Friday, June 1, 2012

Confidence Through Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Children in Phoenix

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix Students
Training Kung Fu at The Shaolin Temple in China

Imagine Your Son or Daughter With Unshakable Confidence, Inner-Strength, Fit, Focused, and Strong Discipline.  That's what one Phoenix Martial Arts school does for children.

Learn From a Hall of Fame Master
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing classes are a culmination of our Master Instructors lifetime of martial arts training, competition and teaching experience. The type of training your children will receive is primarily rooted in our foundation style, Tang Soo Do (a traditional form of Taekwondo or Korean Karate), but combined with our special blend of practical and progressive methods for physical fitness and self-defense including Hapkido, Kung Fu, kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, and grappling.
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix Students
Demonstrating at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Build Leadership and Life Skills That Give Kids an Edge
Unlike most karate dojos and other martial arts schools, our classes are taught by experienced Master Instructors, champions and highly trained instructors with ongoing teacher training. We have built a solid reputation for providng high quality and results-driven, and character-based instruction in exciting and motivational classes filled with both high energy and discipline.

Experience The USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix Difference

  • Better Training
  • More Opportunity
  • Award-Winning Curriculum
  • World-Class Instruction
  • Higher Quality

Be Strong, Fit and Focused
Physical fitness and mental discipline training are highly emhasized in our curriculum. We believe the martial arts is not just about the ‘punching and kicking’. It is about teaching life skills and personal development by means of the physical training. But don’t misunderstand, students will learn how to ‘punch and kick’ and use their self-defense skills properly and effectively, but it is not a quick process. It takes time and we hope for all our students to truly enjoy and appreciate the time it takes as they see themselves learning, growing, and achieving more for themselves.

The Korean Eagles Taekwondo Demo Team at the
USA Martial Arts Phoenix School Grand Opening

Help your child develop extraordinary strength, confidence, focus, respect and courtesy. They won't get these things by sitting on the coach, watching tv or playing video games.

The best way to understand is to SEE FOR YOURSELF! Come watch or TRY A FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS and you’ll be convinced. We highly encourage you to shop around and compare…everyone ALWAYS COMES BACK TO US! (Note: However,we are selective and do not accept just any student; you must qualify. If you are thinking of us as a drop-off baby-sitting facility or just giving your child something to do in between a million other sports and activities, or a quick-fix to a behavioral issue your child may have, you may not qualify. Students and families join our academy because they have specific needs and desires to achieve, learn, or improve their character, mind & body.
USA Martial Arts Training in Korea

To qualify for any of our programs, we only require a true desire to try and learn the martial arts properly and then commitment.

We can and will help you and your child, but as parents you need to have the proper mindset and commitment level first. As we work closely together for the benefit or your child…YOU WILL SEE RESULTS! Grades and behavior WILL IMPROVE! They can and WILL improve in other sports too! Real-life statistics over the last 25 years PROVE that children who go through our program at our school have achieved more and developed the right habits and character to continue succeeding because we are constantly influencing and reinforcing them together with committed parents.)

Come SEE FOR YOURSELF! Come watch or take advantage of our awesome WEBSPECIAL and you’ll be convinced.  Even if we're not the right school for you we will do out best to help you find the right sport, activity or place for your child.  We look forward to meeting you!