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How To Do Taekwondo Phoenix AZ

How to Do Taekwondo Phoenix AZ
Tips From a Taekwondo Master and Champion

Here you will find helpful information and expert advice and resources that will help with How to Do Taekwondo in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ. Get the best information and resources you need about How to Do Taekwondo in Phoenix. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Do Taekwondo, martial art, Taekwondo Practice.

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Step 1. Find The Right Taekwondo School for You or Your Children

One of the most important aspects of selecting the right Taekwondo School for your Children is to find the right martial arts instructor. The Taekwondo Teacher (SaBumNim) needs to be good with children, have the ability to communicate clearly, be a good role model and have a passion for teaching Taekwondo as more than just kicks, blocks and punches.

Each instructor has different abilities just as each Taekwondo school has it's own specialties. Some specialize in life skills, self esteem, self defense, tournament competition or cultural martial arts and Korean tradition (MooDukKwan TangSooDo/SooBahkDo/KukSoolWon/HwarangDo). The best way to find out is to visit them in person and then try a class or trial course. Look for a Taekwondo instructor who leads by example because the teaching staff of Black Belt instructors will certainly follow suit. The experience a child has in the beginning will often determine how far as well as what belt rank they achieve. That is why it may be worth a little extra investment in tuition or driving a bit further to a better school with more experienced instructors.

Common Taekwondo Associations:

WTF: The World Taekwondo Federation - Olympic Affiliation & Koreas Officially Recognized Governing body for Taekwondo (Kukkiwon Taekwondo)
ITF: The International Tae Kwon Do Federation - Traditional Affiliation
ATA: American Taekwondo Association - Primarily Personal Development Format

Step 2. Create a Goal Plan for Taekwondo Success

It is important to set realistic goals to achieve the benefits you want. Poor attendance or lack of consistency in training can sabotage a beginning Taekwondo students experience. If you don't feel successful or see results, it can be discouraging. Be patient, consistent and dedicated to doing your best in every class. Focus on improvement rather than perfection and celebrate all progress.

Step 3. Commit to Your Plan and Plan for Contingencies to Succeed in Taekwondo

Everyone can go to Taekwondo class when it is easy or they are new and excited. It takes the realization that the most important class you or your child will ever attend is the one that they won't feel like attending. Dedication and discipline are just like muscles and must be exercised so they grow stronger. Without consistent practice and encouragement, those attitudinal attributes grow weaker. Resistance builds strength - and that goes for a child's attitude and spirit as well. This is one of the great life lessons that martial arts such as Taekwondo can teach. These Taekwondo lessons will carry over to other children's activities and sports as well. That is why Taekwondo and other Martial Arts Black Belts are so sought after by coaches and respected by teachers.

Step 4. Follow The Guidance of Your Taekwondo Instructors.

Most successful people from corporate executives to professional athletes have coaches. Role models, coaches and mentors help you overcome many of the common pitfalls that would prevent you from reaching your goals. They can provide motivation and inspiration as well as share wisdom in how to overcome the typical obstacles along the way.

Remember too that Taekwondo should never be used as punishment or linked in any way to punishment. Since it is a form of discipline, even though it may be a privilege to learn, connecting any negative experience to it may have unintended consequences (like causing a child to feel defeated or even quit) and it may be destroying a healthy, positive tool for developing great children. Keeping it part of "life education" is a key to success and especially earning the esteemed Taekwondo Black Belt.

Step 5. Review and renew your Taekwondo goals.

Adjust attendance to accommodate other sports, homework and activities. Remember that martial arts such as Taekwondo is a lifestyle as well as a sport, so maintaining attendance is key to a child's success - especially Black Belt. Discuss your goals and other concerns with your Taekwondo Teacher to have the best chance of success. Good Taekwondo teachers will support your child's development, goals and dreams.

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