Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Bully Prevention Workshops at USA Martial Arts Phoenix for Children and Teens

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is Working to Keep Arizona Kids Safe at School and Online

I define bullying as "unwanted aggressive behavior intentionally targeting an individual over time that takes advantage of an imbalance of power" Bullying affects the safety and wellbeing of all students and has far reaching ramifications to a community, From the child who bullies, the target of bullying or the bystander who observes the bullying, each have a role.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is proud to recognize October as National Bullying Prevention Month. 2011 marks the 26th year I have been teaching bullying prevention to children, parents, teachers and schools. As the leading teachers of evidence-based tools that keep young people safe and confident, we offer proven-effective tools that reduce bullying behaviors and improve the school climate.


Email us at to register your child.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix

The Arizona Bully Intervention Initiative

Bully Prevention Project

4731 E. Greenway Suite 9

Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Telephone 602-896-8721

Bully Proof Vest Bullying Prevention Program
The BPV or Bully Proof Vest is one of the most researched and unique bullying prevention programs available today. With over
35 years of research and successful implementation of these concepts all over Arizona , Bully Proof Vest is a comprehensive program for all ages that has been proven to prevent or reduce bullying.

The Arizona Bully Intervention Initiative and Bullying Prevention Project is Phoenix based group who provide education, training and resources to parents, teachers and children of Arizona. Bully Proof Training Arizona teaches methods on how to stop a bully, school bullies and how to reduce bullying behavior.

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