Monday, September 5, 2011

Phoenix Arizona Martial Artists Breaking Bricks Bigtime

Phoenix Arizona USA Martial Arts students are hitting the bricks. Recently they participated in a local tournament to test their skills by breaking bricks and boards.

Inspired by their teams recent performance in an international competition held in Korea called the Taekwondo Hanmadang, these Arizona martial artists are already preparing to compete for team USA next year.
Here in Phoenix, the students competed for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well as trophies for division champions. The biggest prize, and the bragging rights, go to the overall tournament winner and Grand Champion with a six foot trophy. This tournaments Grand Champion was Conditional Black Belt Steve Moore.

All ages and belt ranks were invited to participate in events ranging from highest number of spin kicks with a board break in 20 seconds, highest jump kick, longest jump kick and biggest power break.
According to founder and Chief Master Instructor John Nottingham, "This is just one more tool we use to build our students inner-strength and prepare them for challenges in life. Our school stands for something beyond the kick, punch and throw. Not only is a breaking tournament like this highly rewarding and builds confidence, it really sets USA Martial Arts apart from your typical local Karate Dojo and Taekwondo school."

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USA Martial Arts Phoenix 4731 E. Greenway Suite 9 Phoenix, Arizona 85032
SW Corner of Tatum and Greenway 602-896-8721

*Photos courtesy of P. Dean

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