Sunday, February 5, 2012

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Introduces One Merit Badges

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Proudly Introduces One Merit Badges
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"BadgesWe don't need no stinking badges" - Blazing Saddles

Created by one of the leading Martial Arts Instructors in the US, Professor Brannon Beliso developed One Merit Badges saying, it is  " skills education at its best. It's an "Organic" character development system designed to exist naturally within your curriculum. What that means is that your students, staff and families are learning about and living life-skills all the time while in your school."  

The One Merit Badges life skills program inspires and motivates children, making it a powerful teaching tool.  It reinforces virtues, values and important lessons like manners, compassion, courage and character. 

One Merit Badges, now featured at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, currently offers 36 life skills badges with support materials and a total of about 51 badges in the online store. They release support materials for a badge periodically to keep staff and students motivated.  

This is a powerful, rewarding and fun teaching tool for preparing children for their futures.
Professor Brannon Beliso, creator of One Merit Badges, featured writer for Martial Arts Success Magazine and a successful school owner, is one of the martial arts industries most respected teachers.  His commitment to life skills education and child development has won him numerous awards and accolades. 

USA Martial Arts Phoenix creates an environment of higher learning that has Phoenix parents viewing this martial arts school as an investment for their children.  USA Martial Arts Phoenix is committed to continuing to be a leader in life-skills and character education in the Phoenix AZ community.


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