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Evan's Dream - Boy's Indomitable Spirit Shines Through Martial Arts and May Help Him Walk One Day

Evan's Dream

For Evan. 
Evan is 11 and he has a dream.  Evan's dream is to walk.  I would like to share a bit of his story with you because it inspires me.

As a martial arts instructor I have had the honor of meeting and working with thousands of students over the past twenty plus years.  Our estimates are that my staff and I have connected with well over 10,000 students.  In that time those students have come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds one can imagine.  From judges to janitors, Moms, Dads and kids of all ages, visually impaired, bullied, overweight and unhealthy, to athletes looking for a competitive edge.  With students in the USA, Asia and around the world, one could say we've seen quite a bit (but that's kind of relative). 

It is difficult to capture the magic, those special moments when the lessons transcend the realm of just teaching, and translate what we do to other people.  So when a piece like this comes along, this medium for Evan's story, I think it is a special opportunity to share.

Master Tom Callos had this link posted on his blog about a special student of Master JK Lee in Wisconsin.  Thank you sir.  Some might recognize it as being modeled after Ironman athletes Rick and Dick "Team Hoyt" CAN many have seen on you tube.  Music credit to artists MercyMe "I Can Only Imagine" 2001. 

Here we witness, in the face of a child, God's infinite grace and a reminder of the power of compassion and unconditional love.  This exemplifies courage, his parents love and support and the profound impact it has on those around him.

I would love to see this story when I turn on the news and in main-stream media.  Evan's story has numerous lessons and inspiration for us all.   To me, Evan represents the thousands of people martial arts instructors have helped.  We each have had our own "Evans" in our schools and I think it would be great for the world to know what work we really do, as well as the rewards of ordinary people stepping outside themselves and sharing our gifts with others.  It is clearly much more than kicking and punching.

My hope and prayer is that positive media exposure and stories like Evans can restore some of the dignity to martial arts and help educate the public about the powerful instructor-student relationship, life lessons and benefits of a classical martial arts school with dedicated instructors.  Without prejudice, it's certainly a contrasting media message to that of the UFC and the "Ultimate Fighting" of MMA.

Stories like Evan's can speak to people's hearts, inspire the spirit and light the path for others to overcome their own fears and limitations.  With the stress of these times, childhood obesity, rapid increase in autism, fragmented families, and other challenges, the martial arts school stands as a unique opportunity to help address these issues.  

Furthermore, the courage of students like Evan and loving support of his parents should be recognized and applauded.  

Evan's hero may be Master JK Lee, but Evan and his parents are role models and heroes to me.
"Pil Seung!" (Korean translation of Taekwondo motto: Certain victory through strength courage and indomitable spirit.)

Here's to Evan and step number 1002,

John Nottingham  
USA Martial Arts Arizona USA
"A Familiy That Kicks Together, Sticks Together."

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