Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why People Don't Learn Self Defense

A little heart to heart as if you were are a close friend...

I can hear the voices next week already...

"Wow, I should have done VIPER. "  [VIPER is my trademark Violence Intervention Survival School.  It is a personal security course taught over a weekend that represents the culmination of my life's work from teaching Special Forces Combatives to my lifetime study of martial arts and teaching Security.]  I hear it every time after we finish a VIPER course and graduates are raving about how it transformed their lives.

I posted this on Facebook today regarding VIPER and self defense. 
Regret is a rotten thing. I learned early on to say "YES" to opportunities in my life. Tomorrow is not promised. Carpe diem. If you want something bad enough, you'll make it happen. Make this happen.
Fear... Fear... Fear...
Fear is the primary reason people don't participate in VIPER or any self defense courses for that matter. At some level they are in denial, or their ego is in charge. They fear losing control, looking silly, or facing the facts about their own abilities when it comes to personal safety. 

Oh no, that isn't how it gets rationalized in their mind. People say things like... "I can't afford it right now." Yet, the bumper on their car costs more than this life-saving course. Heck, most people spend more on insuring things that aren't nearly as likely going to happen than need self defense/security training.

Some say... "Maybe next time." Procrastination, most often, is just a self deceptive way of quitting.  It makes a loser and quitter feel like they still have integrity because they didn't say they would participate.  That's just bull manure for an intelligent, responsible citizen and we all know it.

They say..."I'm too busy." Yet they have time for frivolous and even harmful habits. It's only a weekend.  We're not asking for 3-6 years to earn a Black Belt and $4-10 grand.

Deep down inside they would rather carry the daily stress of anxiety that comes with denial than accept an opportunity to train with a world-class teacher in an advanced personal security strategy system.  This isn't your local YMCA self defense course! Step up - we each have a fundamental responsibility as a human to protect ourselves and those we love.  
Sheeple - Arrogance and Ignorance in Personal Security Self Defense
No. It's not about being busy.  We make time for that which is important to us.  No. It's not about the money.  Just look at the number of broke people with $500 cell phones.  The truth is that most people remain inviting targets for crime because they choose to ignore their own inner-wisdom, failing to listen to their survival instincts nor act on the God-given amazing opportunities right in front of them. It's easier to look for the magic pill and buy a gun, pepper spray, elaborate alarm systems and hold tight to the illusion that a gimmick or special tool will protect you.  Others just live with the insidious side effects of worry. 

Alarmist Media and Politicized Self Defense and Safety Information
With our survival signals and beliefs about safety and security so scrambled by sensational, alarmist media and ill advised tricks someone forwarded from an email, it is no wonder why so many are buying guns in record numbers.  That isn't to disparage our Second Amendment rights or the good training that can often accompany those actions.  Over reliance on any one thing at the expense of developing your ultimate survival asset, your mind, is fool's gold.  My point is that it is all emotional placebo unless we accept reality... 
  • The reality that we are all capable of great violence
  • That dangerousness is situational
  • That fear is our most powerful survival signal if we know how to protect it and use it
  • That all life is risk, however we are not powerless and victims of circumstance 
  • That we are far more powerful and innately equipped than we have allowed ourselves to believe
Security Theater and the Illusion of Safety and Self Defense
The truth is that it is a trained mind that is ready and willing to act that protects- not an emotional placebo product you can buy off a shelf. While the tools are helpful, they are secondary to the primary operating system - the amazing and powerful human mind. YOU are brilliantly gifted with survival instincts. Join us at VIPER and learn to unleash your inner protector. It is the first strategic personal security system of its kind on the planet and it works. It has already saved the lives, and the peace of mind of numerous graduates. Who knows, it may not be your own life that you save.

I implore you to take this course.  If not here, at least get good training somewhere.  You're worth it and I love you.

-john nottingham

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