Thursday, October 21, 2010

Improve your childs grades and listening through martial arts focus.

Improve your child's grades and listening through martial arts focus.  Now before you click away thinking to yourself that this is "just a bunch of chop suey marketing claims" please read on...  We'll show you how to make a significant difference in your child's education and health  ...and give them a huge advantage in school and life.
"Martial Arts has become a way of life now for Harrison as he has been a student for 2-1/2 years. He exudes confidence and has a tremendous willingness to learn. He was not athletic when he began, but has definitely built up both strength and coordination. I believe strongly that it is from training. The tenets of Taekwondo keep him on track."

~Stacey Ambrose, Mom, Scottsdale
More and more Phoenix and Scottsdale parents are enrolling their children in USA Martial Arts to improve their listening and character.    

"The reason our program is so effective is that we use a consistent rewards system, have a culture of respect and discipline, plus we keep it exciting and fun.  One of our most powerful tools is that we have great instructors who lead by example and reinforce:

1. Respect for parents at home.  The highest belt is the "parent belt"
2. Belt, stripe, sticker and positive praise rewards systems for short term, mid term and ongoing incentive to improve.
3. Goal setting and accountability

"Tyler's teacher called me today to find out what we've been doing.  At first I was a bit worried and thought maybe he got into trouble.  To my surprise his teacher said the change she has seen is dramatic, he is listening better, helpful, focussed and courteous and HAD to find out what we were doing.  I told her about your program at USA Martial Arts. THANK YOU!!!"  

Each of our instructors is trained in using various learning channels, from auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  That way each student is given opportunities to succeed and learn in their own way.  USA Martial Arts only uses caring, experienced instructors on the mat who are passionate about teaching martial arts and have a gift for working with kids.

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