Friday, July 5, 2013

Phoenix Krav Maga Combatives - Self Defense Military Style

"Get Fighting Fit and Go Home Safe with a New Krav Maga Program in Phoenix Arizona."  

Veteran hand-to-hand and hand-to-weapon combatives trainer John Nottingham teaches you the concepts and principles from Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do in his IMPACT program at USA Martial Arts Phoenix.  You can learn from an actual Military Combatives trainer with his staff of veteran Defensive Tactics and Hand to Hand Combat instructors.

IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives
Men, women and teens are getting fighting fit fast in this practical to tactical fight training program.  IMPACT is a no-nonsense approach to improving mental and physical conditioning.  You will learn to use virtually every weapon of your body from elbows, knees, hammer fists, and kicks to devastate an armed or unarmed attacker.

Phoenix Krav Maga Offers You an Edge
Krav Maga was developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to combat terrorism and offer practical self defense skills that could be learned quickly.  It is now the preferred program for SWAT in the US and many places around the world.  IMPACT Krav Maga includes Krav Maga drills as well as Jeet Kune Do concepts and attribute development for effective self defense from guns, knives, clubs, chokes, grabs and holds.

Butt Kicking Bag Slamming Sweat Pouring Fun
Kick Butt and Go Home Safe is a maxim at this Phoenix Krav Maga school.  Having trained US Army Special Forces, SWAT, and a myriad of other professionals, Bodyguard trainer John Nottingham has over 25 years of experience in training elite forces and Average Joes.

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Discover Your Inner Warrior with IMPACT Krav Maga Fitness Combatives.

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