Sunday, February 5, 2012

Making an impact by being a leader in life-skills education in the Phoenix community.

Phoenix Martial Arts Instructor aims at being a leader in life-skills education in the Phoenix community. 

Leadership & Life Skills From Martial Arts Masters at USA Martial Arts Phoenix - Much More Than The Average Karate Kid Dojo!
Master Instructor John Nottingham of USA Martial Arts Phoenix is proud to announce the integration of the award-winning One Merit Badges is life skills and character education for children at its best. It's an innovative "Learn to Earn” character development system that enhances any learning environment that caters to children.
One Merit Badges teaches Phoenix students valuable life skills in an age-specific manner that is exciting and fun. It's also designed to educate your staff and parents as well to create a sense of community. This community support parents values to help raise their children to become contributing citizens and leaders of their peer groups.

The reason we chose One Merit Badges over others is that it is not simply task driven.  When I spoke to the founder Professor Beliso, he shared something that resonated with me.  It is based on a philosophy that through learning over time a habit is formed. Living, eating, breathing and using these skills on the mat, at home, at school it becomes a habit, a consistent choice of behavior that leads to a positive lifestyle. We want it to stick.
Rather than a temporary bribe just to get an immediate reward, this program recognizes choosing virtuous and noble behavior over time-when its real.  I want our students to have healthy, positive strong habits for life so they are the leaders of their peer groups and the true strength of America.   
As an Eagle Scout, veteran and teacher of thousands of men, women and children for the past 26 years, it spoke to my heart.  This is why USA Martial Arts continually strives to stand out in our community as a place for people to positively transform in  mind, body and spirit.  
We recognize that we're equipping and influencing the next generation of leaders, mothers, fathers, soldiers and citizens.  We're on the front lines of bullying prevention, teaching values, building strong minds and bodies and families. We take that role seriously.  This is one more tool in our efforts to accomplish our mission.
One Merit Badges is more than just colorful patches to motivate children. The character education program feature specific training materials for each badge with an interactive lesson where children and parents can enjoy learning together.  
USA Martial Arts Phoenix uses signs, videos, motivational posters and interesting stories to keep kids interested, learning and having fun.  Most importantly, it helps reinforce good values, virtues in an enjoyable manner while inspiring children to be their best! 
USA Martial Arts Phoenix teaches curriculum for a new patch with support materials each month to promote value beyond that of the average karate dojo or taekwondo school and keep children motivated.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix also includes it's award-winning evidence-based and research based programs that reduce bullying and school violence.
 Contact us today to make One Merit Badges your #1 choice for life skills education.

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