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Bullying Prevention Program by Bodyguards Helps Kids Battle Bullying Peacefully and With Dignity

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BullyProof Vest is to my knowledge, the only bullying prevention program developed by professional protectors in cooperation with educators, therapists, parents and children.  I believe it is also the only program that incorporates advanced threat assessment.  Unlike most programs, it does not offer generic advice or overly specific advice as prescription without diagnosis.  Our first role is to listen, investigate and then advise an appropriate course of action.  Our focus is efficacy and have a 26 year track record of success in handling bullying behavior.  

Built On The Golden Rule - Respect, Empathy and Compassion
One of the key elements of our instruction is instilling a foundation of respect.  This is part of an inclusive school/organizational culture that comes from identifying core values then reinforcing those values at every echelon.  This culture of gentility, compassion and kindness goes a long way in making an environment a more civil place.

John Nottingham's Three Shields of Bullying Prevention
The child targeted for bullying, the child who is bullying and the social environment are all treated.  This is part of what we refer to as The Three Shields Bullying Prevention Strategy.  It is oriented toward a long term solution as well as immediate measures for the safety and well-being of a child.

BullyProofing & Victim-Proofing
Another component of our instruction encompasses emotional resilience training, but never blaming the child being targeted for bullying.  While other programs may encourage tattling (bullying by proxy/abdication), children learn the difference between telling and tattling (ratting - age appropriate vernacular).  Teachers are a resource - not professional protectors, bodyguards or bullying Police.  Punitive measures are a slippery slope that must be navigated carefully or it can backfire, escalate or have other unintended consequences.  Our approach takes a different path that is more child, proactive and safety oriented.  This gives children hope, dignity and options so they do not resort to detrimental or extreme ends.

Bullying Prevention is Built on a Foundation of Respect and a Respect Culture
The goal is to teach students to respect and protect free speech while protecting themselves with mental, emotional and even physical blocks or defense.  We role play body language (assertion competence), word blocks (Verbal Judo), and teach skills to put things in context (threat assessment) to make wiser judgement and problem solve (The ABC's of conflict avoidance/S.T.A.R.).

Bullying Prevention to Train The Trainers
More often these days my role is working with staff and other influential leaders to develop and assess bullying prevention programs and protocols, however, I am happy to be of any service that ads value or contributes toward the safety and peace of mind of children.  

Worldwide Bullying Prevention Collaboration to Raise Awareness
My Bullying Prevention Initiative International organization have just initiated a plan to collaborate with an international event on Bullying Prevention with the participation of school children around the world.  A variety of celebrities are on board as well as other significant promotional efforts.  This will be the largest awareness endeavor on bullying prevention to date.  We will be releasing more shortly.  Please advise if interested in being part of it.

Free Bullying Prevention Workshops "How To Deal With Bullying Like a Bodyguard" 
I also host regular Bullying Prevention workshops, camps and training as a community service at my USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing school in Phoenix. I would encourage readers to consider sending students, teachers, parents or interested parties. 

Here are some links to some information:

Even if you choose not to work with me, I hope these resources can provide you with some valuable insights, research and information to make a more informed choice.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and your efforts to build a more peaceful community.


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