Friday, April 13, 2012

Bully Movie Sparks Community Action in Phoenix Arizona

Bullying Specialist Offers Free Bullying Prevention Training To Phoenix Children
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New Movie BULLY Sparks Interest
The new BULLY movie has sparked interest in parents equipping their children with bullying prevention skills.  From knowing how to handle bullying, who to talk to, how to tell someone about being bullied and avoiding bullying at school, online or otherwise, Phoenix parents can now turn to a Bullying Prevention Specialist.

Is Your Child BullyProof?
BullyProof Vest is a program designed by professional protectors, namely a bodyguard and law enforcement trainer John Nottingham.  Nottingham has been teaching men, women and children how to successfully deal with bullying for over 26 years with is unique peace education process.

"Bullying is a symptom of several larger issues including, social intelligence, assertion competence, boundaries training, empowerment, respect, emotional health, personal safety and our fundamental values on peace education.  Our tools help identify the key issues of the bullying situation and offer practical steps to improve them." - John Nottingham, Bullying Specialist

Applying bodyguard tactics to bullying prevention is a unique idea.  This is one of the first programs to ever be designed by professional protectors in cooperation with other experts and refined over twenty five years.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally To Stop Bullying
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards and USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix are sponsoring Bullying Prevention Camps and workshops for children and parents seeking help with BullyProofing kids.

"We are taking advantage of the media coverage from the new movie BULLY as well as Anti-Bully movement to train parents, teachers and children how to effectively handle bullying.  It's all fine to have awareness but now it is time for effective action."

BullyProof Your Child
For more information about BullyProofing your Arizona child, contact  John Nottingham will be conducting a series of BullyProof workshops and camps as a community service.
Join Stand4Change and Take a Stand Against Bullying!

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