Friday, September 10, 2010

Learn Verbal Judo to Prevent Bullies at Phoenix Martial Arts School

 Learn How Your Child Can Successfully Avoid Bullying Using Proven Verbal Judo Techniques 

Would you like your child to learn mental self defense techniques along with the “fun karate” techniques he’s really interested in?

Phoenix USA Martial Arts in Paradise Valley, AZ has a verbal self defense program based on the highly successful law enforcement curriculum that Police are taught.  From handling bullies to learning how to use brains over brawn and resolve conflicts peacefully, Phoenix USA Martial Arts program gives children the tools they need to stay strong, safe and happy.

Our Verbal Judo program will teach your child

  • Presenting himself with confidence without being overbearing

  • Recognizing problem situations & Anger Management

  • Physical response for defense ONLY as a last resort
We were wrong when we used to tell victims of bullying to “just ignore” the bully. This philosophy only served to embolden the Bully and creates a convenient and inviting target for ongoing abuse (which usually escalates).

USA Martial Arts Verbal Judo will teach your child how to create 

  • Anger Guards – to identify what makes him angry
  • Word Blocks – to defend himself with assertive words and humor
  • Verbal Counters that de-escalate confrontations
Internet Special!

The program at USA Martial Arts Phoenix teaches children and adults both physical self defense techniques and what we call “Mental Self Defense”.

  • Our program helps children to develop: 
    • Self confidence
    • Self Control
    • Better attitude at home
    • Improved motivation at school

    Families Just Like Yours From All Over The Phoenix Valley Are Giving Their Children (and themselves) The Unfair Advantage of USA Martial Arts  Here’s some of their feedback…
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