Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick Tip for Increasing Kids Confidence

Here is a Quick Tip for Increasing Kids Confidence
Would Your Child Benefit From More Confidence?

The secret is out. Most parents now know the power that martial arts has to increase children's confidence and improve their self image.  In this article I will reveal a way to instantly see and feel a difference in the confidence of your child.

One of the secrets that martial arts has been using for years is the attention stance.  Here's why:

1. It improves posture
2. It helps evoke a feeling of pride and strength
3. It centers the mind and body
4. The eyes focus
5. Breathing improves from the diaphragm
6. It exercises self discipline
7. It exercises self control
8. It projects a positive self image to others
9. It promotes a feeling of being anchored
10. It improves first impressions

Practicing the attention stance has many benefits.  That's why military forces around the world use it to train soldiers.  Most of all, it is a way to practice standing tall, which influences a child's state-of-mind and being.  With practice, it improves, much like exercising a muscle.  Soon people notice the eye contact at first impressions, the good posture with shoulders back, chest up and a confident demeanor.  The position itself projects confidence and a centeredness that puts others at ease.

One lesson I learned from a wise Grand Master was that he insisted his children stand up to attention when either parent came home and be offered a polite greeting of the day.  Today his children are respected and known for being well mannered, confident individuals.  Additionally, they are highly successful in their fields.  Practice makes habit!


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