Friday, May 7, 2010

Bully Prevention Training Workshop

For immediate release

A free Bully Prevention Training Workshop will be held at USA Martial Arts newest location in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale.

Why: Bullying is a serious problem facing children
When:  Saturday 10:30-11:30am May 22
Where: USA Martial Arts Scottsdale PV Phoenix
Cost: Free

The event is FREE to the public due to sponsorship fromNottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts.
Participants will learn how to avoid, prevent and manage bully behavior through techniques such as:
     o When to speak up
     o How to be a super-friend
     o When to tell an adult

USA Martial Arts is hosting a Bully Prevention Workshop to once again help combat the ever-growing problem faced by our children. Come join us for this FREE presentation. Email or call 602-896-8721 for more info and to sign up.You must be pre-registered to attend. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Bring a friend!

NOTE: Bully Guard Bully Proofing course also offered at our Karate Confidence Summer Camp.

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