Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holistic Self Defense for Kids Helps Them Defeat Bullies and Defend Negative Forces in Life

Holistic Self Defense For Children
You've probably heard positive things about Taekwondo for children and the amazing benefits in confidence, coordination and self control it helps kids develop. You may already know people who put their kids in martial arts to gain self-esteem or handle a bully.

Beyond The Kick, Punch and Throw
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix stands for something beyond the kick, punch and throw.  It is a positive place with encouraging instructors who lead by example and have accomplished some amazing things.  The care these role models show students is a key to instilling confidence, character and excellence at every level.
Defend Against Negative Forces
At USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix, we teach how to defend against the negative forces in your child’s life. While your child may not be attacked everyday physically, how often will they be forced to face problems such as peer pressure, lack of focus, or lack of confidence?

This Training Goes Beyond What Other Sports Can Give
Give your children the opportunity to develop an inner-strength that will defend against outside bad influences that can hold them back, destroy confidence and become fearful, vulnerable or insecure.

All Martial Arts Schools Are NOT Created Equal
Rest assured, your son or daughter will know how to spot and avoid dangerous situations, conflict avoidance skills, and how to avoid using physical force.  Without ever throwing a kick, punch or even a block they will have tools to handle conflicts, bullying and aggression by using street smarts and martial arts wisdom.
They'll learn peace before punches.  Of course, if the need arises, your child will be prepared to handle themselves in a last resort self defense situation.

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  1. Self-defense would boost a kid’s confidence because he knows that he has the skills to protect himself if need be. However, as a kid increases his skill in martial arts, he should also be aware that it is for protection purposes only. A kid should be reminded that martial arts is a practice of discipline and not a reason to start a fight. It can be used against bullies, but one should not use it to bully other kids.

    Saundra Tosh