Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Womens Self Defense Teaches Bodyguard Tactics for Personal Security and Protection

Personal Protection classes in July & August

Hit Like A Girl classes on Saturday, July 28th 

Hit Like a Girl - Bodyguard Strategies for Women Self Defense Security
Brains over brawn training featuring trained Bodyguard and Black Belt Instructor Rhonda Roth, EPS/Self Defense Specialist. Graduate of Bodyguard Training International, Gavin De Becker's Academy for Protectors, and VIPER Instructor. We're flying her in from Texas to do this special event!

The Handbags, Heels, & Chocolate Experience
This seminar is designed by women, for women - no men allowed!
You will gain greater peace of mind while you learn intelligent steps to greater personal safety.  Here you will learn non-physical intervention tactics designed specifically for the thinking woman.  Designed from bodyguard strategies, we will show you how to effectively prevent, avoid or deter a criminal attack and use your innate abilities to keep you and loved ones safe.

It's Hot - Pepper Spray & Weapons of Opportunity 
Spice things up and learn to fight fire with fire using the latest technology in pepper spray.  Learn how and when to use pepper spray to your advantage.  Practice canisters and hands on training show you how it works!

Save the date! JULY 28

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  1. Amazing! such a nice thing you are teaching. It's really a great job.

    Shanblake from self-defense academy