Monday, August 23, 2010

Taekwondo - Parents Choice The World Over

Taekwondo embraces technology
Taekwondo is the world's most popular Martial Art

Taekwondo is an amazing martial art.  Born out of thousands of years of the Korean people's struggle, it emerged today as a unique ambassador of respect, good-will, character development and fitness.  

  • Did you know that some of the first steps towards the discussion of reunification for North and South Korea came from Taekwondo practitioners?  
  • Did you know that Taekwondo was spread by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee to the former Soviet Union and with it, democratic ideals of freedom and justice?  
  • Did you know that Tae Kwon Do is Korea's national sport and an official sport in the Olympic Games?
  • Did you know that Taekwondo is the world's most widely practiced and popular martial art?

Beyond the political scope of Taekwondo's remarkable achievements, it is the impact it has on children that has gained such favor with parents from all over the world.   From improving attitude, concentration, academic performance to reinforcing discipline and respect in the home, Taekwondo's overall track record, rapid growth and acceptance is unique among the martial arts.  

Of course who could forget Taekwondo's trademark high flying kicks and amazing physical development.  Taekwondoists gain strength, flexibility and learn self defense applications, and a growing number while training along with other family members.  TKD, as practitioners call it, encourages family involvement and can be practiced at any age.  

Perhaps what resonates most with parents is the emphasis on safety practices, strict use of padding, structured rules and endorsement at an official Olympic sport.   It is also known for faster belt rank advancement and promotion to keep kids and students motivated to continue training.

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