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Phoenix Martial Arts School Teaches Heroic Virtues and Builds Confidence in Children to Handle Bullying

 Phoenix Martial Arts Lessons Instill Hero Lessons To Build Inner Strength To Speak Up Against Bullying

Beating Bullying With Courage
"A novel approach to bullying." is what some Phoenix parents and teachers are saying about John Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest program.  Master Nottingham is a 6th Degree Black Belt and member of the martial arts Hall of Fame for good reason.  He not only trained Special Forces while serving in the military, he now owns a martial arts school, security bodyguard company and self defense training company.

Teaching Friendship Beats Bullying
Students of USA Martial Arts and Nottingham's  Bully Proof Vest  program learn how to have the courage to not be a bystander or give an audience to bullying behavior.  They role play how to resolve bullying situations with words, actions and clever strategies like misdirection.  One of the most emphasized elements of the  Bully Proof Vest  program is children learn to make friends and develop the social intelligence to navigate sticky situations before they become violent or abusive.  That way the harassment and bullying never escalates to a physical level.  

Martial Arts Master With a Mission
"My passion is for teaching.  For children, that is instilling patriotic values, good manners, leadership skills and helping them reach their potential.  I use my protective training skills to make sure they are equipped to handle life's challenges with honor, courage and dignity.    I feel called to this mission as part of my life's purpose and I think people see that in how I teach.", said Nottingham.

I believe that self defense and bullying prevention is a leadership role that starts from the inside out - it's about what we project to others.

Teaching a Hero Culture To Combat Bullying
According to Nottingham, "You notice, most bullying programs out there right now are incentivising a victim culture.  This bullying prevention takes the opposite approach in that it advocates a hero culture, individual empowerment and teaches children resilience that applies to much more than bullying.  We take the approach that we can not always change the wind, but we can adjust our sails."

We take the approach that we can not always change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.  Free speech and individual opinions must be protected - especially the unpopular ones.  However, that does not mean we need to tolerate abuse.  That is where teaching children to speak up for one another and become a hallway hero or protector pal comes in.  We show them how they can become someones bodyguard in a safe and smart way to help others.

Peace of Mind for Children Targeted By Bullying and Their Parents
Students at Nottingham's school, USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing learn to stand up for others, to not be afraid to speak up, the difference between telling and tattling and how to help others in need.  "I don't believe it is practical to rely on effective reporting mechanisms alone.  I have children coming into my programs and school who the system has failed.  They deserve dignity, the right to feel secure and peace of mind.  That is what we strive to give them as well as their parents.  We have solutions that have proven to work over the last 26 years."  

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Students of USA Martial Arts learn to recognize warning signs for danger, places and times where bullying and conflict is more likely to occur and steps to redirect that pathway to violence or abuse.  He points out that over 85% of bullying goes unreported and most bullying takes place out of sight of teachers.  Nottingham says that these skills will serve them for the rest of their lives and contribute to a more peaceful community and compassionate world. 

He's offering a free report on bullying by writing to info@usa-martial  

Children's Martial Arts Bullying Prevention WEBSPECIAL


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