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Three Ways to Boost Kids Confidence With The Magic of Martial Arts

Parents often ask us how our instructors at USA Martial Arts Phoenix work such magic with building children's self esteem.  After twenty five years of teaching over 10,000 kids of all ages, success leaves clues.  Here are a few tips (some of which you might already be doing) that go a long way in building a kids confidence and improving your child's self esteem. For more free tips Click Here.

1. Emphasize Positive Praise.  Craft criticism carefully and turn it into a positive statement of encouragement.  Give a child a reputation to live up to and they will have hope for progress and a bright vision for their future.

2. Seek Ways to Have Your Child Feel Validated.  Be responsive, rather than ignoring.  It may be a challenge but it reassures a child he or she is important.  Another great way is to enroll them in a sport or activity like martial arts where they can get positive reinforcement, encouragement and positive social approval (through hard work and dedication).  You can also take martial arts with them.  USA Martial Arts even has special family classes designed for quality time.  It will change your child's life.  Nothing builds confidence like knowing you can protect yourself.  

3. Establish Firm Boundaries for Self Discipline Through Structure.  Consistent structure provides children with a level of security that lets them know they have value and are important.  It can be as simple as having responsibilities like age appropriate family chores.  Make sure they are rewarded in some tangible way (it can be a simple word of praise, hug, high five or bragging to others about the specific thing they did well.  

People of value and importance have responsibilities and obligations to live up to (of course it should be  right for your child's age so they can succeed.)  Try consistent boundaries with clearly stated consequences and rewards and your children will often amaze you.  

They may not be perfect but the key is to catch them doing things right so they have incentive to do more.  When you focus on the good, your child will usually follow suit.

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School Owner(s): Master John Nottingham
Camp/Class Director(s): Steve Caprara, Robert Summers, Don Gray, Amanda Pfeifer
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Camp/Class Focus: Fun Self Esteem, Safety, Self-Defense Skills
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