Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fat Vs. Kickboxing = TKO

Phoenix Kickboxing Classes
Discover the Secrets of Fighting Fat, Getting Toned and Building Lean Muscle While Learning a Powerful Skill!

I Love Kickboxing is helping men and women kick, punch, elbow and knee their way to lean, toned, and stronger bodies.  OK, OK, so you've tried TaeBo, Cardio Kickboxing and the Fitness Kickboxing class at the gym and weren't all that impressed.  But don't let that first impression convince you that all Kickboxing workouts are the same.  They aren't!  If you are serious about fighting fat maybe it's time for you  to try Why is this brand of kickboxing so unique?

"One of the secrets to Kickboxing's success in burning fat and keeping people in shape is that it instills a sense of self-discipline, confidence and a non-quitting, fighting spirit.  It's taught by real kickboxing coaches - not personal trainers posing in TAPOUT t-shirts pretending to be MMA fighters." -John Nottingham I Love Kickboxing Phoenix Coach
 Phoenix, Arizona Kickboxing Class burns fat and tones so much muscle that you'll fit into your skinny jeans again!

How Does the workout compare?

Burn fat and tone your muscles fast with Phoenix Best Kickboxing classes! Get our 3-class web special for only $19.99 and receive a free pair of boxing gloves!

You will...
  • Lose Unwanted Weight
  • Get Toned and Strong
  • Build Strength and Endurance
  • Lose Fat and Keep it off
  • Think of it as a Kickboxing Bootcamp Workout for the body and mind!
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