Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Phoenix USA Martial Arts of Paradise Valley School Gets High Praise from Parents

What Makes Phoenix USA Martial Arts of Paradise Valley So Great?

Instructors like Sensei Steve Caprara!  

"He's awesome with the kids." -Dawn Wharton

He's been dazzling kids and parents as the director of the Kung Fu Kids and Karate Kids enrichment self defense programs.  He's also a former National champion!   But that's not all...

Mr. Steve Caprara

Steve Caprara is a seasoned martial artist with over 20 years experience and holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt with NYGKA (Traditional Karate). He has studied several arts including Aikido and Kung Fu in Florence, Italy where he lived for a time. He earned a 1st Degree Black Belt with USA Martial Arts and resident "Bo" staff and Japanese Martial Arts specialist.

He has had the honor to train with some world-class athletes including: Dan "The Beast" Severn (UFC Hall of Famer), Master Roland Osborne, Grand Master Richard Na, Master Chris Lopez, and Master Kenny Perez.
Mr. Caprara has been teaching martial arts to men, women and children for over 12 years. He has also competed nationally and ranked Grand Champion in several regional and national competitions.
Certifications include:
  • ACT, NTS Security Arrest & Control Tactics
  • CDT Non-deadly Force Bodyguard System Levels 1-3
  • Japanese Weapons including Bo and Nunchaku
He is also the USA Martial Arts director for the Kung Fu & Karate Kids enrichment community outreach programs. In addition he offers private training for special needs students.
Mr. Caprara holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and the director of the USA Martial Arts demonstration and competition teams.

"Mr. Caprara is a truly gifted instructor.  His enthusiasm and emphasis student service make him a winner with children and parents alike.  We continually receive praise about his classes and the positive influence he has on the students." - John Nottingham | Owner USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley | Scottsdale

Come see what everyone is talking about and meet Mr. Caprara. Find out why USA Martial Arts PV is the fastest growing martial arts school in Phoenix and take a free class.


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