Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Are The Benefits of USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley?

Benefits From Our Programs

If you’re a parent considering what activity might be best for your child, please take a few minutes to read about the benefits your child will receive by enrolling in our Academy. This will give you a very good sense of what our students experience and what their parents see along the way.                                


Our students discover that they’re capable of much more than they thought possible. They develop the courage to take on challenges that might have intimated them before. They learn this in their martial arts training, and they apply it at school and at home. As they proceed through our program, they learn to face their fears and go forward in spite of them.


Students learn not to give up, even when the going gets tough. Even if at first they fail, they learn to persevere. Through regular conditioning, students also increase their physical stamina. They come to realize that physical stamina and mental perseverance go hand in hand. They learn not to let self-doubts get in their way and they strive harder and longer to reach their goals.

Improved Focus

Most children are easily distracted and have relatively short attention spans. Our students learn to “zero in” on critical tasks at hand and develop the ability to stay on task. Normal childhood distractions don’t get in their way. They learn to make eye contact with classroom teachers and pay full attention to what their teacher says.

Power Through Self-Control and Self-Discipline

As they develop the ability to maintain focus, our students learn to develop self-control. In learning the precision of our physical skills, children develop a high level of self discipline. These attributes combine to produce very high levels of competence. Students demonstrate high levels of effectiveness on the mat, and in school.


From the moment you walk into our school, you and your children will be treated with respect. Children quickly learn that for one to get respect, one must first give respect. As our instructors model respect, children quickly learn to emulate this. It soon becomes a habit and respect becomes automatic.

Goal Setting

Learning how to set and achieve goals is one of the keys to success in life. Through the belt system, our students learn how to set appropriate goals and how to stay focused to achieve their goals. As students earn progressively higher belt ranks, these lessons are reinforced. When they ultimately earn their Black Belt, the lesson of setting and achieving goals is ingrained for life.


Let there be no doubt – Children in our Karate for Kids program learn practical and powerful martial arts skills. In every class at every level children learn, practice and refine highly effective self defense techniques.                                              

Personal Development 
In most sports, you learn life lessons such as “teamwork” and “being a good sport” on the field. But those life lessons are secondary to the sport itself. The goal in those sports is to win games. Not in Martial Arts. This is one big area that martial arts differs from other sports. The life-skills children learn in martial arts are not by-products of the training, they are the curriculum! Personal development forms the core of martial arts. Martial arts teaches courtesy, humility, integrity, self-control, discipline, confidence and leadership along with many other values as its foundation. Martial arts can become a very personal journey of self-discovery. Not all kids are going to get that from football, baseball, soccer, or any other sport. But in martial arts, they do.

Black Belt Excellence
Our goal is to help every student earn their Black Belt not only in martial arts, but in life. As students advance in our program, we continually emphasize the qualities of Black Belt excellence: respect, courage, self control, self discipline and commitment. Children that develop these skills today become the leaders of tomorrow.
If you are looking for an ever evolving activity. Based on good moral values and physical fitness. Dedicated to personal growth; rooted in the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and courage. Something that will give your child confidence and build their self-esteem . . . then Paradise Valley USA Martial Arts is for you and your family!

Let us set you up for success!
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