Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is Martial Arts Just Another Kids Sport or Children's Activity?

You Might Be Surprised At The Answer...

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is far more than just another activity for after school.  Baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey are all great sports for kids, however USA Martial Arts Phoenix offers personal enrichment through a character developing ancient discipline.

USA Martial Arts... Not just another children's after-school activity.  

USA Martial Arts Phoenix high energy training helps a child's focus by giving them a positive outlet while instilling discipline in an organized and proven educational structure.  It not only helps improve kids ability to learn but it builds on their sense of achievement.  Your child's pride will grow with each confidence building drill and lesson.  His self-confidence will soar as he learns to protect himself from bullies and intimidating situations.  

At USA Martial Arts, we believe in building strength from the inside out.
Building on a solid foundation of self esteem, we then emphasize the lessons of integrity, being a person of honor and respect, putting courtesy into action in daily life.  These are just some of the time-tested benefits of traditional martial arts training.  

At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, we teach it in a fun and rewarding way!
USA Martial Arts teaches a much needed lesson in todays society - good old fashioned stick-to-itness.  Our instructors are fit, healthy, positive and lead by example and teach goal setting and build motivation to instill an indomitable spirit.  That's why USA Martial Arts students are so well equipped to overcome obstacles in school and life.  Encouraging perseverance and a no-quit attitude are essential skills for success and happiness in life.

USA Martial Arts Students are Leaders Not Followers
USA Martial Arts Phoenix unique citizenship, character and leadership development programs helps children stand out in academic performance, social endeavors and even sports.  We're proud of the high number of our Black Belts who earn academic accolades and scholarships.  We make sure our students are equipped with the self esteem and inner strength to make positive, healthy choices - rather than having to be a compliant follower, doing whatever is necessary to fit in.

No Riding the Bench at USA Martial Arts

Self-defense is a leadership role.  Each student is important.  At USA Martial Arts we help students find their individual strengths and improve in every area.  Some students come to us out of shape, others are athletes seeking cross training to get the edge.  Many students come to us to make a change in their weight, health or discipline.  Others are seeking positive friendships and a way to learn a new and interesting skill.  Everyone is treated with respect and safety is our highest priority at all times.  We don't compare students to one another, only to themselves.  USA Martial Arts staff treats everyone as an individual and are always supportive, encouraging and positive.

Don't Put It Off!

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