Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you have an energetic 3-7 year old?

Do you have an energetic 3-7 year old?

Our Little Tiger children's martial arts program is an age appropriate version of Taekwondo that will help direct your child's energy into confidence and character building skills.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Childrens Martial Arts program is designed to build:

  • Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Focus for better Listening Skills
  • Discipline and Self Control
  • Social Skills and Manners
  • Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Motivation and Fun!

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Teaching martial arts to the communities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Cave Creek Arizona.

Phoenix Top Martial Arts Children's Classes

Arizona’s Top Martial Arts Little Dragons Children's program is the perfect pre-skills solution for martial arts character development for your 3-7 year old!

Phoenix Arizona’s Best Martial Arts Little Dragons Program (children ages 3-7) is a specially designed curriculum that focuses on improving preschool-aged children’s basic coordination and learning skills. These attitudinal, listening and motor skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. USA Martial Arts Phoenix children will become better students at school, better listeners at home, and more positive and confident about their future.

The Little Dragon Program will also prepare your child for our award-winning Phoenix Children’s Martial Arts Program. In the Little Dragon, classes, your child will be exposed to positive social interaction. They will learn social and learning skills of how to work with others and follow directions from their instructors. Our Little Dragon Instructors are outstanding Black Belt role models who are trained specifically to work with preschool-aged children.

Florida’s Best Martial Arts Little Dragons Program is pro

ven to develop focus, coordination, discipline and much more…

The Little Dragon curriculum consists of developing 8 major skills that are necessary for participation in any sport or

activity. The curriculum contains 8 Little Dragon Personal Development skill lessons that are designed to reinforce the

family values parents teach at home. Upon completion of our Little Dragon Program, you

r child will become focused and motivated to achieve any goal they

set in life.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix children's curriculum also includes Lil' Tigers and Lil' Ninjas programs, each with special rewards, self-esteem enhancing life skills development.

Start today and save. Give your child a head start in life!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Bully Prevention Workshops at USA Martial Arts Phoenix for Children and Teens

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is Working to Keep Arizona Kids Safe at School and Online

I define bullying as "unwanted aggressive behavior intentionally targeting an individual over time that takes advantage of an imbalance of power" Bullying affects the safety and wellbeing of all students and has far reaching ramifications to a community, From the child who bullies, the target of bullying or the bystander who observes the bullying, each have a role.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is proud to recognize October as National Bullying Prevention Month. 2011 marks the 26th year I have been teaching bullying prevention to children, parents, teachers and schools. As the leading teachers of evidence-based tools that keep young people safe and confident, we offer proven-effective tools that reduce bullying behaviors and improve the school climate.


Email us at to register your child.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix

The Arizona Bully Intervention Initiative

Bully Prevention Project

4731 E. Greenway Suite 9

Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Telephone 602-896-8721

Bully Proof Vest Bullying Prevention Program
The BPV or Bully Proof Vest is one of the most researched and unique bullying prevention programs available today. With over
35 years of research and successful implementation of these concepts all over Arizona , Bully Proof Vest is a comprehensive program for all ages that has been proven to prevent or reduce bullying.

The Arizona Bully Intervention Initiative and Bullying Prevention Project is Phoenix based group who provide education, training and resources to parents, teachers and children of Arizona. Bully Proof Training Arizona teaches methods on how to stop a bully, school bullies and how to reduce bullying behavior.

Free Bully Prevention Training at USA Martial Arts Phoenix for Arizona Kids

Give Your Child the Gift of Confidence By Teaching Them How to Turn Bullies into Buddies and Prevent Bullying at School or Online

October is Bullying Prevention Month. USA Martial Arts Phoenix is taking a stand against bullying behavior and offering free bullying prevention training and resources to the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and surrounding Arizona communities.

Founder John Nottingham is not only the owner of USA Martial Arts Phoenix but an Arizona based Security and Bodyguard company as well. USA Martial Arts Phoenix and Nottingham Sword and Shield Security Bodyguards have teamed up with the Arizona Bullying Prevention Project. Their mission is to Bullyproof the children of Arizona.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is offering fully sponsored, free to children Bullying Prevention training the month of October. Children will learn how to handle a bully with the ARM method from Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest program.

In addition, USA Martial Arts Phoenix is providing a free 5 step guide on how to prevent bullying, including cyber-bullying. The Bully Prevention Guide offers unconventional advice that is often left out in other programs, like those taught in schools. According to founder and 6th Degree Master Black Belt John Nottingham,
"Our program offers practical advice for bullying prevention up to and including physical intervention. Most bullying programs do not address physical attacks - we do. We teach children how to protect themselves with practical and simple steps so they can escape to safety."

Parents, teachers or children can access the free guide by visiting the USA Martial Arts Phoenix Academy at Tatum and Greenway or by going to the website at and providing an email address.

Classes are held at USA Martial Arts Phoenix at Tatum and Greenway. Call to register for your child's free Bullying Prevention training. Call or email now - space is limited.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Telephone 602-896-8721
USA Martial Arts Phoenix email

Sponsored in part by: Kids Love Martial Arts Phoenix!

o The Arizona Bullying Prevention Project provides evidence-based life skills training incorporating advanced threat assessment tools for the prevention of bullying behavior.

o The Bully Solutions Project is a private initiative sponsored by a collaborative effort from USA Martial Arts Phoenix and Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards

o 2011 marks the 26th Year John Nottingham has taught Bullying Prevention to children of his community.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kids Martial Arts Among Best Tools for Teaching Children Confidence, Discipline and Focus.

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts have been one of the best tools for teaching children of all ages to become more confident, disciplined and focused – for over 2,000 years! Kids who learn Karate, Kung-Fu or Tae Kwon do typically get better grades, have a higher self-esteem and have learned how to defend themselves – mentally and physically against a neighborhood or school bully.

The Children's martial arts classes here in Phoenix will help your child to reach their full potential and have a ton of fun at the same time!

Our Martial Arts classes are taught to children and adults of all ages in Phoenix, Arizona. So if you've always been fascinated with Taekwondo, Karate, Kung-Fu or just Martial Arts in general, this is the Phoenix class for you!

Children's Martial Arts

Phoenix Taekwondo Classes are a combination of old-school training and modern-style self-defense! As many other arts, it combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, and in some cases meditation and philosophy. Taekwondo is one of the popular Martial Arts styles in the world. Our Taekwondo training gets you in shape…fast! These Taekwondo classes will teach you both armed and unarmed methods of combat.

Martial Arts in Phoenix: A Way To A Better Child and a Better You

"Thank you for checking out USA Martial Arts Phoenix blog. We would be honored to have you or your child as a student at our martial arts school in Phoenix, AZ. But before that, it is important to know more about us. CLICK HERE to learn more about how we positively impact children's lives as well as get in on our unprecedented WEB SPECIAL introductory offer. You'll find out why we were voted BEST OF PHOENIX! I sincerely hope your visit is helpful and I look forward to meeting you soon." Master N.

Learn from an authentic Martial Arts Master and a staff of Champions
We invite you to become a martial arts student at USA Martial Arts Phoenix. WEB SPECIAL FOR CHILDREN! WEB SPECIAL FOR KICKBOXING!
Martial Arts Instruction Classes for Children, Men and Women in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona USA

  • USA Martial Arts Phoenix
  • 4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
  • Phoenix, AZ 85032
  • (602) 896-8721

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bridging the Discipline Gap - How Parents Can Help Encourage Self Discipline in Their Children

Good martial arts schools are known for the profound effect they can have on an individuals discipline, especially children. For the adult who needs to re-prioritize life for less stress or change eating habits discipline can impact health, quality of life and the likelihood of disease. For children it can make the difference in choosing a better path in life, academic excellence, getting into the best universities and earning scholarships.

One primary reason parents enroll children in martial arts other than just as a healthy activity is the discipline and life skills they learn. The positive changes from martial arts can begin almost immediately, much to the amazement of parents and teachers.

Sometimes parents ask why their children can be so disciplined in the martial arts school and yet so undisciplined at home. The answer depends on the individual circumstances but in my experience it often comes down to consistency. What specific rules and expectations does the child recognize. Take a moment to ask the child, not the parent, what the expectations are at home. In children who tend not to listen, this is a muddied response without clarity. In children who tend to behave and listen the first time, it is very clear.

Second, the consequences and rewards of each is clear. The next logical step must also be clear to the student. That way they know they have the power to affect the outcome. What happens if you do not listen the first time? What happens if you do listen the first time?

A bit of pro-active communication or pre-framing, discussing consequences and rewards before you encounter the problem goes a long way. Here are some examples:

A. Enter a store and behave properly

B. Brush teeth and go to bed

C. Turn off video games/TV and go to martial arts

D. Come home from school and do homework

E. Make bed and get ready for school

The next and final step is consistency. If the promise of fulfillment is true and consistent, children respond. Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee shares this bit of wisdom in a story of his grandson. He was enjoying family time with his six year old Grandson when he gave him a quick knuckle tap on the head - a sign of his affection. He Grandson replied, "Ow Grandpa, that hurt." As he rubbed his head. Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee being the wise Master that he is thought for a moment then reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He said, "I did that because I love you and want you to be tough. I will give you this $20 bill so you can go buy a toy if you let me do that one more time." His Grandson quickly leaned forward with an enthusiastic grin presenting his head, "Go ahead Grandpa!"

What this teaches us is that even a six year old boy is willing to put up with a little pain and discomfort to get what he wants. This is a metaphor for martial arts and delayed gratification. Even a six year old boy is willing to put up with a bit of temporary pain if the promise of fulfillment is true. The consistency of the outcome is the key. The discipline is not punishment, instead, it is preparation for life.

Also, in martial arts, a certain amount of discomfort is important to develop appreciation as well as the critical lesson of empathy. Students get punched and kicked (with control) so that they can appreciate the power that they wield. We also practice verbal judo as part of our emotional and mental self defense. These are equally as important. Often we do not know the natural consequences of our actions without having experienced what it is like when it is done to us. Of course this can be abused if done improperly, so it is important to be done in a controlled environment with proper safety precautions, support and encouragement. Steps must be taken to build a student up mentally, emotionally and physically to be prepared for such instruction. Setting the proper perspective and making the right associations to the actions is key.

In my experience these natural consequences, experienced on a small scale, have numerous lessons for children to apply in daily life. The fruit of these lessons is compassion, kindness, empathy and gentleness. Children without them seem to have the greatest propensity for cruelty. Those children grow to become adults with the same issues only more ingrained and rationalized.

It is the little lessons in life that ad up to be the bigger values we internalize. They either contribute to our success or suffering. Those lessons tend to be repeated until we learn to apply them. With children, the martial arts school is a microcosm of life. It is a place where they can safely learn life lessons, internalize solid values and citizenship skills that can be applied throughout life. However, they have little long-term effect if not reinforced at home and school. This is why it is so critical that the martial arts school instructors work together with parents, teachers, and coaches. Together, we can have a profound impact on the direction, choices and opportunities in an individuals life.

Children's Martial Arts ONLINE SPECIAL

Saturday, September 17, 2011

At the Heart of the Martial Arts

2011 marks the 26th year I have been actively involved, learning and now teaching martial arts. As I reflect on the experiences, tournaments, travels and teachers I contemplate what motivated me to begin this quest in my youth. To understand this, I had to return to the beginning.
My introduction to the martial arts was a unique blended system of Korean Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) and Sip Pal Kae (Chinese Kung Fu). Later I would discover that my primary teachers were also Shotokan Karate Black Belts and champions. From the very start I learned to respect all styles, disciplines and systems. As the promotion for the 1988 Olympics in Korea increased, my first teacher began referring to us as Taekwondo - the modern umbrella name for several Korean martial art kicking and striking self defense systems. This eclectic beginning that included a heritage of traditional martial arts being blended together gave me respect for tradition and culture with a love and curiosity for learning.
It was in those early days, the formative initial weeks and months that I experienced dramatic change within myself. As a child with asthma and allergies I formed a limited view of myself and my potential - especially as it related to athletic endeavors. I discovered the unique and amazing power the martial arts had on health, mindset and physical performance. I was transformed and felt I had discovered a very special secret - a treasure of wisdom and source of unique empowerment.

The Dojang ("place of the Way" in Korean) was unique in that it was no respecter of persons. It didn't matter if you were a Doctor, Attorney, Judge, carpenter, mechanic or janitor. It made no difference if you were a male or female, young or old, wealthy or broke, from a respected family or not. In the Dojang, we were all equal; wearing the same uniform and nothing to distinguish us apart other than our merit. Merit, time and grade were reflected in the Taekwondo belt rank structure, but everyone started at White belt rank. Hard work was the currency and in this action philosophy, actions spoke louder than words (no talking was allowed in the school).

I loved that I had a clean slate, a new beginning there and I earned my position as did the other students. I soon discovered that it may take longer for me to learn a skill or develop a technique, but I could do it with dedication and a martial arts mindset. Martial Arts is individually paced so I could learn on my own time without worry of letting down my teammates. Each of us struggled with some aspect of the training but with indomitable spirit we learned we could conquer it. This spoke to me. It was a microcosm of life.

The Martial Arts school was to me a safe-haven from the things going on in the world, your family, school, work or daily life. For the time we were there, you were working so hard, focused so much that you didn't have time to even think about other matters. Practicing martial arts has a calming, centering effect on me. I feel happiest when I am training regularly. In the Dojang we were present minded - not thinking about the past nor the future, just giving our best in the moment. We learned to make every second, every movement, each breath and opportunity count. This was a welcome break from my easily distracted mind (perhaps undiagnosed ADHD).

I also witnessed the transformational power martial arts had on others. You could see the change take place, some right away, and others over time. It happens from the inside out. From building confidence, to internalizing the character traits, values and time-tested wisdom, it showed. Not only were these changes reflected in the martial arts school, they were often radical improvements in other aspects of life. Families mended relationships, people regained health, lost weight, gained strength. Very often the students improved their confidence, compassion, discipline and dedication. Shy people came out of their shells, arrogant people learned humility and much more. Virtues such as loyalty and perseverance were soon more than the meager meaning others we know held true.
I loved that the martial arts school was a place to improve yourself from the inside out. It was a place where we had to submit our own ego, learn to follow structure, yet create and express yourself honestly. We had to face challenges like spar an opponent bigger than ourselves, compete in a tournament or break a board. Each of us had to face some fear in order to grow and stretch to the next level. The Dojang is a place where we face the truth - the truth of ourselves and have the opportunity to develop and grow into the person we would like to be.
As an Eagle Scout, Airborne Army reservist, and multiple Black Belt holder after all these years I have come to the conclusion that few things in life can have as profound impact as a journey in the martial arts with a caring and experienced instructor. I can state unequivocally that much of who I am and the achievements in my life are directly related to the lessons, attributes and traits I gained from my martial arts journey. It would be impossible to put a price on that. My martial arts journey has truly been invaluable.

Since that time I have gone on to study numerous martial arts, each reigniting that passion and child-like fascination with the different expressions of the martial arts. I also gained an appreciation for the cultures and unique histories which shaped them.

Each teacher has offered me something unique and special. I carry a piece of them with me and continue to pass it on to my students to the best of my ability. My aim is to honor them with my actions and responsibly carry on the martial arts tradition with respect and dignity.

Today my greatest reward is seeing my students lives improved with the same magic I experienced all those years ago. My mission is to make each of my students better than me. Striving for that each day I endeavor to be a good-finder, to challenge and push students to new limits so they are amazed at their own God-given potential. My wish is that they see the extraordinary things they can be and do when they dream big, have courage and follow their heart.

At the heart of the martial arts is a child-like fascination at the amazing potential of the human spirit. Our ability to overcome challenges, adversity, fears, and self-imposed limitations is truly astounding. Through the dedicated study of these ancient disciplines, guided by a wise teacher, your potential is far beyond anything we can imagine. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

World Champion and Action Star Teaches at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

World Champion and Action Star Teaches at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Arizona children and adults at USA Martial Arts Phoenix will be learning from one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this week. World Champion Sensei Daniel Spalding is an experienced motion capture stunt pro, action talent for movies and videos as well as a highly respected teacher.

Sensei Spalding acted as stuntman/action choreographer for the video game “Age of Empires 2”, the television pilots for “Action Man” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (where he played Leonardo, Raphael, and Splinter), as well as starring as a lead character in the 3D video game “The Untouchable 2”.

They will be learning the traditional Okinawan Karate weapon called Tonfa. Some may recognize this weapon from it's modern use in law enforcement where it is referred to as a PR-24.

In addition, Sensei Daniel Spalding will be teaching a special leadership training session for the top students of USA Martial Arts Phoenix. Holding Black Belts in Taekwondo, Karate, and Kenpo in addition to his movie/film work and experience as a freestyle martial arts champion makes Sensei Daniel Spalding relevant for all ages.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Phoenix Arizona Martial Artists Breaking Bricks Bigtime

Phoenix Arizona USA Martial Arts students are hitting the bricks. Recently they participated in a local tournament to test their skills by breaking bricks and boards.

Inspired by their teams recent performance in an international competition held in Korea called the Taekwondo Hanmadang, these Arizona martial artists are already preparing to compete for team USA next year.
Here in Phoenix, the students competed for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well as trophies for division champions. The biggest prize, and the bragging rights, go to the overall tournament winner and Grand Champion with a six foot trophy. This tournaments Grand Champion was Conditional Black Belt Steve Moore.

All ages and belt ranks were invited to participate in events ranging from highest number of spin kicks with a board break in 20 seconds, highest jump kick, longest jump kick and biggest power break.
According to founder and Chief Master Instructor John Nottingham, "This is just one more tool we use to build our students inner-strength and prepare them for challenges in life. Our school stands for something beyond the kick, punch and throw. Not only is a breaking tournament like this highly rewarding and builds confidence, it really sets USA Martial Arts apart from your typical local Karate Dojo and Taekwondo school."

For more information on USA Martial Arts Phoenix they are offering a special trial program including a free uniform at It is an exclusive online offer for a limited time.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix 4731 E. Greenway Suite 9 Phoenix, Arizona 85032
SW Corner of Tatum and Greenway 602-896-8721

*Photos courtesy of P. Dean