Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phoenix Martial Arts School Offers the Best of the Best

Practical and Effective Self Defense Traditional Mixed Martial Arts for Adults 

If you are going to study martial arts, learn from an award-winning school with an authentic Master and expert staff.

We train our students to the best of their ability, treating them with respect and dignity regardless of their starting physical abilities. Our curriculum is comprised of an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary martial arts for effective self defense and functional fitness.
"We get a lot of experienced martial artists at our school and we take that as a compliment.  That's saying something.  From beginners to advanced, each individual is treated with dignity and respect.  It is the best of martial arts - traditional and modern, without the drill sergeant mentality.  People know the real thing when they experience it."
All adults are welcome to participate in the USA Martial Arts Phoenix program. Our students are looked at as individuals, each with their own goals and desires that may be different than other students. All that we require is a willingness to try and a willingness to learn. From your USA Martial Arts Phoenix training, you can expect the following benefits:
Functional Fitness - Discover a workout with purpose where you can learn a valuable skill.  Building your body and well as your mind you will explore the techniques used in various martial arts and have your choice of training in traditional and modern methods.  Find out why our methods are sought after by military, law enforcement and top athletes.
Effective street self defense - You will hear a lot of claims about what is practical and effective for street self defense but few instructors have the depth of knowledge and background as our team.  Taking both a physical and academic approach to self defense, you will learn the physical and mental skills to give you a confident edge in a would-be violent encounter.
Weight loss - Permanent weight loss is a result of disciplined habits including fitness and nutrition.  That is why the martial arts can be so effective in creating a healthy lifestyle.  Martial arts philosophy and accountability are keys to your success in long term health and the fight against fat and premature aging.
Stress management - stress is a killer.  The martial arts teach you how to manage stress through breathing, moving and mentally overcoming the stresses of modern day life.  It has been around for centuries so it must be doing something right!
Social rewards - You will develop new friendships; a powerful peer group that can help you stay motivated, strong and have positive relationships.  Our students make lifelong friendships and some have even found that special person they marry. 

Confidence and distinction - The dedicated study of martial arts brings many rewards including a legendary confidence.  Nothing builds confidence and a sense of pride like earning an authentic Black Belt from a respected institution.  

"There is no martial arts instructional staff more highly trained in Phoenix than the teachers at USA Martial Arts Phoenix.  It's a bold statement that we are willing to back up. Give us a try.  It will change your life."

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