazine here.)
But don't take my word for it………
"We, the Fox Family, want to thank EACH of you for making this one of the best experiences we have had – individually & together. At every class – from fellow lower belts to the many helpful upper belts that assist in class – we are met with such enthusiasm and encouragement!"
      -April, Chris and Ashley Fox (Armstrong/Hornberger)

"From my training throughout the last six years, I have gained so much that it is hard to explain with words.
I've become stronger mentally and physically, continue to strive beyond my expectations, devise goal plans and structured schedules to achieve such goals, established myself as a person, as well as realized the friendships I have made through my martial arts family."

- Lianne Russo, Arizona State University student

"I just finished reading the book Living the Martial Way. After reading the chapter on the Ideal Master, I realized that is exactly what we found in Sabumnim (Master Nottingham) and the wonderful instructors at USA Martial Arts. Chance couldn't have brought us to a better school."  

- Mrs. Dawn Martin (The entire Martin family are members of the Leadership Program)

Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self- esteem and discipline, while teaching them life skills that will last them a lifetime and much more. (Let me explain why you MUST come see our program for yourself, it will be the best thing that you'll ever do for your child.)
Imagine how you'll feel when your child becomes unstoppable at achieving all of the positive things life has to offer and unstoppable at avoiding all of the negative things life has to throw our way.
In our martial arts program, your child will improve their confidence, increase their focus, and develop more self-control. We can say this with confidence because we have personally witnessed the positive effects our programs have provided for children just like your own.
Here a short explanation of how our programs teach these valuable life skills:

  • Confidence - By learning how to protect themselves, your children will develop confidence in their ability to handle life's challenges. In turn, their improved confidence will give them the courage to say "no" to negative influences.

  • Focus – We will help your child increase their focus by giving them clear goals and showing them how to reach those goals through hard work and being consistent. (Of course, they won't realize they're learning focus because our classes are so much fun! But keep that to yourself – it'll be our little secret…)

  • Self-control – Kids learn self-control in the martial arts by learning how important it is to have respect, both for themselves and for others. Martial arts training teaches that in order to get respect, you first have to give it. Once your child learns this important lesson, their self-control will naturally increase.
As you can see, our martial arts programs teach so much more than "just kicks and punches." We help children develop life-skills that will take them far beyond the four walls of our martial art school – benefits that will last them a lifetime.

Positive Role Models Who Will Encourage Your Child to SucceedText Box:
Kids need strong role models who set a positive example for them to follow. Yet, everyone knows that kids can't look up to professional athletes anymore – so where can they turn for positive examples to follow?
Our answer to this question is our professional staff of caring instructors. We honestly believe our martial art instructors are some of the best role models your child could have.

Experience has shown us that kids respond to our martial art teachers in way that no other coach or instructor can match. Because we realize how much our students look up to us, we work hard to set a positive example for them by living the martial arts principles of honesty, integrity, courage, kindness, and self-control.

As you know, children are hard-wired to seek attention and approval. So, when kids see positive behaviors demonstrated by our instructors, they are strongly driven to display those same behaviors in their own actions.

Karate is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child, Guaranteed!
To repeat, Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting themselves. Their innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force.
A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of their own self doubts, A force that opens your child to the exalting power of values.

In other words, when your child uses the discipline of martial arts to conquer their fears, they have the power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life. I know of no other sport that does this better than karate. (I should know. Remember, I've been teaching it for 26 years.)

As you can see there are many great reasons to get involved in our program but the many benefits your child will develop, don't start happening until you ACT!

Since many parents are not familiar with the benefits that USA Martial Arts PV provides, we would like to make a very special offer:

I'm going to allow you to check out USA Martial Arts Phoenix totally at NO Risk to you and at 100% my expense…
"Martial Arts has become a way of life now for Harrison as he has been a student for 2-1/2 years. He exudes confidence and has a tremendous willingness to learn. He was not athletic when he began, but has definitely built up both strength and coordination. I believe strongly that it is from training. The tenets of Taekwondo keep him on track."        

- Stacey Ambrose, Scottsdale
You Can Quickly and Easily Increase Your Child's Self-Esteem and 
Physical Fitness For FREE!
Let me Explain…
You can try USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley for 2 Full Weeks For FREE! To kick things off I'll let your family come in for a 1 on 1 private lesson where we will meet face to face. At this special lesson You will be working with our "Admissions Director". He will help your family get acquainted to our school and more importantly make sure your child feels 100% comfortable. At this lesson he'll teach your child…
  • The 4 laws of razor sharp focus 
  • The 7 Magic Words That Get and Give Respect, Instantly
  • The True Meaning of Self-Discipline, so they can actually use it in their lives. 
  • The Secret Word That Stops The Bully in His Tracks
  • And Much, Much, More
And, fellow parent, this is only the first lesson!
Empire Karate
"In about 15 minutes, I'll have you child more focused and feeling more confident. Just click here to take advantage of our INTERNET SPECIAL

If you hurry and register and mention this blog You'll Also Get...

The Most Incredible FREE Gifts Ever Just To Try Karate Worth $177.00!

4 WEEKS of Lessons ($159 Value)
To make sure karate is right for your family with NO Strings Attached. We'll do this because we're so confident that our program will get results!

FREE Student/Parent Conference ($49.00 Value) 
We'll spend time One on One discussing your child's needs and your child's progress. We'll educate you on the developmental process for your child.

FREE Official Martial Arts Uniform ($49.00 Value)
We'll make your child feel like part of the team. The uniform is theirs to keep, No Strings Attached!
Call Now (602) 896-8721 To Reserve Your Spot! I can Only Give You All Of The Free Gifts Until Monday, September 27, 2010.

John Nottingham, 6th Degree Black Belt
Chief Master Instructor
Owner: USA Martial Arts Phoenix

P.S. I know that this all may sound to good to be true, right? That's why All you really need to do is say..."Maybe."

I've made it super easy for your family to explore USA Martial Arts PV with No Obligation; you really have nothing to lose! But there are a few things you need to know..

If after your first visit you know that everything we talked about in this letter is true and you beg us to join we still won't let you. See even though I'm allowing a few people to try us out for FREE, USA Martial Arts Scottsdale Phoenix still has a very strict qualification criteria that you must meet. (I'll allow our "Admissions Director" to go over that with you.)

The bottom line is this…we operate like a private school and don't just "Surrender to anyone with a check book or Visa card." You really need to be the kind of family that is concerned for the future of your child!

P.P.S. If this sounds like you, call us at 602.896.8721 to arrange your special visit!

Kicboxing Craze Comes to Phoenix Scottsdale Paradise Valley

For Fun, Fitness, and Self-Defense the areas #1 Martial Arts School invites you to try The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout! USA Martial Arts KickBoxing Class is a High Energy, Exciting, and Explosive Fitness and conditioning workout that combines the kicks of karate with the punches of boxing!
USA Martial Arts specially designed IMPACT kickboxing class is directed by an Internationally Certified instructor and is guaranteed to get you in the shape you've always wanted while teaching you Valuable Self-Defense Skills!
From your shoulders to your curves, you'll become Leaner and Stronger, you'll Tighten and Tone your body, Increase Your Confidence, Reduce Your Stress level while having fun in a Clean, Safe Family Environment!
  • Our Instructors are the Self Defense Specialists!
  • Our Instructors have a background in Boxing, Kickboxing and Karate!
  • No Experience necessary!
  • No Belts or Uniforms Required
  • No Physical Contact!
  • Classes are for Adults Only!
  • And it is the most Fun way to get in shape ever!
IMPACT Fitness KickBoxing blends your own hidden personal powers with the tried and true techniques of personal self-defense, dance, and kickboxing all set to today's hottest music.

Try USA Martial Arts IMPACT Fitness KickBoxing today. It's easy. There's no complicated chorography to make you feel out of step. It's a workout you'll look forward to each day.
Explore the benefits of the health club scene without all the hassle...

Fitness KickBoxing Benefits:
  • Toning: Did you ever notice how boxers and kickboxers have very toned bodies? That's the same look you'll get from Fitness Kickboxing. You'll get tight buns, toned legs, a flat stomach and a stronger upper body.
  • Stress Relief: Clients tell us this is one of the top reasons they can't get enough of Fitness Kickboxing. Because of the mental strength that martial arts develops, participants get so absorbed in Fitness Kickboxing class, thier problems seem a million miles away.
  • Flexibility: A major benefit of increased flexibility is better blood circulation and more relaxed overall lifestyle.
  • Self Confidence: We all know that when you look good, you feel good. Imagine adding "And I take care of myself" to the equation.
  • Variety: To make sure our students never get bored with Fitness Kickboxing, we make sure our classes are never the same old routine.
To get the body you deserve... and desire... Call our office to set up your first class. In fact, we are so sure you will enjoy Fitness Kickboxing so much... we will give you your first class FREE! Come on!!! What do you have to lose… well, besides the pounds!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Scottsdale Paradise Valley
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

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Phoenix Martial Arts School Lives and Teaches a Code

Phoenix Martial Arts School Lives and Teaches a Code

The USA Martial Arts Teachers' Professional Code
Black Belts Hanging on Wall
  1. Above all, the safety and well being of our students shall be the compass for all of our decisions.
  2. As martial arts teachers, we shall be examples of the life enhancing qualities gained from the serious study of these arts – Physical health, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and the confidence to succeed.
  3. We will continuously add to our ability to serve by ongoing study and to share the lessons of our experience with our fellow members.
  4. To build an ever-increasing confidence and goodwill in our community by poise, self-restraint and constructive cooperation.
  5. We recognize that our success is measured by our commitment to selfless-service to our students and our communities.

North Phoenix Most Unique Children's Martial Arts Program

Phoenix Arizona's Most Unique Children's Martial Arts Program

       Check our Internet Special Here!

Why is our Children's Martial Arts Program the most popular of it's kind in Phoenix?

A quality program! We are North Phoenix best Children's Martial Arts Program for a reason. No other program in the area can compare to the level of success our students have achieved in academics, earning University scholarships, competition, cultural education, world travel, improved manners, discipline, or in  fitness (and our biggest secret formula - making it fun while maintaining safety and discipline!)

With so many other programs out there trying to copy our programs' model and success, you owe it to yourself and your child to check out our high quality of instruction, before you commit to lessons for your child.

We are not a daycare. We are not a babysitting service. Our program is first and foremost about quality Martial Arts Instruction and physical fitness. Children participating in this program learn more than mere sportsmanship and teamwork.  USA Martial Arts students discover their unique gifts and talents while developing character, self discipline, leadership confidence, and focus -  all through positive experiences!!

This program has been designed to assist parents with the tough job of giving your child the tools and skills needed to overcome their daily obstacles. Whether it be getting bullied at school, a lack of focus on schoolwork or self-confidence issues, USA Martial Arts Karate Kids program can help your child become a self-confident Leader.

We have taught over 10,000 students and worked with over 30 elementary schools in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding Arizona area. 

USA Martial Arts children then take part in confidence building Martial Arts classes with an emphasis on Bully-Proofing, Respect, Focus and Discipline.  
Within weeks the changes in your child will become obvious. They will be able to say no to unhealthy peer pressure. Their confidence level will rise. They will start being able to focus more clearly on their homework and they will begin to feel better about themselves.

The Phoenix USA Martial Arts Family Center is the only government recognized school of its kind (recognized in both China and Korea). All of our Black Belts in our programs also receive International Black Belt Certification which is officially documented and permanently archived. This is important to consider when searching for a local Taekwondo, Karate or Kung Fu program for your child. We also offer the only acceptable certification to qualify to compete in the Olympics !!

We are so confident that we offer the best programs in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley available that you can watch your child in classes LIVE via the internet !! Imagine with just a click of the mouse you can view your child's progress from the office or home. Ask us how !!

Imagine what our World Class Team of Martial Arts Educators can do to Develop your Child's Character, Confidence and Self-Esteem!

  • Our instructors are highly trained and lead by example (no teenagers, out of shape paper tigers or grumpy old men you can't understand)
  • Our prices and information is provided up front (no bullying high pressure sales)
  • Daily Confidence building classes (real skills and abilities - not pandering compliments to keep parents paying and artificially inflate egos)
  • Lessons in age specific formats that include cultural lessons and timeless wisdom (lessons students can use today and forever) 
  • Amazing family classes (for the whole family - No more Mom's Taxi!)
  • Certified Green Clean school with state-of-the-art mats and equipment 
  • A proven Black Belt Success System that rewards hard work, attitude, dedication and most of all- merit!
  • Old fashioned American Family Values reinforced in a positive manner 

To register for Phoenix Martial Arts Taekwondo, Karate or Kung Fu lessons, please click here
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Scottsdale Paradise Valley
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone (602) 896-8721 
You can also contact us by email at or call at (602) 896-8721

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USA Martial Arts Phoenix Self Defense Family Center

Welcome to USA Martial Arts Self Defense Leadership & Character Academy of Phoenix
the Leader in Lifestyle Enhancing Martial Arts Instruction 
USA Martial Arts Self Defense Center of Phoenix was created with one mission in mind -  to Educate, Edify, and Empower our Students to Live Life Fearlessly With Honor, Character and Purpose 
To do that, a group of martial arts masters – with a combined experience of over a 200 years in the martial arts – combined the best of the best from classical, practical and tactical martial arts styles into an efficient and effective system of self defense, easily customizable to your individual needs, allowing you to learn at the fastest speed possible how to defend yourself either on the ground or on your feet.
USA Martial Arts Self Defense is completely unique as it stands alone as the ONLY martial arts system that specializes  in the USA Martial Arts Nottingham method of instruction to personalize and customize the system to fit YOUR individual needs and abilities.
To learn more, simply click here and we will send you a free report,  along with a bonus gift, with our compliments.
Thank you so much for visiting this page. We look forward to working with you as you start your journey in the martial arts.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley Lil' Dragons Martial Arts Fight Childhood Obesity

Lil' Dragons

The martial arts industry combats childhood obesity with Century’s, "Lil' Dragon" program. Over eight hundred martial arts schools across America are catching kids early and teaching children from ages four to eight how to respect their bodies as well as their parents and teachers. They learn to kick out calories while learning important life skills such as stranger awareness, anti-drugs, health, nutrition, and exercise.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, "one in three children is overweight." The Lil’ Dragon program addresses this issue head-on, (and stomach) by providing children a whole life approach to making choices that effect both their mental and physical health. The best part is no one sits on the bench. Everyone is included. Century’s Lil’ Dragons’ catches all kids early and helps them develop terrific life skills that will make them not only a better citizen but a healthier one as well.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Secrets To Better Behaved Kids

Martial Arts for Children’s Confidence Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona

Happy, Healthy, Safer Kids at USA Martial Arts
MARTIAL ARTS FOR CHILDREN’S Confidence Now In North Phoenix And Scottsdale Paradise Valley Arizona
Grand Opening Internet Special! Taekwondo Childrens and Karate Kids Course
Martial Arts is has a proven track record for it’s ability to build a child’s confidence and character. For decades martial arts such asKung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Jiujutsu have been a method used by parents and teachers all over the world to instill self discipline, self control, confidence, focus and good habits.
Internet Special!
At USA Martial Arts in Phoenix/Scottsdale, we use the Martial Arts as a means to reinforce the lessons and principles that parents instill at home- things like honor, respect, good manners, finishing what you start and perseverance. Our founder is an Eagle Scout, International Champion, Airborne Soldier and law enforcement trainer who believes that instilling citizenship, character and honor in children are essential. Plus USA Martial Arts offers proven citizenship and leadership skills like good judgement and creative problem solving tohelp students stand out from their peers and avoid negative habit choices. These benefits at USA Martial Arts Phoenix give boys and girls a head start in academics, fitness, community and life in an ever changing and demanding world.
Feel The Energy! Click here for internet special!
30 Days or less 100% FREE Guarantee
“We will increase your Child’s confidence, self esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their motor skills, teach them to defend themselves, how to get better grades, handle bullies, instill powerful life skills that will give your child an edge and last a lifetime plus much, much more.” … In 30 days or less- 100% Guaranteed.
Grand Opening USA Martial Arts Phoenix at Tatum&Greenway; Roads!
Serving the North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Desert Ridge, Cave Creek Community
TEL. 602.896.8721
USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721