Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Story of a Sick Kid

Sitting at home looking out the window at other kids playing in the neighborhood always made him feel left out.  Asthma is a thief that takes opportunities from kids whose lungs don’t want to play as much as their childhood spirit does.  His brother used to punch him in the arm and pick on him because he thought he was faking it to get out of going to school.  Probably the worst part for kids with asthma is the fear that set in when you start wheezing.  It feels like you're suffocating to death with gunk in your lungs.  But that all changed. 

One day he got a gift from his parents.  It was a nicely wrapped box which he expected to hold a new shirt or sweater from Grandma.  But this was different.  To his surprise, when he tore off the wrapping, he saw a brand new martial arts uniform; patch and a kids Karate white belt just his size.  Off to Song’s Martial Arts Institute of Korean Taekwondo and Chinese Kung Fu he went.  In time his body, mind and determination got stronger.  Learning how to control his breathing, he even competed in tournaments and rose through the ranks.  That little boy would go on to earn Black Belt. 

That karate kid was me over 25 years ago.  My name is John Nottingham and martial arts changed my life as a child and things have never been the same.  My transformation was so magical that I got bit by the bug and had the dream of one day teaching martial arts in my own school.  I wanted other men, women and children to experience that transformation of mind, body and spirit just like I did.  I had this dream to help people discover that they had far more inside of them than they ever imagined, and it didn’t matter what limitations they or others told them that they have.  Martial Arts taught by a passionate, qualified instructor is the most powerful tool I’ve ever seen for positive life change.

My dream came true!  Since then lots has happened to me from earning Eagle Scout, serving in a Special Forces Army Unit, becoming a Bodyguard, training with top masters and champions around the world, and earning the Master of the Year Hall of Fame award.  I know that if I can do it (and I’ve helped thousands of others change), that you can too. 

You can follow my blog and find out about my adventures at the Shaolin Temple, training with Masters in Korea, being in movies, sparring with legends like UFC Champ Jiu-jitsu Master Royce Gracie, and some unique and interesting lessons along the way.  Plus, I’ll share some secrets to realistic self-defense, personal security, and character and leadership development.  You might even get inspired too!
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