Monday, December 27, 2010

End the New Years Resolution Diet and Exercise Illusion

It's that time of year again when the droves of hopeful and well intentioned Americans will set a new years resolution to lose weight, join a gym, or look for a new diet.  Here is a fun solution to transform yourself...

We all know the results too.  The gyms are packed in the first couple weeks of January and by the end of the month they are thinned out and right back to the same numbers as before the new years resolution bubble.

You're not alone...
Having packed on a few holiday pounds from the winter months, many men and women reach a point when they say enough is enough.  One too many eggnogs, Christmas cookies or Hanukkah helpings and they are ready for a change for the new year.  Yes, Santa visited again and his gift to many of us was some holiday cheer and a few extra flabby spots.  But you don't have to ride the fat wagon and repeat the same mistakes year after year.
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So how do you avoid this holiday hamming of yourself?  Simple.  Stop doing what you have always done.  Change the pattern and change your life.  Martial Arts and kick-boxing are unique in that they offer us a lifestyle, rather than just a temporary solution to a problem.  Make no mistake, Martial Arts Kickboxing can get good results fast (burning up to 800 calories per workout), but it is their long term results that separate them from boot camps, personal trainers, diet fads, and weight loss pills.

Burning up to 800 calories per workout, Kickboxing beats, swimming, running, hiking, biking/spinning, aerobics, yoga, stepping and most bootcamps!


Forget the late night infomercials peddling the latest "thing" you have to have.  You won't find permanent health, well being and a toned physique from kettle-bells, the Total Gym, Juiceman Juicer, Abdoer or HipHopAbs anymore than you will from a ShamWOW or Ginsu knives.  The research clearly indicates that longterm these things simply don't work for the majority of people.

What does?  Eating good nutrition in reasonable portions and the right kind of regular exercise.

Put simply, we have to find a way to make proper eating and exercise a workable part of our lifestyles.  It's the only way to get off the YoYo dieting and stop spending money on ridiculous miracle pills, gadgets and people taking advantage of our hopes and dreams.

There are no shortcuts to long term health and weight-loss, but it can be fun!

The reason martial arts works is that it changes us from the inside out.  We feel better, know better and therefore do better.  Here are just some of the reasons it works as a healthy lifestyle where other programs and pills fail:

1. Group Kickboxing training.
You are immersed in an environment of people with similar goals (From all walks of life - not like the high school cheer-leading or jock atmosphere at many gyms.  Real people all encouraging one another without the bravado and attitude.)
2. Goals and rewards
You have incentive to improve because of learning to set realistic goals for your body and lifestyle.  By making little changes over time, you build new positive habits to replace the destructive ones.
3. Caring Kickboxing instructors
Caring instructors make all the difference.  It's like having personal trainers without the cost.
4. Motivating format
You will feel the energy the moment you hit the mat.  Smiles, high fives and great music set the scene to get you sweattin, smilin, and burnin off the goo.
5. Martial Arts Encourages personal responsibility
Due to the lessons inherent in the martial arts philosophy, your personal resolve will grow as you take on responsibility for your health- and the pride that goes with a healthy, toned, strong body and mind.
6. Kickboxing Improves self discipline
Your discipline will improve as you build inner strength and courage with each kick punch and class.
7. Enhances self control
The truth be told, it takes self control to accomplish good health and a lean, fit body.  Your control will build in your mind and body with USA Martial Arts Kickboxing.
8. Kick Boxing Stimulates the brains reward system (so you don't have to do it with food all the time)
9. Martial Arts Improves self image
You begin to see your own inner beauty and shuck the hype of media and modern marketing to discover your best YOU.
10. Isn't boring because you are always learning a useful skill
Not only does KICKBOXING stay fun because it's always changing, we incorporate YOGA, PILATES and Martial Arts SELF DEFENSE into our program to give you skills that could improve and save your life.

PLUS you'll get functional nutrition recommendations that can work for your lifestyle. (Not denying yourself the treats you love or pretending you're going to give up your favorite foods.)

Don't put it off.  Kick off 2011 with something different... do what works this time so 2012 won't have to be a repeat of fat bulge defeat.  Lose the weight permanently, get toned, strong and healthy for life.

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