Monday, June 25, 2012

New Phoenix Kickboxing Classes Will ad Fun to Your Workout, Burn Fat and Have You Loving Life

Kickboxing Classes in Phoenix Get Attention
A new kind of Kickboxing class is now being offered in Phoenix and it isn't your typical cardio kickboxing at the local gym.  Taught by actual Kickboxing Coaches with experience, Kickboxers will encounter a wide variety of functional strength building exercises that burn fat and transform both mind and body.

Lose Weight by Fighting Fat!
It's called and the secret to this new kickboxing bootcamp format is that it inspires, motivates and trains you from the inside out.  You get the rockin music of the club with the stress relieving bag work and exercises that keep your body adapting.  This kickboxing class format triggers transformation in muscle development and makes muscles lean and toned.

Phoenix Kickboxing Bootcamp Makes it Fun!
From aerobic, anaerobic, strength and flexibility training, this high energy workout has people talking not just in Phoenix, but around the country. in Phoenix is not only PHOENIX BEST winner but the exclusive featured brand carried by Groupon.   Give it a try today with no long term obligation!

Burn Fat, Get Toned, Have a Blast Punching and Kicking your way to the best mind and body of your life!

WEBSPECIAL FREE BOXING GLOVES with 3 Classes for only $19.95

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