Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kickboxing classes and sessions from experienced trainers will help you safely learn the fundamentals in less time.
More and more men and women are looking to MMA and Kickboxing training to get themselves out of the gym and health club routine.  Seeking more in depth instruction than the gym's cardio kickboxing classes, people are seeking out kickboxing classes from experienced kickboxing coaches and trainers.

Muay Thai Kickboxing - Krav Maga - Karate 
From Krav Maga to Muay Thai Kickboxing, the variations and emphasis continue to expand.  However, the fundamentals of kickboxing and martial arts always remain the same.  What people are discovering however, is that their individual experiences are more dictated by their instructor than the brand name they may have been lead to seek.
A good kickboxing trainer will help you avoid these common kickboxing mistakes:
1. Trying to advance too quickly and attempt things beyond your skill
2. Trying to skip warm ups and cool downs
3. Skipping the slow motion drills to develop proper mechanics
4. Over-training and not getting enough time to rest and heal for proper recovery
5. Feeding ego and a poor attitude or mindset.  
6. Developing bad habits such as poor control or impatience
7. One size fits all generic training. "Go hard or go home." tribal nonsense that does not respect your individual body, life experience or needs. 
8. Thinking you can out train a poor diet.
9. That you are competing with others when you should be running your own race in the beginning
10. Setting unrealistic expectations 
Cross Fit, Krav Maga, MMA, BJJ, UFC, Fight-Fight-Fight, Extreme This, Insane That
While more and more people flock to "extreme" workouts that appeal to the quick fix crowd, the injuries increase accordingly.  Some are attending programs designed for military application and end up with stress injuries, insomnia (adrenaline), nagging pain and long-term injury.  Others try MMA schools and grappling without adequate recovery or development and get shoulder, neck, knee or back injuries.  These are quite common under inexperienced instructors and clients who do not follow proper protocol.
Footwork, Timing, Mechanics, Kicking, Punching, Elbows, Knees
Good trainers will help students understand the importance of a physical foundation with attitudinal requirements.  The right attitude comes from the right training and maturity over time.  You can observe it in good kickboxing training gyms because the experienced students and staff will be leading by example.  You will also notice long term clients who have been training in good health for 5, 10 or even 15 years.  This is a good indication that you have found a good kickboxing school.   
Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Mitt Drills, Cardio, Workouts, Rest, Nutrition
Good trainers emphasize attitude, basics, safety and the proper spirit and timing for training.  They will get to know your goals, discuss your history and help you get on track for progress.  If you are in a group class, you might consider supplementing with some private or small group training, nutritional counseling and goal setting.  Furthermore, don't expect trainers like this to be cheap.  They will know their value if they have experience and get results.  But don't worry, you'll get back the value in results and usually less time.


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