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Phoenix Children Learn Life Skills Through Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu

Phoenix Children Learn Life Skills Through Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu

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Taekwondo Tigers Children Karate Kids in Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale


"Why are so many people enrolling their children in USA Martial Arts Children's Taekwondo Program"  by  

Master Instructor John Nottingham's one of a kind childrens martial arts self defense program in Phoenix Paradise Valley Scottsdale changes kids lives. They build unshakable confidence, kindness, discipline and courtesy and lasting self esteem. USA Martial Arts Phoenix children play skill games to develop concentration and direct energy in a positive manner. Plus they are having fun getting and staying fit!

More and more Phoenix parents are enrolling their kids as a means of cross training to give their children an edge in sports like baseball, soccer and others.  The body mastery, flexibility, focus and control make them stand out as compared to other children on their teams.

Check out what USA Martial Arts Phoenix can offer your child.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix carefully tailored program offers your child many amazing benefits and will prepare children for a success in school, work and life.  While your child is learning effective self defense and and superior coordination, they will also be growing in social and intellectual skills development.  Your son or daughter will improve balance, flexibility, and are guaranteed to significantly improve confidence and self-esteem while having fun!  Grades improve or become easier because children improve attention spans and have the self discipline to follow through on goals and instructions.  


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Phoenix Kids Learn Practical Life Skills Through Martial Arts
How Phoenix and Scottsdale Karate Kids Are Getting The Edge In School and Life Through Martial Arts

A specialized martial arts school in Phoenix Arizona is changing the way martial arts is taught and Phoenix parents are taking notice.
“Our program is designed specifically to challenge our students to grow mentally, physically and emotionally.  Our staff is comprised of experienced instructors and champions with a track record for success in life.  They are each solid role models who lead by example and display the uncommon virtue our school has become known for.  Children develop a greater sense of self through our traditional curriculum but stay motivated with our modern approach to teaching in a fun way.”

Kids’s Martial Arts at USA Martial Arts Phoenix
The Children's Taekwondo and Karate Kids programs at USA Martial Arts is perfect for your child! We have specially designed programs for children ages 4 and up. Children’s classes are divided up by age and experience level in order to create an optimal training environment for your child.

Positive Learning Environment for Children
Our children’s classes are taught by caring professional martial arts instructors who are dedicated to making a positive difference in your child’s life through martial arts training. Each action packed class is filled with exciting drills, and activities that will teach your child valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline, goal setting, and perseverance while learning martial arts.

Character First
We like to think of ourselves as a Personal Development Center that uses martial arts training to help our students achieve their full potential in life. Our goal is to use martial arts training to help our students develop essential life skills such as discipline, self-control, respect, integrity, perseverance, and goal setting skills in order to equip them for success in life.

Self Defense
The practical self-defense training that your child will receive is invaluable! Every child (and adult for that matter) should have the CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE to defend themselves from verbal and physical assault. Self defense is a SKILL that anyone can learn with training and practice. While it is unlikely that a person will ever have to physically defend themselves, I would much rather be prepared than leave it up to chance. We spends thousands each year on various forms of insurance, shouldn’t we invest in our children’s safety?

Martial Arts
In addition practical self-defense training your child will also learn a unique blend of modern and traditional martial arts including artistic martial arts (forms and traditional skills) and sport martial arts (sparring and kickboxing skills). As your child progresses in their training their level of fitness will increase. In particular, most students see an increase in flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness. Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child and encourage them to reach to new heights as they progress towards earning their Black Belt.

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