Friday, April 27, 2012

Dealing with bullies in school, on the playground and cyber bullying

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Dealing with bullies in school, on the playground and cyber bullying the smart way
Verbal Judo Tongue Fu!  Peace Education The Bodyguard Way
Redirecting Behavior With Words - Wage Peace
by John Nottingham The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative and Phoenix BullyProof Project Bullying Prevention Initiative International USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix

Here are new bullying comeback lines you can use to handle a bullying situation.
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "Why do you waste your time saying that stuff to me?"
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "I'm not sure why you keep saying these things to me, but it really doesn't matter."
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "Okay. Finished?"
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "That's funny, but now I'm bored."
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "Those things are ridiculous, but whatever."
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "Here we go again, tell me when you are done."
  • Deadpan Bullying Comeback: "I don't do this to you. You should really think about what kind of person you are acting like."
Remember that it's not just what you say but HOW you say it. Your body language, tone and delivery are key to making these work.
Be Water When They Are Fire.  It's really hard to continue to be mean to someone when they are strong enough to stay nice.  Eventually, most people will learn to respect you and become your friend.  Only in rare cases do people continue after you have shown that you will not get angry or allow yourself to react in an exaggerated manner.  Be kind, compassionate and loving and you will be surprised at how others will treat you.  At first, it usually gets worse, but then it gets better as they learn how to treat you.  Many times, you will have earned their respect and become friends.

Who is mighty? One who has self control and can make friends from enemies.
Cyber bullying, also known as electronic bullying or online social cruelty, is defined as bullying through a variety of mediums including:
  • email
  • IM - instant messaging
  • Chat rooms
  • Websites
  • Gaming sites
  • Text messages through cell-phones
  • Pictures and videos
  • Whatever new technology is adopted by this demographic

  • Inform them to stop
  • Turn it off
  • Create new screen name and identity
  • Document and keep records of everything
  • Report it if necessary
  • Don't respond [starved response]
  • Give them options to be friendly or documented

 Wage Peace!

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