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What is a class like in a traditional Dojo or Dojang class?

USA Martial Arts Black Belts clad in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do uniforms.  The classical Korean system of Tang Soo Do is unique in it's open willingness to honor it's Japanese and Chinese origins, heritage and influences. 

What is a class like in a traditional Dojo or Dojang?

Every class is slightly different, but a typical class would usually include:

Kyung Ne/ Rei
Respect and salute:  in the form of a bow in and meditation.  This is designed to set the mind and culture for proactice.  Mental clutter from the day is left outside to prepare to train and learn.

Kwon Bop/Kihon Waza
Warm up and basics: The warm up prepares the body for physical training, the spirit for learning.  Typically it consists of the practice of fundamental techniques and other drills to protect and condition the body.

Hoshin Sul
Self-defense drills: Group, partner and small group drills include armed, unarmed, multiple attacker, scenario training

Kyung Ne/ Rei
Bow out salute/respect and meditation.  This is designed for students to reflect on lessons learned and transition out of training mode and prepare to take the lessons into daily life.

General areas of practice:
Korean            |   Japanese    terms
Chikgi Sul        |   Atemi Waza - percussive (striking and kicking) techniques
Sul                   |   Katame Waza - grappling
Kwan Jyel        |   Kansetsu Waza - joint locking techniques
Nak Bop          |   Ukemi Waza - breakfall techniques
TooGi Sul         |   Naga Waza - throwing techniques
Hoshin Sul        |   Nuki Waza - escape and evasion techniques
Keubso Chikgi  |   Kyushojutsu - pressure point arts
Kyuk Pa Sul     |   Koppojutsu   bone breaking arts
MooGi Sul        |   Kobujutsu - weapon arts
Son Hak           |   Mokuso - meditation

Other areas of education include philosophy, culture, terminology, and personal development.

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