Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Increase Your Child's Focus and Concentration at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Want Your Child To Be a Better Listener and a Faster Learner at Home, School and Sports?

Increased Focus and Concentration - The Secret is Out!
Life and Character Lessons from Martial Arts Masters

At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, our lessons are far more than just kicking and punching.  Our goal is to help our students maximize their potential in mind, body and spirit.  Our style transcends the physical techniques of self defense and build students from the inside out so that they have inner strength, self-esteem, focus and the ability to set goals and follow through.
"It's amazing since we've been at USA Martial Arts, my son listens the first time he's asked to do something!" -R.M., parent, Phoenix
Four Black Belt Strategies for Focus
Here are 4 strategies for building focus and concentration that lead to better grades in school, improved listening skills and faster learning.  Not only have we seen these skills help thousands of children bring up grades and perform better scholastically, these techniques are effective in the workplace as well.

The USA Martial Arts Four Points of Black Belt Focus
1. Focus the eyes
2. Focus the ears
3. Focus the mind
4. Focus the body

Black Belt Focus and Concentration Explained

  • When we focus the eyes, we help maintain our concentration and eliminate distractions.  
  • When we focus the ears we learn to listen to what the person is saying rather than being distracted while they speak thinking of our response.
  • When we focus the mind we imagine what the person is describing to create mental pictures so our brain can be most powerful.  Another strong listening skill is to repeat back what we understand in summary form to ensure clarity and understanding.
  • When we focus the body we improve our posture, breathing and eliminate other distracting movement to learn faster and retain more information.  Good body language also communicates confidence and respect to others.
If you would like more information on how your child can learn lessons like these in a fun way, contact us at USA Martial Arts Phoenix today.  You'll be glad you did!

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