Monday, October 22, 2012

Bullying Prevention Speaker Teaches Unconventional Method to Manage Bullying

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One of the most frustrating things a parent can hear from their child is that they are being bullied.  It is painful and distressing but I'm here to offer you an effective solution that protects your child and gives them lessons that last a lifetime.

Who Am I?
My name is John Nottingham and for 27 years I have taught men, women and children how to protect themselves.  My students have ranged from Bodyguards, Police SWAT, FBI, Military Special Forces to tens of thousands of individuals of all ages.  I know the pain of bullying because I was bullied.  But that all changed when I learned the secret.

The Failed Anti-Bullying Movement
The last thing you want to do is teach your child to buy in to the recent victim culture and failed so called anti-bully programs.  They are doomed to fail our children as much as the same fated Stranger Danger and DARE programs have.  Children fall through the cracks as well-intentioned and ill-advised politicians and bureaucrats form committees and make laws with the promise of protection.  Result? Reports of bullying are on the rise.  A recent study from a PhD in Canada clearly shows the ineffectiveness of school-wide anti-bullying programs. (You can read the SMITH study on my Facebook site Bullying Prevention Initiative International or The Phoenix BullyProof Project).

" We'll teach your children how to become victors rather than victims. "

The Dirty Secret.... Teachers and Politicians Aren't Protection Experts
Age old wisdom and parental common sense from nature proves that we must prepare children to face the world we live in, not the Utopian world politicians and emotional placebo pushers promise.  They continue to pass more laws, put up more NO BULLY ZONE signs while children fall through the cracks.  It's unacceptable arrogance as they push their agenda that often encroaches on Constitutional rights to free speech because they lack the knowledge of how to deal effectively with this behavior.
Our politicians decry the epidemic of bullying, yet they use bullying tactics in their campaign ads and political maneuvering as if it is justified.  I call that hypocritical and empty political rhetoric used for an agenda.  It's about the kids!

We offer hope from bullying!
The reason my programs are so successful is that they rely on psychology (emotional and social intelligence), teach a peace process and address the reality of a bully in your face on a day to day basis.  It covers the full spectrum of online bullying, verbal insults, manipulation, intimidation, exclusion and even physical bullying like hitting, hair pulling, tripping and shoving.  It is so effective because it is a proven process refined over decades.

"You don't need to scare or bubble wrap children.  We just need to properly prepare them."

Face Facts about Bullying
We've all faced bullying to one degree or another. It is a behavior that is part of our social world and living in a community of dysfunction,  differing experiences, coping mechanisms and pathology.  Without effective tools, children are often left to their own devises to cope and attempt to resolve it.  More often, they just accept the pain and damage of bullying because they feel helpless and don't want to get in trouble or lose popularity with peers for being a snitch or rat.  It can lead to some serious long term problems.  Some of you probably know adults who still live in this state of anxiety because they never were taught the skills to handle bullying, violence or aggressive behavior.

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