Wednesday, October 13, 2010

USA Martial Arts - Grandmaster Richard Na

Grand Master Richard Na is the senior technical director of USA Martial Arts. We are honored to call him our Grand Master. 

"I have trained with some of the greatest masters and champions in the world but I call Kwan Jang Nim Richard Na my Grand Master Instructor. His unique experience, skill and wisdom are just some of the reasons we have him as USA Martial Arts senior technical director and subject matter expert." - John Nottingham, owner USA Martial Arts

Master Na has been teaching and training in the taekwondo and martial arts for 44 years. Master Na is an 8th degree black belt certified by the Hae Yong Kwan Association. He is also a 6th degree black belt certified by the World Taekwondo Federation. In addition he holds a 4th degree in Hapkido. Master Na also teaches traditional weapons, Kumdo (Korean Swords) and is a Tactical Master Instructor certified to teach CDT (Compliance Direction Takedown). 

"Each time we have the privilege of training with Grand Master Na, we all leave better than when we came. Each student has a smile on his face and not only learned something valuable about martial arts, but can apply it to daily life. His wisdom, and joy exudes from his passion for martial arts and love for people." -John Nottingham

Master Na has attained a Master's Degree (Master of Science) in psychology. He uses his combined experience of mind and body to guide and develop students to their fullest potential. Over the past 29 years, Master Na has empowered thousands of students to reach their goals and become successful in every endeavor.

Other Accomplishments of Grand Master Richard Na:
» Former Probation Officer with Whatcom County District Court.

» Instructor at Western Washington University Physical Education Department and Taekwondo Club.

» 1986 Foreigners World Taekwondo Championship winner in Seoul, Korea.

» Washington State TKD team coach 1992-1998.

» 1992-1997 Vice-President United States Taekwondo Union (USTU). Currently USA Taekwondo.

» 1997 Awarded and recognized Top 100 Master Instructors in the United States, by the President of Korea.

» 2005 Appointed Director of Western United States by the World Taekwondo Missionary Association.

» 2004-2006 Washington State President for United States Taekwondo Won.

» President of International Taekwondo Masters Association.

* Source (Grandmaster Na's Site):

"Grand Master Na is the kind of Master I aspire to be. Not only is he an remarkable martial artist but he is more importantly a positive role model for my students and an example in his daily life." - John Nottingham

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