Sunday, December 4, 2011

Phoenix Men, Women and Children Unleash Their Inner-Strength at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Build a Better You

at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

At USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix, we help build a better you. We offer a rewarding and family friendly training environment for CHILDREN and ADULTS interested in karate and martial arts in Phoenix.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix training methods take a modern approach to traditional training systems. This creates a positive learning environment while upholding traditional values. Our award winning age specific karate children martial arts taekwondo classes for karate kids starting at 4.5 years are dedicated to life skills education, character development, health and wellness. Our Tigers class is a fundamental kids karate class for 4-6 years of age. We help build their focus and concentration using the One Merit Badge Character Life Skills system. Students in our classes will learn to earn through various life skills and leadership teachings.

In addition, we offer quality instruction for teens and adults in kung-fu application for self-defense, traditional weapons forms and application training, fitness kickboxing, kettlebell functional movement training as well as yoga to increase focus, flexibility and manage stress. All our martial arts classes offer a fun and friendly environment that will challenge each and every student mentally and physically. At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, you will develop that take charge attitude that will have you answering YES I CAN to any situation big or small. Develop a positive attitude, make better choices, get physically fit and build a better you.

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