Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Phoenix USA Martial Arts Kickboxing 90 Day Body and Mind Transformation

90 Day Transformation!

Losing weight, protecting yourself, stopping bullying, getting in shape, feeling better, meeting new people, having fun, reducing stress, improving grades, feeling more energized...

The list goes on and on.

But do you know what the biggest payoff is to our Martial Arts & Self-Defense and Kickboxing Classes?


I challenge you to see how our classes help others make complete Turn Arounds in their lives.  They see it in their
relationships, at work, in school, in their daily moods, with grades, etc.

Just 90 days to a new you (or new child)! 

Why not kick off the second half of 2012 with excitement, energy and fun?

Choose between two great offerings:
Martial Arts
  • 90 days of Martial Arts classes and a uniform
  • 90 days of Kickboxing classes (up to 30 classes total, 10 classes every 30 days)
for the very special price of $199! *

Simply hit reply and let me know which you prefer, Martial Arts or Kickboxing, and we'll contact you to get you started as soon as possible.  This offer will be limited to the first 15 responders, so don't delay - reply today!

Be Safe and Get Fit - BE MORE CONFIDENT!

John Nottingham
Master Instructor
USA Martial Arts

* Martial Arts offer is limited to new students 6 years old and older.
Martial Arts class times are Monday 5:00pm, Tuesday 5:30pm, Wednesday 5:00pm, Thursday 5:30pm, Saturday 11:30am.

* Kickboxing offer is limited to new students, or students currently attending with ILKB Groupon or web special Trial offers, age 18 and older. 
Kickboxing class times are Monday 7:00pm, Tuesday 7:30pm, Wednesday 7:00pm, Thursday 7:30pm, Saturday 9:00am.

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