Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School Bullying Prevention With Peaceful Martial Arts Approach

 Parents Seek Martial Arts To Spare Children From Bullying

Parents are bringing their children to a bodyguard and law enforcement trainer in Phoenix to prepare them to prevent bullying. Phoenix parents are signing their children up for John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest - 5 Steps to Handle Bullying Like a Bodyguard at USA Martial Arts. Nottingham, a 6th Degree Master Black Belt offers his specialized classes in local schools, community groups, corporations and at his school in Phoenix.

Peace Prior to Punches
  Nottingham's method is based on the methods of Verbal Judo, a peaceful process of using tactical communication to avoid escalation and redirect behavior with words.  The method has been taught to thousands of Police officers and tested in the field.  Nottingham calls it "Tongue Fu" and teaches common sense before self defense.  This method of Martial Arts for the mouth builds confidence so that they don't appear to be a good target for bullying in the first place.  

Teach P.E.A.C.E.
  • Perceive
  • Evaluate
  • Act
  • Commit
  • Evaluate

Identifying Bullying Set Ups and Problem Situations Early
Students learn how to identify aggressive behavior, to know when, where and how to effectively respond without escalating.  "One of the more challenging aspects of my training is teaching that telling, as a first step, is a way to escalate most situations.  Children need to be taught when its best to tell - it is almost never the first step, unless you want to agitate the situation and have an ongoing problem.   It flies in the face of the conventional and misguided advice of "just tell" or "walk away".  Nottingham says that both of those options are what encourages, invites and prolongs most bullying and aggressive social dominance behavior.

"Parents choose this method because it is aligned with their values and protects their child in a practical way.  It succeeds where school wide anti-bullying programs often fail."
Assertion Competence and Boundary Setting for Bullying Prevention
Nottingham shows students how to recognize testing, lures and target selection - how not to be a victim.  His program emphasizes kindness, empathy, communication and demonstrating confidence and inner-strength to earn others respect or at minimum, to respect your personal boundaries.  When that doesn't work, it teaches children when and how to take defensive action in the least violent manner to protect them mentally, physically and emotionally.

Bullying Prevention Projects
Nottingham's passion is evident as he has been teaching his peaceful methods of persuasion for over 27 years.  He started an organization helping others by sharing successful practices and research called The Bullying Prevention Initiative International.  He also heads a chapter in Arizona called The Phoenix BullyProof Project.  He offers the training in an interactive lecture format that includes practical role playing that can be used instantly.   

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