Sunday, May 13, 2012

HELP with Bullying - Anti-Bullying Tips

Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative Phoenix BullyProof Project

General Types of Bullying
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Manipulation
H.E.L.P. Method for Bullying Prevention
Have a good plan for preventing bullying.  Avoid those situations that lead to bullying.  Stay away from insults, teasing and picking on others.  Avoid reacting to taunts, teasing and harassment.  Bullying back makes things worse.
Elevate your awareness.  Know what bullying is and what bullying behavior looks like.  Bullying can be done by anyone, boys, girls, tall, short, older and even younger.  Remember that bullying is a behavior that needs to be avoided.  Decide not to be a bully.
Learn to ask for help.  It's OK to feel afraid but don't be scared to ask for the help you need.  Ask in private not in public.  You don't want to embarrass or anger others.  It is better to go to a teacher, parent or coach and report bullying behavior to help the person.
Protect your mind and body.  Imagine mean words as a gift you can choose to accept or just throw away.  That is your power.  As a last resort, you should shield yourself and escape to safety.  Cover your head with your arms, use a table or other object as a barrier to buy time for you can escape.
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