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Traditional Mixed Martial Arts for Children & Adults: Taekwondo, Karate, Self Defense, Kickboxing

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is a traditional mixed martial arts studio based in North Phoenix Arizona.  Our curriculum is what we like to call integrative martial arts because it incorporates traditional martial arts discipline, philosophy and values with practical modern self defense.
We offer classes for children, teens, and adults. Building on a foundation of American karate, we incorporate elements of Taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and street smart self-defense.

Learn focus and discipline in a fun environment!

Dear Phoenix and Scottsdale Parents:
Take a moment to imagine how different life will be when your child…
  • Has the confidence and self-esteem not only to stand up to bullies, but to easily make new friends.
  • Learns how to focus and listen, causing less stress at home and getting better grades at school.
  • Learns how to use self-discipline and focus to excel at school and develop a love for learning.
You don’t just have to imagine it. These changes can really happen.

Martial arts transforms lives… so put its power to work for your family.

We’re passionate about what we do at USA Martial Arts Phoenix because every single day, we see exactly how life-transforming the study of martial arts can be.
One girl was terrified at first and cried uncontrollably during her first karate class. A couple years later she has not only blossomed into a very promising young martial artist; she’s even training to become an instructor!
Another child would spend the entire class jumping and up and down as if he were a rubber bouncy ball. He didn’t listen well and would get distracted easily. Over the months, his ability to focus and capacity for self-control has increased so dramatically that he’s now able to lead his class through the warm-up exercises!
The beauty of martial arts is that it’s all about reaching your personal best — and that’s what we help our students do each and every day at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, a top karate school in Phoenix Arizona.

Your child will learn practical, life-saving skills AND get a great workout!

You now know that karate for kids can help your child develop confidence, self-esteem, focus, self-control, and discipline. But you may be wondering: “Is my child actually going to break a sweat?”
Absolutely! Not only do our kids karate classes offer an excellent blend of cardio, strength training, and flexibility conditioning; they also teach students how to defend themselves and their loved ones.
In other words, karate for kids is a workout with a purpose.
USA Martial Arts is a mixed martial arts school. We’ve taken elements of American karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, and self-defense, and remixed them into a well-rounded curriculum that gives you the best that martial arts has to offer:
Practical self-defense and striking skills:
Your child will learn how to escape a variety of attacks, including chokes, grabs, bear hugs, pushes, and headlocks. Your child will learn how to use speed and focus to generate the maximum amount of power in their kicks and punches, thus incapacitating their opponent after they escape an attack.
Sport and competition:
Your child will learn sparring techniques – combinations of kicks and punches designed to disable an opponent – and test out what they have learned in a controlled environment by competing in karate tournaments.
Your child will learn forms, or hyngs/katas, which are a series of punches and kicks executed in the air with stepping and turning. Your child will also learn how to perform using traditional martial arts weapons, such as nunchucks and kamas.
Why do we include all three of these elements in our Kids Karate and Children Taekwondo curriculum?
Because as a top karate school in Phoenix, we want our black belts to have a well-rounded martial arts education.
Our Black Belts know the tradition of martial arts but also understand its real-world application. They know how to defend themselves, but also appreciate the beauty of martial arts as a performance. They know the excitement of competing in martial arts as a sport, but they are also focused on reaching their personal best.

Your child won’t get bored because we have a fool-proof motivational system.

The ultimate goal for many of our students is to earn their black belt. But considering that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 years of martial arts training to achieve this goal, how can they stay motivated along the way?
As the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In other words, if you want to achieve a big goal, you must break it into smaller goals.
Every 3 months, our students can test for their next belt rank (e.g. from white to yellow). But along the way, they also have an opportunity to earn a stripe every 2 weeks.
By achieving these smaller goals that build up to a bigger goal, our students stay motivated and excited about their martial arts training.

We expect commitment and excellence from you and your child.

USA Martial Arts is a Black Belt excellence character education school.
Our mission is to train black belts from the inside out, and that means we expect commitment and excellence from both our students and their parents.
We take attendance very seriously because the curriculum in our kids karate classes is so rigorous. Students must come to class regularly to learn the required material.
If you’re not here, you’re not learning, and you’re not getting any closer to earning your black belt. That’s why if we notice that you’ve been missing classes, we’ll call and email you to get you back in class as soon as possible.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix students earn their belts if and only if they demonstrate they have learned that cycle’s material. And because we hand out print-outs of the new curriculum and discuss goals with parents, there’s no guesswork involved: you’ll know exactly what’s expected from your child.

Your child will receive a rigorous martial arts education in a fun, fast-paced environment.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix has become a top karate school in Phoenix Arizona because we offer the best of both worlds: the rigor and intensity of a traditional karate school with the fun and fast pace of a modern karate school.
We’ve designed our fast-paced karate classes in such a way that your child will experience a thrilling sequence of non-stop exercises, drills, and games.
We also hold lots of fun events throughout the year: from board-breaking extravaganzas to indoor beach parties, from glow-in-the-dark nunchuck seminars to Halloween costume parties.
We’re proud of the culture we’ve built here at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, and we can’t wait to help your family achieve its goals!

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