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How To Stop a Bully, Bullies and Bullying Behavior in School or Online

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These days you will find there is a lot of advice on how to handle a bully.  Unfortunately, much of it is unqualified advice from people who have little, or worse, no experience in successfully managing bullying behavior.

The truth is that most of the Anti-Bully programs out there are just parroting the popular bully information but have no real life experience implementing successful bully behavior management programs.  Quite frankly I don't think some of those teachers and parents giving advice could handle a bully in their own lives.  While these individuals are usually well intentioned - they are, in our experience, giving inaccurate and potentially dangerous advice that is not in the best interest of your child. Parents need an intelligent alternative "peacemaker" approach - not being a bigger bully or a push over pansy like so many armchair quarterbacks advocate.

How is my program different?
I'm so glad you asked.  It starts with my background.  My name is John Nottingham and I've been teaching people for over 23 years how to effectively protect themselves in the real world.  From training the military for combat, law enforcement for the street, bodyguards protecting celebrities to thousands of children successfully managing bullies, I have taught a great number of people in my chain of USA Martial Arts schools, community talks as a public speaker, and owner of a bodyguard security training company.  It has been my lifelong professional obsession and it has taken me all over the world to learn what I can share with you.

I was the target of bullying when I was in school (as well as several other stages of my life).  I know the pain and lasting trauma it can cause.  Fortunately, I got involved in Martial Arts at an early age and it changed my life forever.  The life lessons I learned there not only helped me completely defeat my bullies without fighting, but gave me the tools to become an Eagle Scout and overcome asthma (you can read about it in a Taekwondo Times Magazine article here).

I know what your thinking... 98lb weakling joins martial arts, becomes black belt and learns to beat up bully - but thats not what happend at all (this is real life-not the movies).  I learned to handle my bully long before I earned Black Belt - you'll see that my bully solution techniques can be put to use the very first day (and has been by thousands of children just like yours).  You see, it's not about the kicks, punches and blocks - it is a systematic method developed for responsibly handling bully behavior -usually without ever getting physical.

I went from having average to poor grades as a child to earning academic honors.  But it didn't stop there as I went on to serve in an Army Airborne Special Forces Unit in a support detachment and graduate the US Army Intelligence School. I earned numerous Black Belts and Instructorships in 4 styles and had a 6th Degree Master Black Belt rank bestowed on me.  We even have a foundation for prevention and treatment of child abuse, public awareness and education.  

I don't say those things to impress you with my credentials.  I share it to impress upon you that this program really is different and it really works due to the very unique experience and education I have had in my life.

Why Our STOP BULLYING Training Works Like Magic
I learned how to incorporate the wisdom of martial arts peace process, the strategy used by military intelligence (and the lessons history teaches on the subject), then I trained in bodyguard schools, then worked with school teachers, psychologists and some of the greatest minds in the world on the subject (one such mind is my teacher Gavin de Becker - I recommend you read his best selling book The Gift of Fear).  Gavin de Becker is a three time Presidential appointee and one of the greatest minds on situations that could lead to violence.  Our Bully Stop system teaches step by step, easy to learn pre-contact, contact and post contact techniques.

My experience afforded me a unique opportunity to bring together some amazingly effective tools and skills to handle conflict in different ways.  The result is a 3 pronged treatment 5 step process for defeating a bully without fighting and, in general, a conflict avoidance method that works like magic.  (You won't see these same methods in other programs, unless they got them from us.)

Can We Really Teach You or Your Child How To Quickly and Effectively Deal With Bullies?
Yes we can, just as we have thousands of children just like yours. But wait... just because I have great ideas and bully avoidance program that works doesn't necessarily mean I can teach it.  That's where my experience as an educator comes in.  I've been teaching martial arts since I was a teenager, was paid to brief Officers and high ranking brass in the military, and my staff and I have taught over 10,000 men, women and children.  My hand-picked team and I have the ability to articulate our Bully Solution message in a way that makes it non-intimidating, rewarding, and fun.

We hope to work with you and share our experience in how to resolve conflict peacefully and defeat a bully without fighting.


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The John Nottingham 5 Step Bully Management Method teaches common sense before self defense and how to defeat a bully without fighting or violence. Using humor and verbal judo "word blocks" kids learn the warning signs and how to thwart bullying behavior.  They often learn to turn Bullies Into Buddies! But if push comes to shove, children need to know that nobody has the right to hurt them and we give them responsible and clever tools to protect themselves with appropriate force and escaping with dignity.  They won't teach you that in other programs.

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